n’t help but frown with obvious suspicion on his face, “Wouldn’t it fall down?”

Song Zixuan looked at the talisman again and found that there wasn’t anything like glue or something.

If it was slapped on someone’s body, it should fall down immediately, right?

Let alone Song Zixuan, even the other members of the Song family more or less had some curiosity on their faces and in their eyes.

Lu Zijia looked at Song Zixuan like he was a fool, “You’ll know when you try it.”

Judging from the decorations and offerings of the Song family, they should believe in Feng Shui and astrology as well.

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So, they should have invited Taoist Masters here before.
Why didn’t they even know how to use a talisman?

Or did she make a wrong guess? The Song family had never invited a Taoist Master to their house?

Song Zixuan was a bit embarrassed by Lu Zijia’s gaze, which was obviously like she was looking at a fool.

However, he still followed Lu Zijia’s suggestion and slapped a talisman on Old Master Song’s shoulder gently.

Song Zixuan immediately felt heat coming in his palm and he retracted his hand subconsciously.

His expression immediately changed slightly and he spread his hand in an instant.

“The talisman is gone?!”

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Looking at his empty hand, there was astonishment on Song Zixuan’s face.

Song Zixuan subconsciously looked at the couch and the floor to see if it fell down.

However, the four members of the Song family didn’t find the yellow talisman even after searching for a while.

“It’s used, so of course it’s gone,” Lu Zijia shrugged and said in an extremely calm tone as if this was common sense.

“Father, how are you feeling?” Song Zhuohai put away the shock on his face and asked Old Master Song.

Old Master Song felt his body for a bit and seemed to sense that it was much smoother.

“Pretty good.
I feel much more relaxed,” Old Master Song looked at Lu Zijia and said with gratitude, “Master Lu, thanks to you, an old man like me could still come back after going to the gates of Hell.”

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