Chapter 85: A Five Million Deal

Song Zixuan seemed to have made a decision.
He said in an extremely serious tone with a faint warning at the same time, “As long as you can help me find out the reason, I’ll pay you five million yuan.
However, if I discover that you’re lying to me, I’ll definitely make it impossible for you to stay in the capital city.

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“I, Song Zixuan, always keep my promise.”

Logically, Song Zixuan should hate sorcerers very much.
If it weren’t for the sorcerers, he wouldn’t have been sent abroad by his family when he was young and stayed out of the country alone for so many years.

However, he also knew clearly that some sorcerers were really something and that they couldn’t be offended.

So, he hated and also feared sorcerers, and he never wanted to have contact with them.

And yet, when he heard Lu Zijia say that someone made him a forever loner and that she could find out the reason for him, he must admit that he was tempted.

He had been carrying the name of a forever loner ever since he was born.
Those people even said that he killed his grandma with his bad luck.

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When he was two, his parents even sent him abroad and he had lived alone for 24 years.

Although his parents would go there to visit him often, it was just for a couple days.

Compared to people who stayed with their parents and families, he was like an abandoned orphan.

Every time when he felt lonely, he couldn’t help but feel resentful.
However, he had no idea who he should hate because he could feel that his grandpa and his parents loved him.
They just had to send him away for some reason.

“Five million? Alright, since you’re sort of my first official customer, I’ll give you a discount,” Lu Zijia touched her chin with her index finger and said a bit reluctantly.

She had just started her business and she still hadn’t got much fame, so five million was already quite good.

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She just wasn’t sure how many cultivation resources she could buy with that.

Hearing how unwilling Lu Zijia was, Song Zixuan was almost so enraged that he spurted out blood.

He could already hire a famous master with five million yuan.

This woman, Lu Zijia, even thought that it was barely enough!

Song Zixuan took a deep breath and decided not to argue with this greedy woman.

“When are you going to deal with it for me?”

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Lu Zijia replied without thinking, “Anytime.
I’m quite free right now.”

Song Zixuan, “…”

Quite free? So, her business wasn’t really good?

If she was a capable master, shouldn’t she be very busy? How would she possibly say that she was quite free?

So, was it a wrong decision to trust this woman?

Song Zixuan had deep doubts about Lu Zijia’s ability in his heart, but he didn’t change his mind in the end.

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“Then, come over and help me deal with it today.
I’ll send someone to pick you up right now,” Song Zixuan said and quickly hung up, giving Lu Zijia no chance to reply.

He was afraid that if they continued talking, he would change his decision and look for someone else.

Lu Zijia certainly didn’t mind if someone could pick her up for free and she didn’t have to spend money to take the taxi.

After hanging up, Lu Zijia suddenly remembered that Song Zixuan said he couldn’t reach her through her phone before.

She couldn’t help but take out her phone and check.
She found that she turned on airplane mode last night to not be disturbed by others while cultivating and she forgot to change it back this morning.

So, the reason why there wasn’t any new mission on the application of the Special Administration Office after refreshing for dozens of times just then was because there was no internet connection?

Lu Zijia went into the application of the Special Administration Office again and refreshed… Alright, still no new mission.
It wasn’t the Internet connection…

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