Ginny fell on her knees and started crying ”God why happens with me ? What have I done ? Why you snatch everyone who I love ? I try my best to be strong because one have to be strong to take care of other but till how long. I can now. I am really broke. I laugh to forgot the sadness that is deep inside me. I have not forgotten anything. I remember every single thing. It makes me cry every night. Sometimes I can even sleep at night . It makes me angry remembering that. Sometime I wish I could disappear in this air like a vapour. I can take it anymore, I can handle it, it is just too much to handle. Please god give me some power to maintain myself. ”

Ginny was expressing herself without knowing someone was watching her.

MJ slowly goes to her and back hugged her to calm her down but Ginny hit him with her elbow.

He let out a small shout.

She turned around and saw MJ holding his stomach.

”Oh my, I am so sorry, but it is your fault.You shouldn have back hugged me. ”

”Aahh… it was so hard. Do you go to the gym? You are so strong. Oh my, I think I have broken one of my bones. ”

”So sorry, but now stop it. Don be so dramatic. I am not in the mood to joke around. ”

MJ then stood up straight and said, ”How do you know that I was acting? ”

”You know why? ”

”No, I don . Thats why I asked you. ”

”You are an idiot. You should have just said why. ”

”OK, then why not? ”

Ginny went near him and whispered,

”Because you are really bad at acting. ”

MJ laughed and said, ”Well, you are right. ”

”You know your friends are waiting for you. I think you should go and meet them. But wash your face first. You should not cry. ”You look really ugly. ”

Ginny laughed and said, ”I don look ugly, I am ugly. ”

”No no-no, you look really beautiful. ” ”No, I don look beautiful, I am beautiful. ”

Both laughed at their childishness.

”Ginny, you
e here ”;

”Where have you been? ”

”Are you fine? ”

”What happened? You didn even pick up the phone. ”

Park came near her, hugged her and said, ”You should have told me, where were you? I was so worried about you. ”

”I know. Now calm down guys. I will answer your questions one by one. Okay, so first I was at the hospital because Hera was there. She got into a really bad accident. They called me to tell me that she was in a critical situation. ”

Ginny stopped in between and started crying. All were trying to calm her. In between sobs, she said

”But by the time I reached the hospital, it was too late. ” She was already dead. After that, I was coming back to school but I got a call from Dart and he said that Aeras boyfriend cheated on her and she also got the news that Hera was dead and she started acting wore. I was scared that history would repeat itself. But it happened when I got there and she was the same as before. She was so scared. She kept saying not to hurt her. I took her to the hospital and asked for her treatment. Then I came here. ”

Ginny told them everything but didn tell them about Jordan.

”Oh my god, I can believe this. She can die. ” Its so hard to believe. ”

Everyone was sad, and Eric was asked to do the preparation for the funeral of Hera as she don have another family members.

After the funeral,

Ginny was really sad. She was not able to do any work properly. She looked so miserable. No one knows what was going on in her mind. Every day she goes to meet Aera and always sees Jordan there. After spending time with Aera, she goes to Jordan to spend time with him.

Ginny and Jordan are really close now. They are like best friends. They always spend time together and hang out. Jordan has met with all of her friends and now they are all good buddies.

But there is someone who is burning in jealousy, and that is MJ. He can afford to see her with someone else.

Every night, MJ goes to a gym and works out until he calms his anger. He can take his anger out on Jordan in front of Ginny. So he controls himself and takes his anger out on a punching bag at night. Every day, a new bag is delivered.

But there is a secret. It is not just a boxing bag, it contains a human in it. He takes his anger out on a human being. All the bags become bloody because of the blood coming out of the bags. But it only contains bad people who have committed crimes.

He doesn kill innocents. Its the first rule of his life; never hurt an innocent and never hit children or women either.

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