My lover My Blood

Chapter 2: Hurt

New York City,

The weather was so beautiful. The droplets of rain on the window were the only thing the man could hear. While outside, the flash and the rumble of lightning and thunder could be heard as if the world was coming to an end.

A silhouette (of a man or a woman?) walked under the rain. He/She felt dejected, uncaring if he/she was soaked in the night rain, with no care in the world.

”Hey! Dimwit! If You want to die, go ahead! ” Shouted an angry driver who almost hit him/her. ”But don you dare die, while Im driving! You stupid shit! ”

He ignored the driver. He did not even bother to look in the direction he was going. He continued to walk his head cast downward, as he watched his foot take one step off the wet road he is taking.

With his shoes soaked in the rain; same with his clothes. He walks with his head lowered, staring right at his foot.

Under those lowered heads were a swollen red eye and a red nose. His lips press into a thin line. He couldn hear any other words or see any other things. His eyes have turned hazy from his tears.

The rain kept beating crazy on him. The loud rumbling still goes unnoticed by him. He was just in his world, the rain wet every path of his body, and his long hairs are sticking to his back and his forehead. He received awkward gazes from the passer-by.

He was knocked down by a passer-by in a haste. ” Hey! don you watch where you are going, slow head! ” the passer-by said in an angry voice. he/she got up and walks past him blindly. seeing such an attitude that got the passer-by furious, for being ignored by the man.

”The nerves… ” he said in a hot breath glaring daggers at [he/shes back] he rushes toward them grabbing him by the collar, he punches him right In the face. The figure fell to the floor with a heavy thud, blood oozing out of his mouth.

”Yo! Man! you got to let the poor guy go, he looks dam wasted! ” The mans friend held him back from throwing another punch. He stares at the man, seeing how pathetic he looks, his eyes dead. He jerks him off not forgetting to spat on him.

The young man slumps to the floor lifeless. His eyes fixed on nothing. He remains sitting on the same spot till a group of gangsters walks by bearing an evil grins on their faces.

”Yo! man, you need help? ” They asked in a sympathetic voice.

The young man didn reply but kept staring at nothing with his eyes wide open, unaware of what was going on around him.

”Yo! seems like, he sure does need our help, ” the gangsters said in union, evil grins cast on their faces.

They rummage through his body and pant pocket in excitement. He never attempts to move, he just sits there like a statue and watches himself getting robbed.

”Shit! hes fully loaded, ” The gangster said, their voice full of excitement. They left him taking his wallet with them. giving him a light tap on the right side of his cheek.

The young man remains sitting on the wet floor. His head burned up from the rambling voices in his head. his mind and life are in chaos. He wraps his arms around his knee tightly shaking from the cold. His phone that keeps vibrating in his pant pocket also goes unnoticed by him.

In a distance, a pale figure emerges under the street light, running on her long legs. she was breathing so heavily while clutching her phone tightly in her palm. She looks from her right to her left asking every house and establishment the whereabouts of [certain someone shes not even sure where he is]

Her eyes furrow in shock. The moment her eyes lock, on the back of the person she was looking for, sitting down the road, near the street light with soaked clothes on him.

She run as fast as her legs could drag her as her life depends on it. She stopped in front of the young man panting.

Her body shook in panic seeing how stagnant he looks and stares on without blinking his eyes. she slowly knelt down in front him, her lips trembling from shock. she hugs him to her bosom. Still, theres no reaction from the person in her arms. her eyes flicks in panic as she feels his body burning up.

”Oh! My God!! KAZZ, what happened to you? ” She says, hugging the young man tightly to her chest. Still, the man remained silent as dead. She can stop the tears crowding her eyes.

”KAZZ…please say something, whatever the problem is, remember you still have your loved ones with you ” It felt like she was talking to the dead. The more she looked at him, the more she can feel the emptiness in him.

”KAZZ look at me. ” She held his face up, looking straight into his eyes that had no light left in them.

”I don know what this is about KAZZ, but seeing you like this is killing me, you have me your friends ” she hugged him tightly to her chest not minding the gaze they are receiving from the passers-by.

Her eye blinks at the sound of her ringing phone, she connects the call ”SHINEY whats up, ” the voice from the other side asks, his voice full of panic.

”K, I have found him, but I think he needs medical attention. Hes in a state of shock, ” shiny cried into her phone.

”Calm down SHINEY, send me the location. I have to send 911 to your location right now! ”

Shiney nods her head in response as if the other person is seeing her.

”Can you hand him the phone and let me speak to him ” Shiney press the voice speaker and look at KAZZ who hasn bulged for ones

”KAZZ, K wants to talk to you ” he blinks his eyes, for the first time hearing the name. ”Kent, is that you? ”

He grabs the phone from SHINYS hand. His gaze glued to the name on the phone screen, ”of course, its me you asshole! What the **! Is going on with you? Don tell me you are trying to run away, because you still have an unsettled business with me. ”

k rambled on from the other side of the phone. He can only hear the breathing of KAZZ on the phone.

”You scared the shit out of us KAZZ, Im coming right there ” He didn hang the call but mounted his scooter and drive towards their destination.

KAZZ, who has been silent listening to his voice, broke more into tears. SHINEY hugs him tightly.

The ambulance arrives fast, followed by KENT behind them. He rushed towards his friend who was sitting beside the street lamp, KAZZ, seeing Kent crying more. So strange as it may be, he held him so strong, not minding anything in this life.

”This is bad! ”Kent said, looking at SHINEY, who was now crying. The doctors got to work immediately.

KENT and Shiny gently calm KAZZ, who looks unlike himself. They placed him on a stretcher before they entered the ambulance vehicle together, leaving his scooter behind.

Inside the ambulance, KAZZ held KENTs hand so strong crying ”please KENT no matter what happens, don leave me please! ” he sounds so broken, emphasizing every word.

KENT can stop hiding the tears crowding hes eyes seeing his best friend in such a state.

”What are you saying KAZZ, who will leave who, no matter what happens, we are here with you in any crisis, right SHINEY? ” he said, sharing eye contact with shiny who nodded at him.

KAZZ shook his head with tears in his eyes. He remembered all the conversations he overheard and all he discovered.

He held KENTs palm close to his face while his tears stained his palm.

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