In the morning they all went to school .

As Ginny was on class president duty , she entered the class and asked who have not completed the homework. Then Ginny said ” So, wait those who haven done their homework please raise your hand. ” 12-13 student raised their hands.

”Okay I also haven done my homework and I would be the first president who is not accountable ” Ginny chuckled making everyone laugh.

”Anyway we are going to use a excuse that some selective students were doing work for farewell so didn get a chance to do homework. ”

”And one more thing, from tomorrow their are some extra subject that will take place for some students , a counselling class for those who are not in discipline. Well teachers haven announced that in classes but they will secretly observe you and what all of you have done in 2 years will be recorded in the anadote. Your Achievements , how much attentive you were in class , your response and so on. So today please be really disciplined so you don get that Counselling class ,okay ”

All the class said ”yes ”

”And the ones who are in the basketball team please come to the court, I think you all are already informed that their is a match, so be prepared. Your team leaders will guide you and it means me. Come on we all have to leave, and MJ please meet me after school, maam have told me to give you some basic information about all the time school clubs and classes , the sports we play etc..and if you want to come, you can come down to see the team and how they work. ”

”OKay ” said MJ while smiling

Ginny and MJ left the place with the team.

During the match

”Guys lets be attentive ,if I have the ball please watch my eyes I will tell you in which direction I will throw and if the opposing team found out our strategy . We will change it in the instance. Wherever my eyes will be the opposite direction I will throw the ball. Okay. Be careful while throwing the ball in the net , don make silly mistakes and lets have a backup if anyone of you get injured then someone will took your place but we don have backups ”

”Then can I? I am good at basketball and won a lot of matches. ”MJ asked

”OKay then I am fine with it. But play good its the game for national team selection. ”

All shouted ”hip hip hooray . ”

All were playing fantasticly but one of the team member got injured he was taken to the medical room and MJ took place. When he was playing all eyes were on him. He was playing so good. All the girls were cheering for him.

At last they won and did a group hug.

All were really exhausted so after the match they took their trophy and went to their class.

Everyone cheered for them . All the teachers congratulated them.

Mr. David the Politics teacher came and said ”You all have done great. It was really a enjoyable match. Keep it up ”

Everyone thanked but Ginny didn have any expression. Mr. David asked ” What happened Ginny ”

She looked at him with a glare then soon turned it into a smiled and said ”oh sorry sir I was just thinking about something. ”

Mr. David said ”okay ”

After school all the basketball team united in the cafeteria and have a small celebration.

Then MJ came to Ginny .

Mj ” hello ”

”Hello ”

” You called me ”

” Oh yeah come on sit down ”

Ginny told MJ all the basic details about the school. And praised him for being good at basketball and that he should participate in sports.

MJ requested Ginny to drop her at her house but she politely refused. But MJ pleased and having no choice Ginny agreed. They sat in a limo and did some casual talks. After reaching home they both bid a goodbye.

At home , Ginny was in her room

”Ohkay so lets start with our practice. ”

She goes to the terrace and start practising her skills after 4 to 5 hours she called of and went to the market for buying some bananas. But while coming home she sensed someone was following her so she took some turns to confirm and she found out that she was being followed. She chuckled and said ”Come on, why are you hiding. Lets not play this game. I am a busy person so lets just don waste time. ”

The man came forward and attacked her with a knife she dodged it . She kept her banana at side and got ready. The man was about to punch her in face but she grabbed his hand and twisted it and put it behind his back . And Asked

”Go tell your boss that I am not that easy to play with. I am fire If you came nearer you will get burned. ”

Ginny said in a scary, heavy voice. Which make the man shivered.

He ran away and Ginny took her bananas and left the place.

She reached home, and haved dinner and went to sleep after taking the shower.

”Boss she is really clever I tried so many times but till now I couldn do what you asked me to. ”said guard one

”Its fine I won scold you. It is not your fault that she is so perfect and hard to get. Just imagine liking her for 3 years but still didn get guts to talk. ”

”Sir don worry. We knew your love is true and you will get it ” said guard 1

”Thank you for your concern . ”

”shoot ” the man Shooted the second guard as he attacked her.

”Sir why did you killed him ”

”I think you are clever much to find that out ”

”Oh yeah sir I understood. ”

”What about the information I asked for . ”

” Yes sir we got it , here it is . ”

”Oh so he is MJ I thought he escaped and will never came back. But he came back being so strong and powerful but then also he can beat me ”

”You are right boss. ”


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