”Where is she? ” Ginny asked while panting.

”She is in the room. She is not even letting me touch her. She is just repeating what I did wrong to deserve this. ” said Dart.

Ginny got inside the room and had a view of something she never wanted to see. ”Why does

it always happen to me? ” I don deserve this. ” She was saying it all the time.

Ginny goes near to her and tries to touch her, but she shouts

”Don come near me, please don ! ”

Ginny again had flashbacks. She got the headache again. She said to Aera

”I am your friend, don worry, I won harm you. Come with me. I will take you to a safer place where no one will harm you. ”

”Promise ”

”Yes promise ”

”Start the car. We are going to take her to the hospital. She needs the treatment to come over. It already happened to her once and it is repeating. ”

”Oh yeah, I know it happened when she lost her parents. ”

”Yes, ”

”OKay, then I will start the car. ”

Ginny hummed.

Give said to herself, ”First Hera, now her God, please don let anything happen to her. I won be able to resist that. ”

”Come on, Aera, lets take you to a safer place. ”

Ginny and Aera left the house. They sat inside the car and left.

At the hospital

They all dashed inside the hospital to meet with a psychologist. But the doctor was busy with patients, so they all had to wait for some time. Ginny was looking really sad. Some tears left her eyes.

Someone was watching her from afar. He got really upset seeing her cry.

”Boss, see, maam is crying. ”

”I know I can see that. I can see her crying like that. Go and ask the receptionist what they are here for. ” ”Yes sir. ”

The guard went to the receptionist and asked her, and then he went to his boss. ”Boss, she is here for her friend. She is going through a trauma and is not well. She lost someone in her life and also her boyfriend cheated on her. ”

”Oh, thats why Ginny is so sad. She is so sweet and kind-hearted. ”

”Sir, thats why you love her so much, right? ” ”

”After spending time with me, you are getting really intelligent and smart. ”

The guard, being flustered by his bosss compliment, said, ”Thank you sir. I will always serve you. ”Good,

but there is no other option for you though. You are working with me and you will… till the end. ”

”Yes sir, I will serve you best. ”

”Must. ”

” Patient 312, please come in. ”

”Come on Aera , lets go ”

They all went inside the room.

Aera and Ginny sat on the chair, and the doctor asked what happened to her.

Doctor, I brought her to you before also, if you remember. ” ”Yes,

I know when I heard the name, I remembered it, but I was not able to call you when I wanted, as I was having patients to treat. ”

”However, it was not your fault. the thing is, she is again going from a tra..umaa. You know what happened the previous time? This time her sister died and her boyfriend cheated on her. Today, Hera died as she got into a really bad accident and had blood loss. I was in the hospital when I got a call from Dart about this, and I was hoping that was not what I was thinking. She needs to get treatment as soon as possible. ” ”Ginny I said between sobs.

”Ohh. I understand. Don worry. I will start her treatment soon. ”

The door opened and the man who was watching Ginny came inside.

and said, ”Hello Drake, how are you? ”

”Hello. I am fine, but shouldn you knock before coming in? ”

The man said sorry and went out of the room, then knocked and asked the permition to come in. Ginny chuckled in sobs at seeing him. The man felt happy seeing her chuckling because of him.

”Now is that fine? ”

”Yes it is. Well, what are you here for? ” ”Oh, I am here to get some documents from you. ”

”Oh that, can I give that till tomorrow? ”

The man looked at Ginny and said,

”Sure. ”

”Thank you, ” said Dr. Drake .

The man was about to leave but stopped when he heard.

”Ginny, you have to keep her at home. I don have a room available here. ”

”But doctor, I can leave her at her house. Dart and I are both busy. Thats the reason I brought her here. ”

”She can live here, ” said the man.

”But… ” the doctor was interrupted by the man.

”This is my hospital, right? ” he asked the doctor.

”You can keep her here. Don worry. I will arrange for two nurses to be with her 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ” he told Ginny.

A wave of happiness went through her.

Ginny said, ”Thank you so much, sir. ” You are so sweet. We are really grateful to you. I will surely help you when I get a chance. I owe you a big one. ”

”No thank you please, I am just helping. Its my duty to help. ”

”Thank you, sir, and whats your good name? ”

”Its Jordan. ” Ginny looked startled but then she asked his full name. He said ”JORDAN RAY ”, which left her shocked, but she handled herself well and smiled at him and said ”Nice name, Jordan Ray. ”

He got flustered and thanked her and asked for her name. He already knew her name. She told him her name. He also complimented her,

”Thank you very much, Jordan. ” Its really nice to meet you. And I hope we do meet again. ” Ginny said but spoke the last words in a monotonous manner in a whisper.

Jordan said, ”I hope we will meet again. ”

”Sure Jordan, ”

”I would love to. ”

Ginny smirked.

”sure ”

she said

” Doctor I think I should leave. Dart will stay here with her. I will carry her clothes till the evening. Please assign her a room. ”

”Sure ” said Dr. Drake

Ginny thanked Jordan and hugged Dart and Aera one last time before leaving.

While hugging Dart, she whispered to him, ”Take care of her. I know how you feel about her. You should have told her about your feelings very much before. ” Now don worry, she would be surely fine, and I would make sure of that. ”

”Thank you, Ginny, ” he said as he hugged her tightly.

As Ginny was leaving, Jordan offered a ride to her place, and she gladly accepted.

They reached the school. Ginny thanked Jordan and left.

”I finally got a chance to talk to her. I am so happy. Lets go and party. ” ”Yes,

boss. ”

Ginny went inside the school and saw the classes going on. She was not in the mood to take classes, so she went to the garden.

She fell on her knees and started crying.

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