Zijia and knelt down.
He was about to beg when Lu Zijia raised her hand and interrupted him, “I think you have to understand something.
This is a society ruled by law.
It’s about evidence, not ghosts and gods.
Even if I’m willing to help you clear things up at the police station, do you think the police will believe me? Will the judge believe me?”

Lu Zijia glanced at the three members of the Lin family coldly.
“So, what you have to do now is not to beg anyone, but to lure the murderer out and let the police deal with him.
As long as you can lure those people out, I have a way to make them tell the truth.
When the time comes, that photo isn’t important at all.”

“Really?” Lin Kedong instantly seemed to see hope and confirmed with Lu Zijia nervously.

Lu Zijia shrugged.
“I don’t think I have a reason to lie to you.”

“Thank you, Master, thank you.” Mrs.
Lin cried with joy and kept thanking Lu Zijia.

Even Mr.
Lin bowed deeply to Lu Zijia to express his gratitude.

Lin Kedong directly kowtowed to Lu Zijia and then took out his phone.
“I’ll ask them out now and inform the police to catch them later!”

Lin Kedong’s eyes were full of hatred.
Clearly, he hated those people who caused him to be in this state.

Lu Zijia didn’t stop him.
After he finished the call, she gave him three talismans.
“There are three talismans here.
As long as they are stuck on someone, that person will tell the truth.
The effect will only last for an hour.
Seize the time well.
If you can’t even handle this, you can only say that this is your fate.”

Lin Kedong took the talisman solemnly and gritted his teeth.
“I’ll definitely make good use of the time!”

To avoid arousing those people’s suspicion, Mr.
and Mrs.
Lin didn’t follow them, but stayed in the Lin residence and waited with Lu Zijia.

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