The two women entered without hesitation.
The remaining two middle-aged men looked around warily before quickly following them into the warehouse.

Lu Zijia, who was hiding in the dark, looked at the warehouse door that was closed again and glanced at the man next to her tacitly.

In the warehouse.

A middle-aged man with a short beard was already waiting in the warehouse.
Seeing that the four people who came in only brought two children, he said with a slightly displeased tone, “Why are there only two?”

The shorter middle-aged man immediately smiled apologetically when he heard that.
“The news has been rampant recently, and we’re also afraid that something will happen.
If something happens to us, no one will be able to deliver any goods to you.
Besides, the two of them aren’t bad either.
Look at these two children, Sir, they’re both fair and tender.
They’re so pleasing.”

The short-bearded man, whom they addressed as “Sir”, looked at the two children on the ground again and nodded after a while.

“Alright, I’m a bit short of stocks recently.
Send me at least five more this month,” The short-bearded man instructed.

The four of them were delighted when they heard that, and repeatedly said that they would definitely send it to him at the end of the month.

After the short-bearded man threw two stacks of cash to the four of them, they left the warehouse happily.

However, not long after the four of them left, they suddenly blacked out and fainted on the ground.

After Lu Zijia quickly sent a message to Luo Baode, she and her man quietly followed the short-bearded middle-aged man who was meeting the four human traffickers.

The reason why she texted Luo Baode and didn’t choose to call the police was that Lu Zijia sensed the aura of an evil cultivator on the short-bearded middle-aged man.

And there was a strong smell of blood.

Obviously, the short-bearded man didn’t sell the children to human traffickers a second time, but used them for witchcraft.

Judging from the smell of blood on the short-bearded man, many children had already been killed.

The short-bearded man directly put the two five-year-old children into a large suitcase and walked to a place with people.
He put down the suitcase calmly and dragged it away.

He quickly walked to a black car, opened the trunk, and put the suitcase in.
A moment later, he drove away quickly.

The car drove straight out of the city and headed for the suburbs.

Forty minutes later, the car stopped in front of an ordinary-looking independent villa.

The short-bearded man carried the suitcase easily and went straight to the basement after entering the villa.

The light in the basement was a bit dim, but it didn’t affect the short-bearded man’s vision.

As soon as he reached the basement, he smelled the strong smell of blood, but it didn’t make the short-bearded man feel nauseous.
Instead, there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

The man pulled the luggage over, then said respectfully to the man who was seated on a praying mat, “Master, there are two packages this time.”

The elder who was seated on the mat was wearing a slightly-worn Taoist robe, clearly looking like an ancient Taoist Master.

And in front of where he was seated was a large pool, but the pool was not filled with water.
Instead, it was filled with blood.

Clearly, the strong bloody scent came from this pool.

And the blood seemed to be spilling out of the pool, which showed that the souls buried within the pool were certainly a large number.

Beside the pool, there were also a number of strange drawings which could not be easily deciphered.

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