My lover My Blood

Chapter5: Becoming A Star

Robben walks into the bar. his lips raise in a sexy smile. beautiful music growing the whole place. He follows the source till he caught the divine at the stage.

There stood a beauty out from a book, her dark oily hair packed in a bun, exposing her forehead. She looks so beautiful under the stage light with her white butterfly gown that held her perfect curves, her spaghetti hands exposing her collar bone.

People whistle and fawn over her, her voice is the gem of all. Robben took a seat at the bar stand.

The barman handed him a drink which he gulps down.

The spicy taste filled his mouth. He stares at the beauty on stage. For some unknown reason, he doesn like the way the men in the room ogle at her.

Not long after the music ended, sounds of claps echoed throughout the entire bar, Ella went backstage and changed from her costume. She went toward the man shes been expecting to see.

”How was it? ”She asked as she sat opposite him.

Robben smiled, looking into her eyes. He found out that this woman its not only beautiful but knows how to captivate hearts.

”You are amazing Elly ” Ella couldn help but smile ”thank you, Mr. Caldwell ”

Robben places his index finger between her lips, stopping her unfinished words. A look of displeasure was obvious in his eyes.

Ella stared at him, confused, not knowing how to describe the feeling she was having right now.

”Nah… just call me Robben or kettle. Choose just as I call you Ely, ” he continues as he traces her hair to her jawline.

”Sure Kent, is it? ” Ella replied while winking at him. She couldn describe the feeling she was having toward this man, this Adonis, but one thing she feels happy around him.

”that sounds better ” robbed said smiling, they laughed together.

”You don seem to be from here. You look foreign to me, ” Ella asks him while smiling.

Robben handed her a drink ”here ” which she accepted. She raised her glass towards him. ”I appreciate ”

”Elly you are right am here on a business trip, but I guess my trip is not all that futile, cause I got to meet an Angel, like you here! In Oklahoma, ”

Elly, to tell you the truth, you are beautiful. ”

He said, winking at her.

”You are flattering me with words, Kent. ”she raised her brows at his words. Robben couldn help but laugh.

”Ha Ha Ha Ha, Elly, you are something you know, but to be honest you are beautiful, I can help it, ” He gulps his drinks.

Elly gave him a hard stare and then smile

”Beautiful, you say Kent, thanks, but its a pity I can see you already married. ”

She dawns her alcohol with a sad smile.

Robben squinted his eyes at her. ”How were you able to tell Elly? ”

”Is not that hard to tell Kent your ring finger? My heart hurts to know you are now taken, you know, ” she down more on her drinks as she places her hand on her chest.

”Elly can we just… I hope you know what I mean. Lets not spoil this moment okay, ”

Robben raised his thumb, rubbing it on Ellys cheeks. Elly smiled, nodding her head in understanding.

”I will keep it as a memento ” they click their glasses and down after drinks.

The next morning, robbed work up with a splitting headache, he didn remember where he was at first, but after some few memories recollections, he could remember everything that happened last night, as from when he was drinking with Ella in the bar flashes appears in his mind, at that moment a lovely voice brought him out of his thoughts.

”You are awake Kent ” Robben stare at the gorgeous woman who just came out from the bathroom wearing a loose white shirt and her black hair untied and resting on her back.

She sat down at the foot of the bed and handed him a coffee mug.

”Here, you need this. Last night was crazy ”

”Thanks, ” the buzzing of his phone interrupted Elly. He took his phone to check. ”Shit! ” he exclaimed.

”Is everything alright Kent? ” Ella asked worry lace in her voice I?

Robben looks up from his phone. ”I forget to check in with my wife yesterday, because of the alcohol. ”

”Shes worried sick now, I guess. ”

Ella shrug her shoulders and stood up

”I guess is my cue to leave. I will be in the restroom, ” she said with a sad smile. The air in the room changed.

”El.. ” he stood up to reach for her arms but missed she glance back at him smiling ”its okay I understand kent ”

Robben open his mouth but close he couldn utter a single word, he watch as she went inside the restroom.

Robben runs his hands over his hair in frustration.

Later in the day, Robben meets up with his friend Marco. They are through done with their business dealings.

They will catch their flights at 7 pm.

”Hey man, theres something I need to take care of. If I don do this, I will not forgive myself. ”

Robben gave his friend a pleading look. Marco squinted his eyes at him.

”Dude, this is unlike you. ” Robben scratched the back of his hair. ”just give me a few minutes. I will be back. Just trust me on this one. ”

Marco shakes his head. ”Whatever Robby! remember our flight is leaving in the next one hour don forget that, ”

Robin ran along. ”thanks man ”

Robben got back to the hotel he slept at in search of Ella, but he couldn find her. He could see the manager who told him Ella was off duty.

He sighed and went back to his friend together before they left for the airport.

Robben and his friend took their sit by the window.

Marco noted his friends absence minded staring at the moving cloud. ”hey man, are you alright ”,

But All he got was silence. He slapped his arms, which made Robbin jerk up ”down-to-earth Robby, these unlike you sure you are alright ”

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