Lu Zijia let go of Gu Ying’s hand slightly, but she suddenly tightened her grip the next moment.

At the same time, Lu Zijia opened her red lips slightly and said the two words she hadn’t finished saying, “I lost.”

Sensing the undisguised killing intent on Lu Zijia, Gu Ying was shocked in his mind and he suddenly executed a move at Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia didn’t really want to kill him in the first place, so she let go of him and quickly retreated a distance.
Even though her current cultivation level was already at the fourth level of Qi Refinement, it was still not the right time to go against the entire Gu family.

So, she really wouldn’t kill Gu Ying for the time being.

“What are you doing!”

Just as the two of them moved apart, an exasperated and sharp female voice suddenly sounded.

Immediately, Xi Rou, who was wearing a short black dress, appeared in front of the two of them.

“It’s you? It’s actually you!” Xi Rou looked at Lu Zijia as if she was catching her in the act.
“I was wondering why Gu Ying suddenly broke up with me.
So it’s you.
It’s because of you!”

Suddenly, Xi Rou seemed to have thought of something and she glared at Lu Zijia furiously.
“You did it on purpose.
You deliberately attracted Ah Ying’s attention in the peach blossom forest!

“I knew it.
I knew you were a vixen.
You seduce men whenever you see them! Let me warn you, Ah Ying is my man.
You vixen, don’t even think about getting involved with him!” Xi Rou shouted angrily and took out the whip hanging on her waist, aiming it at Lu Zijia fiercely.

Gu Ying was startled when he saw this.
He flashed and stood in front of Lu Zijia, raising his hand to grab Xi Rou’s whip steadily.

“Xi Rou, are you crazy?” Gu Ying stared at Xi Rou with a dark expression, as if he was looking at a mad woman.

Lu Zijia was an alchemist and her reputation had already spread.
Countless people were looking forward to getting her pills right now.
If Xi Rou dared to touch Lu Zijia at this moment, not only would Xi Rou be unlucky, but he would also definitely be implicated.

After all, in the eyes of others, he was the one who provoked Xi Rou.

Xi Rou was already furious.
Now that she saw Gu Ying protecting Lu Zijia, she immediately became even more furious.

“Gu Ying, you’re actually helping this vixen.
What’s so good about her? Ah Ying, don’t forget that you said you would treat me well for the rest of my life.
Have you forgotten our oath?” Xi Rou was originally aggressive, but as she spoke, she actually became aggrieved.

Seeing her change like this, Lu Zijia only felt that she was extremely retarded and especially stupid.

If the words of a playboy could be trusted, pigs could fly!

Of course, her Ah Yan wasn’t a playboy, so he could definitely be trusted.

The villain in Lu Zijia’s mind nodded seriously in agreement.

Gu Ying frowned.
“That’s already in the past.
We’ve already broken up now.
The past is naturally nothing.”

He originally wanted to break up with Xi Rou without offending her, but now it seemed impossible.

Between the two, he chose Lu Zijia without hesitation.

Even though Lu Zijia didn’t have any backer right now, she was an alchemist herself and she would have a backer sooner or later.

“Break up? I didn’t agree to it at all!” Xi Rou shouted emotionally with red eyes.

Gu Ying’s face darkened and he said coldly, “Whether you agree or not, I no longer have feelings for you.”

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