MJ also left the scene after that incident. When he got home, he couldn think of anything else but Ginny; he couldn sleep just like a loverstruct teenegar and was only thinking about her.

Eric, on the other hand, put her to sleep. And suggested that everyone should sleep after having some hangover soup.

Early in the morning

Ginny awoke with a bad headache .

Adrian walks into the room, hands her hangover soup, and warns her ”You passed away yesterday in the club and caused a commotion there. Yesterday, Eric was furious. You
e going to get a good scolding today. ”

”What have I done? ”

” Eric will tell you that. ”

”Please save me, ” she says.

”You can be saved today, princess; you
e dead meat. ”

”Aahh… My head hurts. ”

”Keep saying that maybe hell forgive you. ”

”Noted. ”

”Good. ”

Eric entered the room and stood there watching Ginny drinking her soup.

”Do you want to say something to me? ” he asked.

Ginny was taken aback when she saw him and responded, ”Yes. ”

”Speak then, ” Eric said.

”Actually, I am very sorry. Adrian told me what happened. I realise it was my fault for drinking when I shouldn have. Please forgive me for causing a problem. ” Ginny stated that while showing puppy dog eyes.

Defeatedly Eric said

”Okay fine, but don repeat that. You know the one you scolded was a dangerous mafia and he could have killed you in a second, ” Eric couldn help being a bit scared.

”Oh, Im sorry. ”

” Well, I know you
e sad, and its Sunday, and we don have to go to school or the cafe today, so lets go somewhere. ”

”Lets go to a theme park. ”

”As you wish, now go take a shower; well leave in an hour; Ill inform others as well, okay? ”

”All right…I adore you. ”

”Me to ”

On MJs side

”Sir, we have to go to the amusement park, ” Justin said.

”And why is that? ” MJ inquired.

” Sir, your business partner actually wants to meet there because he is with his girlfriend and she wants to go to an amusement park and the meeting is important, so he scheduled it there for her girlfriend. ”

”Oh my God, his girlfriend is so childish that she wants to go to a amusentment park. ”

MJ prepared to leave for the amusement park.

On the other side

All right, guys, lets go. ”

”Yes, coming, ” everyone said.

At an amusement park

MJ and Ginny had arrived at the amusement park.

MJ was waiting for his business partner near a pole.

Ginny and her friends arrived at the location at the same time.

MJ saw them but didn approach because she was looking for Ginny in them. He was overjoyed when he saw her.

Eric and Jackson both stated ” Please wait here while we bring the tickets. ”

”OKay guys, lets do rock paper scissors, and whoever loses gets to ride the rollercoaster with me, ” exclaimed Ginny.

”Nooo, ” Becca and Park Shin Hye exclaimed.

They are both terrified of roller coasters.

They did, and Park won, and Becca loses the game, so Becca will ride the rollercoaster.

”You losed , it means youll come with me. ”

”Ya ya, ” she remarked sarcastically.

Ginnys childishness made MJ laugh.

”Guys, we
e here, lets go! ”

”Coming, ” everyone said.

”Boss, they
e here, ” Justin said, ”Hmm. ” They had their meeting and parted ways.

MJ, on the other hand, went inside the amusement park in search of Ginny.

He noticed her and stood back from her because he lacked the courage to approach her.

It was evening and he was still staring at her while smiling, but it was time for Ginny and her friends to leave. As they were leaving, Ginny and MJ made an eye contact that lasted only 10 seconds, but MJs world stopped because of how captivating her eyes were.

It wasn much for Ginny, just an eye contact but it had effect on MJ.

He was having a feeling he never felt before he was not aware of the fact that he was in love but soon he will find out WHAT IS LOVE?????

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