Its been a long time since Hera died. Ginny is devastated because she has lost someone important to her.

Every one of her friends tries to make her happy. They invite Ginny to accompany them to places where she can have fun, but she always refuses and prefers to stay in her room or on her terrace. She never even visits the coffee shop. Everyone there wants to know where she is.

Nobody knows what she is doing there. When anyone tries to approach her, she simply makes an excuse.

One of these days,

Her friends invite her to a movie.

”Im sorry, but I won be able to join you all. I have some serious business to attend to. ” Ginny expressed regret.

”What kind of significant business do you have? You don even talk to us now that shes gone. You are also one of our friends. That doesn mean youll ignore us if you lose your one friend ”Adrian exclaimed.

”Try to comprehend, gentlemen. Im not ignoring you. Id never do it. Its just that some things need to be put back in their proper places, which I am doing. ” Ginny attempted to explain herself, but no one could understand her.

”Woah.. You won be able to spend time with us, but you will be able to spend time with Jordan. You are spending more time with him than us. Is he really that important now? ” Becca expressed her envy.

”Obviously not. You
e all important to me. But I require some time. Don worry, Ill be fine in a few days. ” Ginny requested some time.

”We have nothing to say to you. You can do whatever you want. ” Edward, without a choice, exclaimed.

”Are we good? ” Ginny inquired.

”Perhaps and maybe not, ” Adrian said.

”Fine, ” Ginny said with a chuckle.

”So, Eric Id like to speak with you about something very important. ” Ginny addressed Eric.

”What? ” Jackson inquired.

”Not you, sir. I can only tell Eric that. ”

”Why shouldn we? Do you consider us to be friends? ”

”Are you trying to start a fight? Im sure youll lose. So put an end to this nonsense, ”Ginny was warned.

”You are truly a bad person. You
e speaking to him, not to us ”Park exclaimed.

Eric was simply standing there quietly. He didn say anything.

”Thats not the case. ”

”How is it then? ” Jackson inquired.

”Youll know when the time comes. Its better not to know right now. ”

”What could be better? What time ? ”Adrain stated.

”Forget it; just dismiss it as unimportant. Okay ”

”What exactly is it? ”

”Enter my room, and Ill tell you. ”

”Whatever, we
e leaving; you stay and complete your friends goal. ”

”Well do it. ”

They left, disappointed.

”So, what exactly do you want to talk about? ”

”Im not sure where to begin, but please accept my apologies for keeping this from you. I actually FOUND HIM. ”

”What? Don make light of it. ”

”No, I am not. Im serious. ”

”At first, I was unsure, but I asked them to investigate. Thats why I was mostly spending time in my room. ”

”How come you didn tell me sooner? ”

”I apologise, but I needed to confirm first. And I know this is important information for you. And you will be disappointed if you spread a false rumour. So I first discovered and confirmed it before informing you. ”

”Okay, good. But who exactly is it? ”

”This is Jordan. ”

”What? ”

Eric took a step back from the bed.

”This is unbelievable. I thought it was just the name, but he is the same person. I had a doubt but I let it slide.

I had no idea I was such good friends with him. ” Eric became agitated.

”He is, indeed. When I first met him, I was astounded as well. I had no idea it would be him. I didn realise it at first, but he reminded me of someone I knew. His facial features were like his father. And I was feeling connected to him. ”

”How and where did you meet him? ”

Ginny told Eric the entire story of how she met Jordan.

”So, As a result, he went first. ”

”Yes, ”

”However, does he recall you from before? ”

”He doesn I think. Im not sure. That is exactly what I am working on. ”

”Ive devised a strategy to find out. ”said Eric

”We must keep this secret hidden from everyone. ” said Ginny.

”Yes, we are unable to inform them. They are all immature and will ruin it. ”

Ginny concurred.

Eric told Ginny about her plan. and asked her to carry it out.

”All right, lets get started tomorrow. ”

” Okay, prepare yourself. ”

”You know, Im starting to feel like a boss right now. ”

”Hahhah then don feel that way, because there are only two of us. ”

Eric agreed, and both of them laughed.

Both were ready for the ”Mission find out. ”

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