It was Just another Tuesday morning; I awoke to the sound of my alarm destroying my ears damn its seven already. I earned an annoyed look from my roommate, he had afternoon classes so he slept till late morning. I was a freshman in college, so I decided to live on campus to get the full experience. My phone buzzed while I brushed my teeth, Its Alex, my only friend now that Jason has been acting strange, he notified me that he was waiting outside of my residence. I brushed with the speed of light and jumped into any outfit I could find. I looked at myself in the mirror with disgust as I had a light blue baggy jeans on and a hoddie, it didn fit my body type as I was very slim, I looked like I found my outfit in the lost and found, but that didn matter as Alex was waiting for me. I sped walk through the door to find Alex playing with his phone, he had the sleekest blonde hair Ive ever seen and a face that was sculpted to perfection.

”Anything from Jason yet ” I asked with a never minded tone, I knew Jason didn want to be friends with us, because most of the time we hang out he never spoke much.

”Nothing yet. Did we do something? no lie I kind of miss him. ” Alex said with a sad look in his eyes, I felt bad for him, they were very close before I came along, probably because they were best friends on high school. Just then I noticed that Alex was quite tall, and muscular I wondered why he didn try out for the football team like Jason did. I Couldn believe we were even friends, oh right we had class together.

”Lets get to class, we can maybe talk to Jason After his game tonight. ” I said with a hint of uncertainty, because Jason has been avoiding every contact with me and Alex for weeks now.

As we entered the lecture hall I heard a familiar laugh, Jasons. Jason was really tall, or I was really short, I measured up to his chest, he was well built with an outstanding Jawline, I couldn help but notice that he has added muscle mass, he looked more buff than the last time I saw him he had short brown hair that curled a little. He was with two other guys that were made purely of muscle. How dare he laugh with people other than us. I looked over at him with a dull face but with a hint of frustration in my eyes. He looked at me with a blank expression. His dark brown almost black eyes piercing my soul. I looked away as I hated intense eye contact.

The lecture went by the same way a turtle does long distance.

”Well then ladies, gentlemen and non-binaries, that will be all for today, don forget your essays are due first thing on Monday Morning. ” Mr. Wellman said with a forced smile on his face. I swear the man hated his class as much as we did.

While everyone rushed out of the class I stayed behind, because I knew that Jason takes forever to pack away his stationary. I wanted to speak to him. To ask him what was going on, because as much as I felt bad I couldn even imagine what Alex mustve been feeling, theyve been best friends for the longest time and I thought we were bonding. It was nice having male friends that didn joke about my sexuality. Being gay isn easy.

I approached Jason and moved as quick as I could, not allowing him to get away.

”Hey, uummmm I wanted to talk to you about… ” before I could finish my conversation he cut me off with an aggravated look on his face.

”Listen here Eli, I don have time for this… I have football practice and an assignment. ” He said while getting up and sighing.

”I just want to know whats going on, if you
e depressed we can get you help… I mean Alex and I really miss you and for you to leave with no reason it just makes us a bit worried ” I said anxiously while looking at him. For some odd reason he constantly looked at my waist and at my eyes. He stepped closer with anger in his eyes.

”Im great, theres nothing wrong with me and did you forget I don belong to y… ” he said out of frustration, but didn complete his sentence. I got intimidated and ran out of the lecture hall, because I was not about to have a repeat of my high school years, my body just can take any more hits and Ive seen enough of the insides of toilet bowls.

I went to the cafeteria where I found Alex waiting for me with his laptop opened. He looked as if he was so done with life at this point.

”Assignment got you down? How about we work on it together? ” I asked while taking a seat on the bench across from him.

”No, well yes, but I just got a call from Mom, asking if you and Jason will be coming home with me for the weekend ” he said while pouting, I truly felt so bad, to be honest I felt like ever since I came into their two-man group I ruined their relationship.

” Aaactually, I spoke to Jason. He didn take it well, he got all angry and defensive ” I said in a soft tone.

”He didn get away this time? You should try again, maybe hell tell you why he isn speaking to us. ” Alex said with a bit of excitement, which I found odd because I tried already and if I pressed the matter he wouldve probably killed me.

”I tried to ask him, but I dipped to avoid abuse. ” I said quickly. I got a questioning look from Alex.

”He wouldn hurt you. Trust me. I know Jason and he wouldn hurt You, you should try again… please. For me. ” He said with puppy eyes and I couldn resist. Wouldn hurt me? Why was there so much emphasis on the ”you ” in that sentence?

”Ill try again for your sake, but not now…how do you know he won hurt me though? ” I asked while raising an eyebrow. Alex grew a smile and opened his mouth to speak but he closed it as his eyes caught something at the back of me.

”What? You were going to say something… you know something, what is it? ” I asked franticly. His eyes were fixed behind me.

”Im not allowed to say ” was his reply as he seemed to be distracted with whatever he was looking at behind me. Probably some hot girl walking by. I saw a hand stretch over my shoulder and placed what looked like my phone on the table.

”You dropped this… when you ran away…like a little girl… ” Jason said sadistically while stepping into view. My face dropped into an annoyed expression.

”Hey, well umm, my mom phoned to ask ” Alex said trying to ease the tension, before he was cut off by Jason. Oh my God hes so mean, this is probably the other side of Jason that I haven seen.

”Hey. I uhh, I just came to drop the phone. ” Jason said while scratching the back of his head.

”Alexs Mom wants to know if you
e coming over for the weekend, you know like we used to do. ” I spat out as fast as I could. Jason had his eyes fixed on me at this point. There was something about the way he looked at me but I couldn quite put my finger on what type of look it was. He stared deep into my eyes.

”Ill be there ” Jason said slowly while not breaking eye contact with me.

”Really! Cool its settled then ” Alex said with excitement. Jasons head snapped in his direction. He gave Alex a smirk and walked away.

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