My chaos system

chapter-3- chaotic world

Year 2018, October 26

Time went on like this. I spent most of my time reading novels and learning karate from a local karate school.

And its almost time for me to graduate from my high school.

Today is Sunday and my step-father started saying something thats very hard to believe .

”Son, I have decided to bring home a new wife so behave properly in front of her . ”

”what…. ”

”She is a co-worker of mine and she is going to be your mother now . ”

I couldn believe what he was saying.

In the first place , if he gets married I will have to share the insurance money with her .

thats the first thing that went through my head after hearing about him getting married.

I didn say a thing after trying to suppress my anger from rising.

I quietly followed my step-father towards the steps but….

No matter how hard I tried to rationalise myself I couldn hold back and pushed my step-father with my left hand without any hesitation.

I heard a loud sound of something falling , then I heard his scream.

”ahhhh! ”

Then I heard the sound of his bone break .

”ugh… ”

I slowly climbed down to see if he was alive or not, only to see my step-fathers hand and leg bent in a way they weren supposed to bend and bleeding from his forehead.

”help me….help..ugh.. ”

He extended his hands towards me to ask for help but I kept watching him slowly die with cold eyes. Only when he stopped breathing did I move and check if he was breathing or not for the last time, then I called the hospital.

I made my voice sound panicked as much as I could.

”please send an ambulance here , my father has hurt his head, please help! ”

After giving them the address of our house I cut the call because of all the pleasure I felt rising within me.

I couldn stop myself from laughing.

”hahahaha…hahahahaha!! you had that coming, did you think I would keep my head down for the rest of my life without fighting back at all, hahaha!! ”

After laughing till my stomach hurt, I stopped when I heard the sound of an ambulance.

Slowly tears started falling from my eyes and I hugged my father tightly. I had to act innocent as much as I could .I only stopped when his blood was all over my dress and clothes.

After that day I felt free more than I ever felt in my life. I had put my step-fathers death at the back of my head and started thinking which college I should join . I didn even attend my step-fathers funeral…well, they might have thought that I was sad and crying without accepting his death. I wonder what kind of expression they will have when they know that I was the one who killed him.

Ah, I feel so free what should I do

I was heading home with this thought in my head and that was when I saw a person I found familiar , walk past me. Suddenly stopping my walk I turned my head towards him to take a clear look at who he was.

who is he…Ah

A sudden realisation hit me. Yeah, its that bastard who had escaped getting punished by the law for my mothers death.

Just thinking about how all this started after my mother died. I glared at his direction.

Suddenly anger rises from within me and I started walking toward him without thinking about anything.

”hey….!! ”

Before I finished my word I saw a bright light coming from my left side. When I turned to face it, a white light covered my face. thats the last thing I saw when my consciousness left my body.

when I regained my consciousness I found myself in a dark place without a speck of light anywhere. When I lifted my head up I felt like my eyes hurt from all the light.

The views I saw above me were hard to describe with simple words.

There were thousands of stars above me, they seemed close upon seeing , but when I tried to touch them they were infinitely far.

I closed my eyes to get used to the light then again opened them.

My head started working at full speed to understand what was happening in front of me. but the only thing that came to my head was the light that I saw before losing my consciousness.

Slowly I got the control of my body back.

After seeing my hands and legs moving again I got up from the kneeling position only to get mesmerised by the view in front of me again.

I just started walking on water like floor from which I could only see darkness.

what is this place ?… the light that I saw before I came here , was it a cars headlight ?….then how did I get here ?

Even after walking for an hour nothing changed , the view was the same as when I came here. well, I don know the exact time but I predicted that it would be an hour at least.

so, I slowed down and started thinking about what I should do only to realise that I have been walking for hours but I don feel out of breath or any fatigue.

Making a lot of assumptions , without any base or fact I continued my walk .

A lot of time passed like this , I had long stopped keeping track of time.

Slowly I started feeling my head hurt and nauseated. it just kept getting worse as I walked. It just kept on increasing until I couldn bear it and had to crouch down and catch my head with both my hands.

Then suddenly I started sinking in the water below me and the last thing that I heard before I lost my consciousness was a womans voice.

”ohhh, so you came out… and here I was thinking you can stay there forever ”

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