My chaos system

Chapter-6- orphanage

I needed to know all the ranking names. So that it would be easy for me to compare my skills to the other.

So, these are all the ranks that I got to know by the angel.

F Rank

E Rank

D Rank

C Rank

B Rank

A Rank

S Rank

SS Rank

SSS Rank

And in the last its EX Rank (Transcend)

Any one who has reached transcendent rank can wield a power that matches the god. Well, of course if they were to fight a god they would lose within seconds because of their weaker soul.

I should put this in my system. haaaa… how annoying

After sighing to myself I got to work on my system again. Hmm calling it a system all the time doesn feel nice lets give it a name. Supporting my chin with my hand I started thinking about a new name.

I am taking the power from the chaos world so….lets call it the chaos system

This system doesn just borrow the power from the chaos world , but also makes that power mine.

In other words, even if the system is destroyed I will have all the power that I have gained by using it.

I should be ready for any situation

My eyes turned cold when thinking about it.

She had said that the gods have provided the origin force so then….

If the gods can control this power they can take it back too.

”hmm so how much of my reward has been used? ”

”the whole system takes 82% of your reward so its totally 83% of your reward that has been used. You have the last 17% so choose wisely ”

the angel answered seriously.

Hmm it seems , this angel takes her job seriously.

last 17% huh

I wanted something that will come of use even when I lose my system.

I started thinking about it seriously , I have already made a skill for my soul that will grow stronger even without the chaos system. I just have to make stars form within my soul but….

It is attached to my body so I have to think of a physique that will be helpful in this problem.

she said that the cold blooded skill was created upon my soul so I have to think of a physique that will bring out its full potential

In the end I came up with a physique named universal body.

[Universal body

Type: physique

[A body made to accept any kind of power there exist. Without any drawback or disadvantages. It will allow any kind of power to dwell within your body and bring out its full potential]

After making this Physique, satisfaction started rising from within me.

its perfect!! with this skill I can bring out all my potential and fight more easily

The gods couldn take back the origin force that was already used. But I needed the origin force in its real form to make the system. So, theres a chance that God can take it back or just dismantle it.

”that physique will take 10% of your reward ”

”…alright ”

Cold water was put up on my excitement that was rising and I calmed down again.

last 7%

Squinting my eye I started thinking about what I should do next.

In the first place if the highest score was 30 minute in the test. They might have only gotten to make one or two skills.

gods are such petty people

Well, I can do anything in this situation anyway. shrugging my shoulder .

I started thinking about what I should do with the leftover 7%.

I wanted to make something that would help me survive longer in that world.

In the chaos system I had already made a function so that I could resurrect once. It is kind of a life saver, only usable for once. If I could I would have just made myself immortal but, thats impossible according to the angel.

Clicking my tongue , god really is a petty person

Hmm, lets just make a danger sensing skill… no wait lets add fortune there too.

In just a few minutes I had finished creating the skill and named it any random name that I remember from some novel.

[Spectral eye:

[1. Anything that you see from your eyes will be defined as danger, fortune and misfortune.]

[Red- Danger

Gold- fortune

Black- misfortune

Depending on the depth of their colour it is decided how much danger and fortune it brings upon you]

[ 2. Upon seeing any person with your eyes you can see what their potential is.]

And in the end I came up with this skill.

This should help me survive and gather useful people.

My only worry was that it shouldn go over the limit of my reward. Clenching my fingers tightly. I started staring at the angel flying above me.

”that skill would take 5% of your reward ”

”haaaaaa….. ”

Breathing a sigh of relief. I started thinking about what I should do with the remaining 2%.

It would be a waste to make any skill from only 2% anyway. Thinking about it this way I left it alone and started asking the angel questions.

”so, can I see which world I would be choosing among from? ”

”Alright, now I will be transferring all the worlds names to you ”

After saying that she stretched out her pale white hand towards me from which a white light shot towards me. After it touched me a lot of information was dropped upon me.

It took me a while to sort out my thoughts and focus on the name.

But, when I was going through the names a shocking name appeared in there.

”this…this.. wait why is this planet name in the list!? ”

My voice started shaking for a second because of how shocked I was.

”which planet do you mean? ”

”Its earth you bitch! ”

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