It took a whole day to shoot the promotional video of the program, and the director didn’t let them go until the afternoon.
Xi Nian changed his clothes and was about to leave—who would have thought that this time Sister Jian would block Xi Nian’s way as he was leaving? She seemed to be running all the way there, held up the phone, and said out of breath: “Xi…Xi Nian, have you seen the Weibo, Su Ge’s fans are making a fuss!”

Xi Nian’s first reaction when he heard the words was that Su Ge’s fans must be again dragging him, but Sister Jian seemed to see what he was thinking, and quickly waved her hand to explain: “This time it has nothing to do with you, it’s their own internal strife! You go to Weibo quickly, just look at it and you’ll find out.”

Xi Nian immediately logged on to Weibo after hearing the words, and only then did he understand what had happened.
In short, this was an “unjust case” that was accidentally caught and pulled out. 

Shen Xi Lin had such a big accident, coupled with her agent making such a fuss, how could the media not have received any news? As soon as it spread out, it was almost universally known on the internet, and fans were making a fuss.

The cut uniform had been stored in the locker room, but the CCTV at the door was temporarily damaged, and the culprit was not video-tapped.
Still, did not know who, but someone pulled out the surveillance video of the locker room entrance and tried to find the culprit through the crowd passing by in the corridor.
However, it was unknown whether they managed to find the culprit but they did manage to pick on Su Ge.

This was a very short video, and the content was not quite thrilling, but in the eyes of fans, it was more chilling than any vicious words.

In the picture, a man was surrounded by an assistant and walked toward the elevator entrance.
Through the customized dress he was wearing, someone recognized that it was Su Ge.
He was holding a pink-blue gift box in his hand, he opened it and glanced at it, and as he passed by the trash can, he threw it in directly without a second glance. 

Light and fluttering1, the movements were crisp and neat.

The sound of the video was not very clear, but if listened carefully, a few words of conversation between Su Ge and the assistant could be vaguely heard.

——After all, it was sent by a fan…a bit of pity…throw it away…
——what-pity…buy a lot…the street…

They quickly left, their backs disappearing at the end of the corridor.

In the eyes of ordinary netizens, this was at best just a matter of moral degradation.
After watching the fun and contributing a few curses, they soon moved on as this was not really worth keeping in mind.
However, to everyone’s surprise, this time everyone let Su Ge go, but his fans did not.

First of all, according to Su Ge’s fans’ habit of urinary nature2, they of course suspected that this was also photoshopped, and immediately asked someone to appraise the video.
But when it showed that it had not been tampered with, then they started discussing at random—as the video was not clear enough, and no one could see clearly so maybe that gift was not from a fan but maybe just an ordinary box.

They made up thousands of reasons, but at this moment, one of Su Ge’s biggest fans [Su Xixisuddenly and silently blacked out her avatar, clearing all Weibo posts, leaving only a short Weibo post that had just been posted.

          【@Su Xixi

To be honest, I never thought that one day I would bid farewell to Su Ge in such a way.
He debuted at the age of seventeen and is now twenty-seven years old.
I have been chasing him for ten years, one can say whether it’s long or short.

I have watched the video, and there is no need for anyone to speculate about anything.
The thing that Su Ge threw was indeed a gift from a fan.

Because I personally gave it to him, with a blue and white dot pattern, a yellow bow, and a glass bottle inside, containing 9999 stars that were folded by hand, it took me two years to do it.

Perhaps it was too cheap and not worth much, so it was thrown away.

When I saw the video, I sat in front of the computer all afternoon, feeling like an idiot.

It will be a lie to say that I’m not sad, but suddenly I feel a sense of relief.
In fact, I have been helping him maintain his reputation for so many years, staying up late and helping him suppress negative news and tearing up his anti-fans.
Although I didn’t realize it, I was already very tired.
Yes, especially in the case of conclusive evidence, I had to help him find reasons, deceive myself, and deceive others with lies…

There are still a lot of things I want to say, but I also don’t know what to say.
This article should be a farewell to everyone, and this account will not be used again in the future.

                In the end, I would like to apologize to all those innocents who have been harmed by me unknowingly, and thank you to the person who was willing to pick up the gift…】

Su Xixi was an old fan who has been with Su Ge for ten years, and she was an absolute veteran.
She quietly posted such a piece of news, which was like thunder on the ground.
Other fans looked at each other and didn’t know what to say for a while.

In the past, they could still find excuses for Su Ge, but this time, the knife was directly inserted into their body, should they continue to protect him?

There was a civil war among different fans within groups, and a big fan took the lead to quit the group.
When he quit the group, he just said coldly: ‘I don’t want my love to be trampled on as garbage by others on the ground.
If you like it, continue to be a fan, and I will quit.’

During this period, what happened to their internal fan group was not clear to netizens.
They only knew that after a whole day, Su Ge’s support group quietly disbanded several times, and one of the major websites also announced a black screen.
Also, on Weibo Su Ge lost fans like crazy and the only remaining group of people were helpless and scattered.

While netizens were eating melons, they also noticed the last paragraph in Su Xixi’s article and began to uncover the person she was referring to, who would have thought they would solve the case in just a minute.

[After watching the video, you will know who it is.
And you would not even be able to guess this person’s identity!]

After hearing the words, everyone didn’t understand what happened, so they had to sit patiently and finish the second half of the video, only to find that the person who picked up the gift was actually Xi Nian.

In the memory of the audience, he was silent most of the time, silent when being abused by black fans, and silent when being bullied.
He was always surrounded by countless controversies, which led to poor popularity among passers-by.
However, it was precisely this most unlikely person who did what they least expected.

Not long after Su Ge left the area in the video, a figure appeared in the corridor around the corner, which was obviously that of Xi Nian.
He probably wanted to take the elevator after the competition but happened to see Su Ge throwing something.
So, while he waited for the elevator his eyes kept falling on the trash can.

Everyone could see his hesitation.

However, after a few seconds, Xi Nian finally turned around and returned, probably out of pity.
He squatted next to the dirty trash can and patiently searched for a long time before finally finding the glass bottle.
After that, he turned around and went to the bathroom to wash it clean, placed it on the bench, and then left.

一一A short video, with a completely different contrast before and after.

Some people abandon their fans’ hearts as if they were dirty shoes, while others are willing to pick them up regardless of the dirt.

Just a moment ago, the netizens were yelling at Su Ge一kill, kill, kill! But the next moment they were doing Wuwu Wuwu3 at Xi Nian.
Who said that there were no good idols in the entertainment industry, it was just that they haven’t encountered them before due to their lame eyes! Before, they thought Xi Nian was a troublemaker, but today, it was clear that he was an angel in the world, okay!

Xi Nian’s fans nodded crazily, and even posted a video: [It rained during the competition that day.
He specifically went to the staff to help us borrow umbrellas and raincoats, but because the raincoats were not enough, he got rain on himself.
Ge Ge looked cold, but it was super good, supper good!]

Netizen: QAQ Do idols like this really exist?

The wind direction in the entertainment industry had been turning faster than a tornado, and it suddenly changed again.
There were too many comments afterward, and Xi Nian didn’t take a closer look.
He turned off his phone and thought to himself that he probably wouldn’t have to see Su Ge again for a while.
Shanxing Entertainment has always dealt with scandals in this area rather coldly, and after a scandal, it would just be a dream to make a comeback in three or five years.

Sister Jian smiled, as if she was happy for him: “Congratulations.”

Xi Nian habitually wanted to curl his lips, but when he remembered that the ending of his previous life was similar to that of Su Ge, the curve gradually faded.

At this moment, Xi Nian suddenly realized that this time his life seemed to be changed.

The future of the top traffic idol that had been finally cultivated was blurred, so it was impossible for Shanxing Entertainment to remain motionless.
When Xi Nian came home, he was blocked by Sun Ming at the door.
The other party changed his previous attitude of mounting the high horse4 and looked at him with fawning and flattering eyes while pretending his best to appear friendly: “Xi Nian, the big boss has something he wants to talk to you about.
After all, there have been too many recent events, and there may be misunderstandings.
We are all from the same company, so it’s better to speak clearly face-to-face.”

Xi Nian raised his eyebrows: “Want to intercede with Su Ge?”

Unexpectedly, Sun Ming quickly waved his hand: “It’s nothing to do with Su Ge, the company is already planning to hide him.
In fact, let me tell you in private, this time the big boss wants to praise you.”

He spoke the last few words in a very low voice, appearing somewhat inscrutable.

If one would think—this time Su Ge fell, the biggest profit was made by Xi Nian, anyway, everyone belonged to the same company so it did not matter who was favoured.

Xi Nian was not interested—he saw Sun Ming blocking the door and was about to throw him aside.
However, he suddenly remembered that his contract with Shanxing Entertainment was only left for half a month and that the matter of termination should also be put on the agenda.
After a moment of reflection, he changed his mind and agreed, “Okay, let’s talk about it.”

Sun Ming smiled brightly: “I knew you were a smart person, the big boss has already booked a banquet at Triumph Hotel, let’s go.”

Those who could go into business have always been somewhat cunning, let alone in places like the entertainment industry that eat people without spitting their bones.
Ouyang Shanxing—at first glance, he appeared to be a mastermind who was cunning and did not like to suffer losses.
He was thin and short in stature, and people in the company generally referred to him as the big boss. 

When Xi Nian walked into the box under the leadership of Sun Ming, he realized that Jiang Lun was also there.
He looked around and saw that there were other people, and then smiled politely at Ouyang Shanxing who was in the main seat: “Big Boss.”

Ouyang Shanxing got up and shook hands with him, motioned him to sit down, and then returned to his seat.
His smiling face easily could easily let people to pull down their guard: “Xi Nian, I heard about some recent things.
This was also the company’s mistake, and among everything, you have been wronged.
I have already scolded Jiang Lun, and it is also my fault for not being able to handle this matter in a timely manner due to my recent business trip.”

Jiang Lun’s face was unsightly.

Xi Nian knew that he was shirking responsibility5: “If that’s the case.”

Ouyang Shanxing saw his wit and smiled even more, “I don’t know if Sun Ming has told you yet.
The company has decided to suspend Su Ge’s activities for a year, so he can reflect on himself.”

The entertainment industry had always been changing too fast—one year was equivalent to cutting off the future.
This can be considered a sincere gesture from Ouyang Shanxing, but Xi Nian was not moved.
He knew that even if Su Ge returned it would not be useful, as the audience would not buy it anymore.
This old fox was just using his mouth, pretending to give favours.

Xi Nian smiled, didn’t speak, and seemed dissatisfied.

There were other people at the table, and upon seeing this, they also added to the talk and persuaded together.
After pushing the alcohol glass back and forth, while changing it more than a dozen times, Ouyang Shanxing finally revealed the purpose of today and said in a drunken way: “Xi Nian, you are a promising newcomer, not inferior to Su Ge.
I believe that if you train well, your success will definitely be higher than him.
I am a person who cherishes talents and doesn’t want to bury you.”

As he spoke and waved his hand, the secretary behind him immediately took out a document from his bag.
Xi Nian was deliberately made to drink a lot by them just now, but his consciousness was still clear…

Thirty years.


Only a fool would sign.

Ouyang Shanxing seemed to be drunk, staggered to his feet, patted Xi Nian on the shoulder, and said: “In the future, the company will definitely spare no resources to cultivate you.
As long as you sign the contract, everyone will be a family…”

Xi Nian originally planned to mention the termination of the contract but immediately stopped thinking when he saw this.
Now, if they had this in mind they would definitely not agree, even if they agreed, they would probably squeeze him desperately for the remaining half a month, so it was better to wait until the last few days.

Xi Nian had drunk a lot just now, he lowered his eyes and unbuttoned his collar, breathing heavily, he seemed drunk but not quite drunk, and didn’t respond in any way.
Jiang Lun saw that Xi Nian didn’t make a sound from the beginning to the end, and he suddenly said: “Boss, I think Xi Nian seems to have drunk too much.
Let the waiter bring over some hangover soup.”

Ouyang Shanxing nodded, and soon a waiter came to deliver the soup.
Jiang Lun placed a bowl in front of Xi Nian, and as he was accustomed to smoking, his throat was hoarse and unpleasant when he spoke: “I am also responsible for Su Ge’s affairs.
I will apologize to you here.
I hope you would not take it in any wrong way.”

Xi Nian still didn’t believe it.

In fact, he didn’t trust anyone.

Xi Nian looked at Jiang Lun slowly, his face and neck were red because of the drunkenness, he purposely mumbled vaguely: “No, I won’t.”

Jiang Lun smiled when he heard the words: “Drink some soup quickly, I forgot that you are so young and could have such a poor capacity for drinking.”

In front of him, Xi Nian could only take a few sips of soup and saw Ouyang Shanxing staring at him as if he was waiting for him to sober up and sign the contract.
He knew that it would not end well if he sat down any longer, so he got up and made an excuse: “Excuse me, I have to go the restroom.”

“You can’t walk steadily, find someone to help you so you don’t fall,” Jiang Lun said to Ouyang Shanxing’s female secretary: “Ying Zi, you can help Mr.

If it was just helping to go to the restroom then the company of men were more convenient—why bother finding a young and beautiful female secretary? Xi Nian already sensed something was wrong, and glanced at him: “Don’t bother, I’ll just go by myself.”

Xi Nian did not know if it was because he had not practiced enough alcohol capacity in his life, but as he started walking his endurance weakened, his vision was starting to get blurry and even his feet were a little unsteady.
Xi Nian left the private room and keenly sensed something was wrong.
As he was about to go to the bathroom to spit out what he had just drunk, a pair of soft arms suddenly supported him and said, “Mr.
Xi, let me help you go.
There are many stairs here, so don’t fall.”

It was Ouyang Shanxing’s female secretary.
She was wearing an eye-catching red slip dress, and her graceful body clung to Xi Nian.
Xi Nian pushed her away, but the woman stuck to him again like a sticky and chewy candy6.

At the corner of the lobby on the first floor, a camera was quietly aimed at them.
After the photographer confirmed that the poses of the men and women were ambiguous enough, he clicked the shutter.
Who would have thought that this time his shoulder was suddenly clenched from behind, and his soul almost left his body.
When he turned around, he saw a man in black wearing a duck tongue cap.

The other party’s voice was low, without emotional ups and downs: “Hand over the camera.”

The reporter was about to refuse, but suddenly a sharp pain came from his shoulder.
Immediately after, his camera fell into the other person’s hand.
The man in black deleted all the photos and records inside, and then threw the camera back to him: “If you dare to shoot indiscriminately, you will bear the consequences.”

The photographer paused when he heard the words, and mistook him for a staff member.
When he realized it, he hurriedly packed up the camera, and hurried towards the door: “Who’s taking pictures indiscriminately? You’re crazy.”

Seeing him leave, Lu Xingzhe paused, then turned his gaze upstairs, only to see Xi Nian push away the female secretary and rush straight to the restroom.

He who often walk by the river, how could he not get his own shoes wet.7 Xi Nian never imagined that once he used to be the only one who fooled others using such a trick, but this time he was actually fooled by someone.
He washed his face with cold water at the sink, but his consciousness became more and more blurred.
He felt his head heavy and feet light8—slowly against the wall, unable to stand up for a long time.

The system appeared and was about to wake him up.
Who would have thought that another person would come into the restroom, so it quickly shrank back.

Lu Xingzhe did not intentionally follow Xi Nian this time.
It happened that he had a new business deal and the tracking target was also in the hotel.
Who knew that he would happen to encounter Xi Nian so unexpectedly.

He leaned his arms against the doorframe, his dark eyes were hidden in the shadow of the brim.
Without making an expression, Lu Xingzhe observed Xi Nian from a distance.
He appeared to be having fun while watching the play, but it also didn’t seem that way.  

There was no one in the bathroom at this time, a few seconds later, Lu Xingzhe walked up to Xi Nian and kicked his leg: “Wake up.”

Xi Nian was still a little conscious.
After being kicked, he regained some sanity and struggled to get up from the ground, but because of his wobbly footsteps, he staggered and fell directly toward Lu Xingzhe.

The latter for some unknown reason didn’t dodge, so the two of them held onto each other.

The warm lighting in the bathroom was graceful and piercing, and Xi Nian’s eyes were filled with ethereal shadows.
In a trance, he can no longer tell the difference between his past and present life, so he could only barely use the person in front of him to stabilize his figure.

Lu Xingzhe didn’t move and looked at Xi Nian with a scrutinizing gaze.
After a moment, he suddenly became irritable and realized that the person in front of him had rejected him, and there was no need to meddle in each other’s business.
He frowned and wanted to push him away.

“Lu Xingzhe…”

Xi Nian suddenly murmured in a low voice.

His consciousness was still chaotic, unable to see who was holding him, but Xi Nian subconsciously called out the name after recognizing the familiar aura.


[qīng piāo piāo]: Light and fluttering, a Chinese word, the pinyin is qīng piāo piāo, which means light and flexible movements.


[niào xìng]: Urinary nature is often used to refer to an inherent, hard-to-change behavioral pattern or way of thinking. 


呜呜呜/Wuwu Wuwu: Onomatopoeia to imitate the crying voice or whining.


[zhǐ ɡāo qì ánɡ]: It is a Chinese idiom, which means that when walking, the feet are raised high, strut about and give oneself airs To mount a horse one has to raise the legs high, which also means the same.
It is used to describe looking down on someone, or a proud and complacent, smug look. 


[tuī xiè zé rèn]: It means to shirk [evade] one’s responsibility; absolve oneself from responsibility and shift the blame onto others.


[niú pí tánɡ]: sticky and chewy candy, or is used to call a person/something a nuisance.


[chánɡ zài hé biān zǒu, nǎ yǒu bù shī xié]: This idiom means that when doing something, it is inevitable that some difficulties or unsatisfactory situations will be encountered.


[tóu zhòng jiǎo qīng]: Light-headedness or dizzy. 

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