more, because she was getting increasingly uncomfortable physically, she became even more pissed by Mu Tianyan’s sudden attack!

Mu Tianyan said coldly as if he had not noticed her attempt to pull the trigger, “Put on the blanket!”

Lu Zijia suddenly ceased all movement, looking confused.

Putting on the blanket?

Lu Zijia rapidly glanced about with the corner of her eyes, and she noticed that the gray-colored blanket was already soaked in water.

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So the man was telling her to put on the blanket so he could examine her?

Lu Zijia could not help but roll her eyes as she was thinking and complaining inwardly, “How annoying!”

“Just put on the blanket!” Mu Tianyan’s cold voice was now turning slightly furious.

He could not help but feel like killing her when he thought about how this woman would have seduced someone else if he had not been here.


Lu Zijia frowned but she still squatted down and picked up the blanket on the floor, putting it over herself.

Mu Tianyan frowned too, but he stopped being critical when he noticed that she had covered up the sensitive spots.

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However, he became furious again when he saw Lu Zijia standing up and shaking her body a bit.

He got into even more of a frenzy when he saw a trace of blood coming out of the corner of her mouth…

Lu Zijia almost used all the remaining strength she had to get back on her feet.
The increasing heat inside her body blurred her sight.

In order to stay clear-minded, she fiercely bit her tongue and drew blood.

Fearing that the man would sense her weird behavior, she had to pretend as if nothing had happened to her.

However, what surprised her was that the man left the bathroom in his wheelchair and then snapped at her coldly, “Only the living have the right to negotiate with me.”

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