Chapter 82: Master of the Song Family? Who?

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After returning to her room, Lu Zijia immediately took out the jade pendant she bought from Uncle Xu.

Lu Zijia exerted a little bit of her spiritual power and a few cracks appeared on the jade pendant in her hand.

Lu Zijia peeled off the outer layer of shattered jade and revealed the real treasure inside, a red jade.

Feeling the strong spiritual energy released from the red jade in her hand, there was a trace of excitement in Lu Zijia’s eyes.

The spiritual energy in this red jade was much richer and purer than she expected.

Lu Zijia didn’t want to waste time anymore.
She directly held the red jade in her hand and started cultivating on her bed with her legs crossed.

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One night went past quietly.
When Lu Zijia opened her eyes, the red jade in her hand had turned to ash.

After cultivating for the whole night, Lu Zijia didn’t feel exhausted at all; instead, she was energetic and fresh.

As soon as she absorbed all the spiritual energy in the red jade, she entered the first level of Qi practicing successfully.

Even though the spiritual energy inside her body could be said to be not worthy of mentioning, compared to the spiritual energy she had during her Golden Core period, being able to successfully take in spiritual energy was already pretty good in a world that lacked spiritual energy.

“Knock, knock.”

When Lu Zijia finished washing up and was about to go downstairs, someone knocked on her door.

“Uncle He? Is everything okay?”

Lu Zijia asked in doubt when she saw Uncle He after opening the door.

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Even though Uncle He didn’t hold hostility towards her, he was still on guard, so he usually wouldn’t look for her if everything was fine.

Uncle He first smiled apologetically and said, “I’m sorry for disturbing you this early, Madame.
Well, the Master of the Song family called.
He said he needs to talk to you about something urgent.”

“The Master of the Song family? Who?”

Lu Zijia blurted out subconsciously with a confused look.

The social circle of the original host was very small.
Apart from the classmates she met when she was at school, she basically didn’t know anyone else.

She couldn’t even find this person, the Master of the Song family, in the memories of the original host.

Uncle He saw that Lu Zijia’s reaction didn’t seem to be fake.
A deep thought flashed through his eyes as he replied, “It’s Song Zixuan of the Song family.
If you don’t want to answer the call, I can reject him for you.”

“Alright, thank you.”

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Lu Zijia nodded.
She didn’t bother to pay attention to people she didn’t know.
After all, her time was really precious.

Lu Zijia sat at the dining table and had breakfast as she looked at her phone, seeing if there was a mission she could accept on the mobile application of the Special Administration Office.

Unfortunately, there was no available mission even after she refreshed it a dozen times.

Lu Zijia shook her head and sighed secretly in her mind.
Business was really hard to find in this world!

“Madame, the Master of the Song family called again.
He said you know each other.”

When Lu Zijia almost finished eating, Uncle He showed up again.

Lu Zijia was dumbfounded.
When did she meet the Master of the Song family? Why didn’t she know about it?

Suddenly, Lu Zijia thought of someone.

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Would the Master of the Song family be that unlucky young tycoon yesterday?

With such suspicion, Lu Zijia went to answer the call this time.

“Lu Zijia, why can’t I reach you through your phone? You even ignored my call!”

As soon as Lu Zijia said “hello,” a furious yet familiar voice instantly came from the other side of the call.

“It’s really you, unlucky man.
I was thinking who was looking for me!”

Hearing that familiar male voice, Lu Zijia immediately knew who the Master of the Song family was.

Song Zixuan on the other side of the call seemed to gasp deeply and he said while gritting his teeth, “Don’t call me unlucky man..
I’m Song Zixuan.
Song Zixuan!”

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