As usual, Ginny was taking her classes. She got a call from her friend Hera.


Phone:- Hello

Ginny:-Hello, who are you? You are not Hera. (She said frowning)

Phone:-Yes, thats the reason I called you for. I am speaking from City Hospital. Your friend is admitted because she got into an accident and there was a lot of blood loss. You were the one who was first on her call log, so I called you. Please respond here as soon as possible. She is in a critical situation. Her survival chances are very low. ”

Ginny:- ”I… I… I am coming in s… some moments p… p..please take care of her. ”

Ginny said in a crying voice. She stood up and went to the teacher and said

”Maam, I don have much time to tell you what happened, but I am going. Its really urgent. Some one is in a hospital. ”

Just after saying Ginny left the place,

Ginny was in her car. She was driving like a lunatic. She was crying while driving and was a mess.

As she reached the hospital, She went into the hospital so fast that she didn even take the car keys with her.

At reception

”Where is Hera? ”

”Who maam? ”

”Shes a patient here. She got into an accident and lost a lot of blood. ”

”Ohh..Maam, she is in room 201, but maam, its useless to go inside. ”


”Actually maam, I am really sorry to say this, but I just got the information that she is no more. ”

”What? ” Ginnys whole world stopped. There was nothing coming from her mouth; her words were stuck in her throat.

She fell on the floor and started crying. People near her were petting her as she was looking so miserable. She lost someone who was really close to her heart.

She stands up and goes to that room.

She saw this figure in the white blanket. She goes to her and says,

”You wake up, its too late to sleep. D.. D.. Don you know that we should sleep at night? This is not the time for sleep. W..Wake up. Why are you not getting up? ”

”Maam she is gone, ” one of the nurses said.

Ginny didn reply but fell to the floor, curled up and started crying. The nurse tried to calm her, but she said she would leave her alone for some time. Ginny was crying, and her eyes were completely swollen, as if they were about to burst. The nurse left her alone. Ginny said to the dead body: ”You know you are really bad. You shouldn have left me alone. You know that you are my secret keeper. You are the one who knows everything about me.

Whom will I now reveal my secrets to? Who will calm me down when I am angry or sad? You know how important you are to me? You are just like my sister. Heart-related relationships are stronger than blood-related ones. You were always with me when I needed someone. You always give me a shoulder to cry on. Now on whom I will depend No one knows about the real me. Just so you know. I can depend on someone now because I don trust people. ”

Ginny said a lot of things when she was done. She looked at her one last time and left from there. She didn take her car; she was walking to the school like a dead person. She appeared depressed. She lost someone whom she adored the most.

At the school

Eric asked, ”What happened to her? ” I just know that he got a call and after that, all of that happened. I don have an idea who was on the call and what made her run from school like that. ”

Becca said, ”Yes, you are right. ” I also noticed that first she got a call, then she became pale. It looked like someone really close to her was having a problem, or else she wanted to look like that. ”

Edward agreed and said, ”Ginny is strong. If someone was in danger, she would have solved it calmly, but the way she ran, I am sure it was someone important. But who could it be? ”

Adrian said, ”See, except us, she has 4 to 5 friends whom she cares about a lot.So maybe one of them was in danger. Living with her for so long, we know her really well. And what she does in which circumstances. ”

Everyone agreed

Park was sitting quietly.

Being worried, Edward asked her, ”What happened to you? ” Why are you so quiet? in a sweet voice.

Park said, ”I think I know who it was. ”

Everyone asked curiously,

”I think it was Hera. ”

”The looks on her face were saying it was her. ” She loves her a lot, and yesterday night she was talking to her. She treats her as her sister. ”

Eric said, ”It might be her I guess. ”

At the road

Ginny got a call from her friend Dart. She picked up and asked what happened.

Dart said, ”Ginny, if you are free, please come to Aeras house. She is acting really strange and I am kind of getting scared. Actually, her boyfriend was cheating on her with her enemy. And after that, she got the news about Heras condition. But she is not in a condition to go there.

Ginny became terrified and started getting some flashbacks:

”I will kill you. ”

”No one loves Aera. She is alone. ”

”Aera wants to die. ”

”I am sorry. Please forgive me. ” I didn kill someone.

”Please don hit me. ”

Ginny got a headache thinking about all the flashbacks from the past. They were ringing in her ear so loud that she let out a small shout.

She knows how Aera suffered trauma when her parents were killed in front of her.

Ginny got terrified thinking that might happen again. She started running.

The rain also started. It looked like even the clouds were crying. Storms were shouting. It added more sadness to the day.

She reached the house and rang the bell five to six times.

Dart opened the door and let her in…

Ginny asked, ”Where is she? ”

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