In office

Can you do a single task, I told you? ” It was a very important file. I told you I wanted it in 2 days. Where the hell were you? ”shouted MJ.

”Sorry sir, please forgive me. Sir, I was with my family because my daughter is sick and she needs me. ” said Joe

”I don care if someone is sick or not. ” screamed MJ, (drawing his gun and pointed it at his employee, Joe.)

At the same moment, MJs friend Kai entered the place and asked what happened.


”Calm down MJ. If he hadn completed the file, just fire him. Why kill him right? ”advised Kai.

”You are fired ”;

”Sorry sir, please forgive me. I wouldn do that again.

”You know he doesn give second chances, so just go before he kills you. ”

whispered Kai

”Yes sir, ”

”I understand that your daughter is ill, so I placed some funds into your account along with your bonus pay for the previous three months. If you come to my office tomorrow, Ill also make you an offer for a different job that you can accept.

”Thank you alot sir ”

”Hmm ”

MJ sighs and slumps into his chair, his head resting between his hands.

”Why were you here ” MJ questioned .

”Oh I do have a job for you . ”

”You have to enroll in a college. ”


”Its a mission where teachers engage in criminal activity without anyone knowing.Even the principle is in the dark.

Therefore you must go there and ascertain its identity.You must be very patient since it will take time. One error, and our flight is lost.

Ah, but why not another person. ”cried MJ

”Im sending you because you are skilled and would kill someone if they made a mistake.And you have to leave after two days because I have registered your name, so make no more decisions.Got it ”ordered Kai

OK OK (Kai leaves the place)


(He called his manager Justin)


”Im going to sleep; please don wake me until Im awake If someone has work to do please do it yourself, all right? ”

”Yes sir ”

At cafe

”Please allow me to have an Americano. ”

”Sure, maam. Would you like the sugar-free cookies as well? You know they won let you put on weight. ”

”Oh, I would love to, ” you laughed.

Ginny said, ”Eric, make one Americano. ”

”Okay, girl ”

”What would you want, sir? ”

”An Expresso, ” the customer said.

”Okay sir, hold on a second. ”

”Edward One Expresso ”

He singed ”OKayyyyy. ”

Ginny laughed.

”Becca please serve the order that is here. ”

Ginny asked, and Becca responded with a soldier-like ”Yes, maam. ”

Ginny chuckled.

Ginny approaches an elderly woman who was sipping a cappuccino and suggests that she eat some dark chocolate because they prevent wrinkles and make you seem younger.

Ginny exclaimed, ”Oh my seriously, ” which surprised the old woman. ”Yes maam, ” she responded. ”Then please bring it for me child. ”

Ginny said, ”Yes, maam. ”

Eric remarked, ”She truly is good at getting people buy things, ” as he and Edward both laughed.

Edward concurred and remarked, ”Thats why our café is the most popular and well-known in this town.

”Well, most people come here because of Ginny since she talks to sweetly and is polite with everyone, ” Eric stated with a chuckle.

”You are correct ”



Two latté please ” ”OKayyyyyy ” both said. ”Hey you dorks bring us two iced coffee ” ”No we won ” ”How dare you talk to us like that ” ”Thats how you did though ” ”You b**ch ” She was about to hit but engulfed her into a hug. And said ”How the work is going girl ” Ginny laughed and said ”it is going as always ” ”Well we both are amazing actors aren we, Shouldn we apply for a movie ”said Park shin hye ”Sure well thats a fact ”Ginny said while laughing

Two Lattes, please.

Both said, ”OKayyyyy. ”

”Bring us two iced coffee, you dorks, ” said the customers.

”No, we won ” said Ginny ”How dare you talk to us like that, ”said Park ”But thats how you did, ” said Ginny

”You stupid, ” cursed Park

She embraced her instead of hitting as she was about to.

and asked, ”Hows work going, girl? ”

Ginny chuckled and remarked, ”Its going as usual. ”

e both amazing actors, aren we? said Park

Shouldn we submit a script for a movie? ” asked Park shin hye.

Ginny laughed and added, ”Sure well thats a fact. ”

Shop closing time at evening

”Lets go somewhere, guys.

The following day is also our college day.

Thank God it was a Saturday today.

Due to the game yesterday, I was quite exhausted ”Becca remarked

”Lets go to a club and have a wild time dancing.

What you all suggest is ”Not a bad idea, but Ginny won drink, and thats a command since it will be much harder to manage her after that. ”

Perfectly true. ”

But wait, ” Eric said.

Jackson asked, ”What now? ”

Eric replied ”Idiots they won let us in we are underage we can enter in.

” Ginny offered, ”Then lets execute plan 456 PSC. ”

Jackson inquired, ”Whats that? Its Power Seduce and Cute ”

”Well act cute as our final weapon after acting like rich brats to demonstrate our power and then use our second weapon, which is seduction, to convince them to let us inside.

comprehended ”

”Hahahhahh OKay, ” all the boys exclaimed, ”but who will play which role.

”Becca will play the role of power, Park will play seduction, and Ginny will play cute. ”Suggested Jackson

Got it, ” answered Edward.

”Okay, ” all the girls said.

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