”Prepare yourselves, because we should arrive at college on time. ”

”All at their car parking space, guys lets race until we reach the faculty.

All take your bikes. And the one who wins can make the last one do any work. We will cross as companions. So who is coming with me? ”

”Me. ” Becca responded,

”Okay, Im leaving. I need to win, so one of youll do my maths homework. ”

Ginny ran off her motorcycle at full velocity and disappeared.

”I assume all of us know that she is going to win because she is outstanding at biking. So lets examine who loses. ”

Ginny and Becca reached the faculty and stood there. Becca stated,

”As continually you win, ”

”hahaha I recognised thats why I used that bet. ”

In a few short time Eric also reached the faculty. Ginny and Eric high fied and Eric went to his magnificence.

(Until the time all reach on the school permit me inform you they all are genuinely well-known students in school. Everyone knows them. maximum of the women and boys have weigh down on them. )

All of them came, and Adrian lost.

Ginny stated, ”You lose. ”

e going to do my homework and try to suit my handwriting OK. ”

”Well, firstly, I recognise that you will make this bet because you were cleaning your motorcycle the day before today and I know that I will lose and that I ought to do your homework, as you didn even open your bag, so I have already completed your homework. ”

”Oh my Edward, thanks so much. You
e my life Savior. ”

All of them left for class, and when they reached there, they listened to a lot of gossip about the new pupil.

woman 1, ”You understand, he is so warm and good-looking. ”

female 2: ”Yes, you
e right, hes so manly and did you see his biceps? ”

girl 1- ”of course, yes ”

”What was his call? ” says woman number two.

female 1- ”It is MJ. ”

Girl2: ”Oh, even his call is so cool. ”

”hmm, I know, ” says girl 1.

”Oh my Park (Park shin hye) these ladies are drooling over whomsoever the boy is. They
e reacting like they by no means noticed one. They stated they loved Edward, and now they changed their love, so without difficulty, they do not admire love. This is all fake love. ”

As MJ entered the class, all the ladies started to shout his name.

Ginny signed off, getting angry about the so-called love shouts.

MJ noticed Ginny and smiled, but Ginny simply disregarded him. MJ just imagined that she had failed to phrase him.

MJ was speaking to other boys to discover greater details about their teachers. Then Ginny got here and requested Edward,

”Edward, I am hungry. Are you coming with me to the cafeteria? ”

”Sure. I am hungry too. ”

”Others aren going to reason theyve got their work pending, so we ought to convey food for them too. ”

”OK,are any of you coming? ”

All of the institutions to whom Edward turned to talk stated no.

”MJ I think you should come with us. You do not know the college, so we can show you the school too, and the best place here is the cafeteria. ”

”Idiot simplest cafeteria isn suitable. There are other places in the faculty too. I cannot even consider that you eat too much and without doing any workout, you
e so fit. ”

”Well, madam, this is God proficient. ”

”Yaya, come now. ”

Ginny, Edward, and MJ got here and sat at the desk in the cafeteria.

”Ginny, MJ, what do you want to have? ”

”For me it is strawberry, pancakes and banana milk. Recall to position honey on the pancakes and produce chocolate syrup with you. ” Ginny stated

”l know how you want to devour, you don need to inform me. ”

”I recognize, but I was just telling you in case you forgot, the reason you have become vintage. ”

”Are you severe? I am 1/3 the youngest in the institution. The oldest is Eric. Say that to him. ”

”Ok, I can say that to him that you referred to him as antique. ”

”You— ” Edward becomes cut in half by Eric.

”What happened, and why are you all shouting? ” Eric scolded,

”Eric, you recognise that Edward turned into calling you old. ”

”Bro, I didn she is lying, ask MJ, he is sitting right here. ”

to MJ, and Eric requested him.

MJ noticed Ginny showing dog eyes and he couldn face her, so he took her side .

”Yes, he is said that. ”

”Oh god you are so awful. You met with me first but then you took her aspect, so reasonably-priced. ”

”Don talk to him like that, you silly. ”

Eric scolded,

”Okay, high-quality. I can simply carry food for us. ”

”Itis the best decision you ever made. ”

Edward sulked and went to the counter to get meals.

”Why is he so sulky nowadays? ”

”I do not know, perhaps he is having periods ”

Eric and Ginny laughed.

MJ wanted to talk to Ginny, so he started the conversation with the aid of an asking call.

Ginny replied, ”Do not act as if you do not know my call. You have clearly listened to my call till now by a lot of students. ” Ginny said, paradoxically,

”Umm.. Well yes. ” MJ stated feeling embarrassed. ”

”See, I told you, if you want to start a conversation, begin with some preferred question, do not ask the question whose solution you Know okay. ”

”Okay, Im able to preserve this in my thoughts for subsequent times. ”

Edward comes with the meals. They all had their breakfast and took some for the others.

As they reached the class, the teacher was already in there.

They all sat at their respective seats and the teacher was referred to as Ginny. Ginny came to the teacher and asked what happened.

”As I said, I will select your magnificence as president, so heres my selection. I understand that you all want Ginny to be the president, so the teachers are determined to make her the president. ”

”All of the students shouted ”Yess. ”

Ginny constantly wanted to be the president. This is amusing and now she has that opportunity.

After that, the teacher left.

Ginny shouted, ”We did it. ”

”Soo.. as now I am the president, so allow me to take that duty. ” You all already know the rules. So please tell them the rules to the ones who were not presented. ”

After that, the usual lessons started.

Now it has turned into the science period. Ginny was no longer feeling well, so she requested to visit the clinical room.

Just after some moments, MJ extensively utilised the identical excuse and left for the clinical room.

A person charged into trying to damage MJ.

As MJ has sharp senses, he found out that a person was trying to harm him. He broke his neck in a single cross, so he did not make any noise. After that, he left for the medical room and saw Ginny.

She asked, ”What passed off to you? ”

” I was just having a headache. ”

”Oh, is that bad? ”

”No, but if I rest, it would be fine. ”

”Oh okay, move and rest on that bed over there. ”

Ginny fell asleep because she wasn feeling well, but MJ was fine, so he just stared at her napping figure and smiled like a lunatic.

After awhile, Ginnys friend came in and asked her if she had turned into best. She stated she simply felt a bit tired. So Eric suggested she rest and they could take her after college. A few hours later,

they took her with them.

At the house,

”Are you feeling better? ” asked Park, being concerned.

Ginny replied, ”yes, much higher. ”

After that, Ginny went to her room and slept.

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