Not long after Lin Kedong left, Lu Zijia frowned slightly and glanced out of the window, but she soon looked away as if nothing had happened.

There were some flies that were indeed very annoying.

More than an hour later, Mr.
and Mrs.
Lin received the news and rushed to the police station.

“Son, son, my son…”

Seeing that her son was about to be brought into the police car, Mrs.
Lin leaned against Mr.
Lin and cried sadly.

“Dad, Mom, I’m sorry.” Tears of regret also fell from Lin Kedong’s bloodshot eyes.

At this moment, a female voice sounded.


Zhong Jiajia walked out of the crowd and stared at Lin Kedong, who was handcuffed, as she walked closer step by step.


Zhong Jiajia raised her hand and slapped Lin Kedong hard.
Her usually watery eyes were now full of hatred and joy.
“Lin Kedong, I have been waiting for such a day.
If I were the judge, I would definitely sentence you to life imprisonment!”

Lin Kedong was stunned by Zhong Jiajia’s sudden abnormal behavior.
He looked at her in disbelief.

However, he had just said a word when he was interrupted by Mrs.
Lin’s sharp voice.

“What are you doing? What right do you have to hit my son?” Mrs.
Lin rushed up and wanted to push Zhong Jiajia.

However, she was stopped by a man in white who suddenly walked out from behind Zhong Jiajia.

He looked at Zhong Jiajia worriedly and asked gently, “Jiajia, are you alright?”

Zhong Jiajia smiled at him.
“I’m fine.”

“Jiajia, what… What do you mean by this?”

Lin Kedong looked at Zhong Jiajia and the man in white holding hands and couldn’t help feeling extremely annoyed.

“Isn’t that obvious? She must have cheated on you behind your back!” Mrs.
Lin said angrily.


Lin Kedong frowned and his expression was a bit ugly.
However, he wasn’t as angry as before and wanted to hit someone.


Zhong Jiajia looked at Mrs.
Lin mockingly as if she had heard a joke.
“You’re talking about your son, right? Not only did your son cheat on his wife, but he also kidnapped her to pay off his debt.
Scumbags like him should die! Why is Sister Feifei the one who died and not your son? Your son is the one who should die!

Zhong Jiajia was almost screaming as she said all that.
Many onlookers around couldn’t help discussing after hearing what she said.
Some even pointed at the Lin family.

“W-What are you talking about? Don’t forget that you’re still pregnant with my son’s child!” Mrs.
Lin said in exasperation.

“Your son’s child? Are you dreaming?” Zhong Jiajia sneered.
“I’ll tell you clearly now that the child in my stomach isn’t Lin Kedong’s at all, but my boyfriend’s.
I’ve never slept with Lin Kedong at all.
I only approached him to bring him, the scumbag who killed Sister Feifei, to justice.
Oh right, you probably don’t know yet, right? I’m an orphan like Sister Feifei.
Sister Feifei sponsored me to study and even helped me a lot.
To me, Sister Feifei is my only family.
She’s my sister.
But not only did my sister not suffer from the Lin family for three years, but she was also killed by the Lin family.
The Lin family has committed so many sins.
Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

Suddenly, Zhong Jiajia seemed to have thought of something and she chuckled, but there were tears in her eyes.
“No, your Lin family has already suffered retribution.”

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