he same time, they admired Lu Zijia’s abilities even more.

The medical personnel entered the villa, then asked who the patient was and was about to send Old Master Song onto the ambulance.

However, Old Master Song refused, “I’m fine.
I can’t go to the hospital right now.
Just leave!”

After learning this earth-shattering truth, how could he possibly stay in the hospital at ease?

“Dad, you should go to the hospital for a check-up.”

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Even though Lu Zijia had already said that Old Master Song was fine for now, Song Zhuohai still wanted Old Master Song to have a check-up and would only be really relieved when he was certain that Old Master Song was okay.

However, Old Master Song insisted on not going to the hospital and even had signs of getting enraged.

Song Zhuohai was frustrated, but he was afraid that he would piss Old Master Song off and make his blood pressure rise again, so he could only take a step back.

“Then, you can just let the doctor do a check-up for you right now, right?” Song Zhuohai sounded a bit speechless.

And yet, there was no way he could deal with his old father, who wouldn’t even recognize his relatives when he was stubborn.

This time, Old Master Song compromised.

The Song family had a private doctor and they also had a medical room fully equipped with medical equipment at home.

So, it was much more convenient for the doctors to give Old Master Song a check-up.

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The doctor who came with the ambulance soon got the results.

After knowing that Old Master Song was fine, Song Zhuohai and his wife were finally relieved.

“The patient is old already.
Please be careful not to irritate him and avoid huge mood swings.”

Even though it was a slightly special case this time, the doctor still advised the members of the Song family dutifully.

Fang Yueqiu thanked the doctor and nurses constantly and sent them out of the Song family politely right away.

“Go check it out! Check it out for me clearly!”

Old Master Song held his crutch firmly with one hand and knocked it on the floor a few times fiercely.
Apparently, he was still angry.

As for what to check? Of course, the origin of the landscape painting Song Zhuolan got for Old Lady Song and whether she did it deliberately or if she was used by someone.

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