At club

MJ was waiting for his bodyguards who were parking the car and just then, Ginny and her friends arrived at the club.

They all came and sat in a circle in a corner near the entrance of the club.

MJ listened to them, he wasn evasdropping but he just listened.

(The conversation going on in the group.)

”So lets start with the plan and do our best. Nobody will make mistakes.We gotta get to the club anyhow and do what we
e here to do, okay, lets do it guys. ”said Ginny

” Yes! they all said in unison

MJ was curious as to why we were here because the way we talked was like a plan to kill someone.

At the entrance

Becca arrives to play her part.

She tries to enter (as planned), but the watchman stops her and asks,

”Maam, please show your Id card. ”

”Sorry maam, you can enter because you are underage, ” he says as she shows the ID card.

”Do you have any idea who I am or who my father is?!? ”

”Im sorry maam , Im not sure , but I can let you in. ”

”You know I can fire you with a single phone call ”

”I know maam, you might be able to, but I can let you in ”

”Aahh…youu ” Becca leaves because her role was over and she wasn successful.

Mj was enjoying the scene

”Hello handsome, ” says Park Shin Hye.

”Hello miss, ” says the watch man.

She tries to enter, but a watchman stops her and asks for her ID.

”Maam you are underage too, you can get in, ” the watchman said after seeing her ID card.

”Ohh my baby, I know you can let me in, so please do. ”

”Sorry maam, you can , ” he said, becoming agitated.

”Please allow me, Id like to get wasted today. ”

”Im sorry , maam, but please understand you can get in. ”

”Are you a tape recorder, why are you saying sorry after every sentence? ”

The man was rendered speechless.

Park shin hye has left, and the final weapon has arrived.

”Sir, I am underage and I can go in, but please let me in, I promise I won drink and will just dance, ” Ginny confessed cutely.

”Sorry, cutie, but you can , ” the watchman says.

”Please, please, please…. ”

She began to use her weapon, and she began to act cute, and the watchman became flustered and couldn resist, finally giving up and

he said , ”OKay fine I lose, you can go in, but don drink too much, okay. ”

”Thank Youuu… ” said the entire group cheerfully.

MJ chuckled seeing them.

”Why are you laughing, boss? ”

”Its nothing, rather than focusing on whether I laugh or smile, better work you idiot. ”

”Im sorry, sir. ”

They all entered the club and began dancing, which they all enjoyed. They were all sitting and taking shots, but Ginny was not allowed to. Everyone was dancing, and Ginny was sitting on the chair. When she noticed that no one was around her, she secretly drank two shots secretly cause she can handle much because she is not a good alcohol consumer.

Ginny has been drunk. Ginny has three levels when it comes to alcohol. First, she acts angry over trivial things. Second, she acts like a cute kid and occasionally flirts (mostly with her friends). Finally, she passes out.

Ginny doesn drink much because she can handle it, but today she has two shots and she has control until one.

She stood up and began dancing. But, right in the middle of the fun, the music stops and there is complete silence. Ginny approached the DJ while drunk and said, ”What happened, why did you stop the music, you
e ruining my mood? ”

No one spoke up because the reason for the silence was MJ.

MJ was in the club, and everyone was terrified except Ginny. The alcohol had now kicked in.

She approaches MJ and says angrily, ”Mister, I don know you, but whoever you are, please ask them to turn on the music. Because I think you are the reason why the music stoped. ”

MJs bodyguard tried to push Ginny, but Ginny grabbed his hand and turned him upside down, saying, ”Don interrupt when Im talking, OKay. ”

MJ was taken aback because he was one of the best bodyguards.

She put her hand back and pretended to take something. MJs bodyguards were about to pull the gun on her, but MJ stopped them. Instead of taking out something harmful , she took a marker.

She moves closer to MJ, holding his tie and pulling him closer, saying,

”Please turn on the music, ”

and drawing a heart on his neck with the marker. Everyone was shocked , but no one said anything. Ginnys friend Eric tried to stop her, but she passed out in MJs arms. Eric apologies to MJ and asked him to forgive Ginny as she was drunk and is childish . He also asked for a favour to not harm her beacuse of this.

He assisted her by taking her in the car and asking others to follow.

You might wonder why MJ didn react or turn on the music rather than causing a scene. The answer is that he was lost in her and couldn think of anything else. And Other people were busy filming MJs new unexpected behaviour.

After Ginny had gone, MJ thought to himself , ”she is so cute, strong, and beautiful. ”

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