Xi Nian didn’t say a word.
Yesterday, he was drugged by Jiang Lun, and he didn’t even know what he had done in chaos.
But now his thoughts were converging, and he naturally remembered everything.
Nothing of this could be seen on his face as his complexion really did not look good.

However, Lu Xingzhe deliberately reminded him from the side: “You forgot that yesterday you held my hand and refused to let me go, and even pressed me against the wall…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xi Nian in a deep voice: “Enough.”

Lu Xingzhe raised his eyebrows, met his cold eyes and seemed to sense some kind of disgust from it.
He paused, and then smiled slowly: “Regretting? It’s no use regretting.
We’ve both done what we should and shouldn’t have done.”

His slender neck was covered with light-coloured red marks, which silently showed how fierce the battle was last night, and the collar almost couldn’t hide it.

Xi Nian asked, “What do you want?”

“Nothing much.”

After Lu Xingzhe finished speaking, he turned and left.
There was no threat or difficulty as imagined, only the mess on the bed remained.
Seeing Lu Xingzhe’s unnatural walking posture, Xi Nian frowned silently, then got out of bed, picked up his clothes, and put them on in a hurry.

It was unknown how long the system had been watching and it quietly appeared, the blue light on his body was more than twice as bright as usual and flickering: 【Are you going to chase him back? 】

Xi Nian looked at it blankly, and then asked, “Why would I chase him back?”

The system’s body turned red: 【Because… because of you…】

Xi Nian suddenly felt a little irritable, for no reason: “Why, according to the interstellar regulations, if you sleep with someone, you have to chase that person back?”

System: 【…It’s not like that.】

Xi Nian said, “Then don’t ask so many why.”

System: 【But you asked a lot yesterday.】

Xi Nian was only half dressed, and when he heard the words, his movements suddenly stopped.
He seemed to have been poked at an unspeakable secret concern, and his body stiffened for a moment.
After finally easing down, he took a clean set of clothes and walked straight into the bathroom.

The hot water from the shower was poured over the head, which easily provoked a reminiscent of the temperature of a human body.
Xi Nian brushed his black hair back, his facial features are deep and handsome, and the corners of his eyes and eyebrows are imperceptibly indifferent, which seemed to reveal the coldness in the man’s bones.

To put it in a nutshell, this was not a warm enough person.

Xi Nian closed his eyes, and because of yesterday’s drunkenness, memories of his past life that he didn’t want to touch poured out like a flood.
He remembered Lu Xingzhe threatening him, and he remembered Lu Xingzhe causing his downfall, but before he died, only Lu Xingzhe was with him…

Why did he come?

Since he had chosen to take revenge on him, why did he come again?

Perhaps because it was the last scene before his death, Xi Nian remembered it deeply.
The feeling of emptiness and loneliness of standing in a high place swept over his body in an instant.
He recalled that he had grabbed Lu Xingzhe’s shoulder yesterday to prevent him from leaving, and quietly opened his eyes.

Lu Xingzhe, Lu Xingzhe…

They had done evil things together, climbed to the altar together, and fell to hell together in the end.

This kind of fetter was much deeper than Xi Nian imagined.
He couldn’t get rid of it in a few words, and he couldn’t get rid of it after living a lifetime.
His rationality was forcibly urging him to forget this person, but his body still remembered him.


Xi Nian calmed down slowly and then turned off the shower.
The system had been paying close attention to his movements:【What are you going to do? 】

Xi Nian thought to himself: “Wait for the news.”

He originally thought that Lu Xingzhe would use this as a lever to threaten, but in fact, the other party’s approach was crisp and agile, seemingly not to dwindle at all.
Xi Nian felt that this was not his style at all, and could only wait quietly for any kind of change.

Or perhaps he also needed time to think about something.

In recent days, it has been cloudy and rainy.
Not long after Lu Xingzhe returned home, it started raining outside.
He didn’t care and sat on the sofa for half a day without moving.
His skin was pale, his clothes were loose, and he showed a kind of sickly emaciation for no reason.

Somewhere behind him, he was still feeling uncomfortable.
When that place got accidentally implicated, a layer of sweat broke out on his back.
Lu Xingzhe didn’t know what to do, so he could only walk into the bathroom and take a shower, then haphazardly tidy up himself.

Water vapor permeated the enclosed space, and the mirror was covered in a layer of white mist.
He randomly wiped out a clear spot, which was right on his shoulder, where there was a shallow tooth mark, alternating blue and purple.
It could be imagined how Xi Nian repeatedly hugged and kissed in this place yesterday.

But when he woke up, he was indifferent and disgusted.

This was Lu Xingzhe’s first time.

He looked in the mirror and rubbed his swollen lower lip with his fingertips.
At the time of kissing, it was ambiguous and hot, and he didn’t feel anything一but when he woke up after a joyful night, only pain was left behind.

Lu Xingzhe always smiled when facing Xi Nian, but when he was alone, he didn’t smile much.
He walked out of the bathroom, his ink-coloured hair still dripping, and lazily sat down in front of the computer, trying to process yesterday’s photos.
However, he suddenly remembered that he hadn’t had time to take any photos because he encountered Xi Nian temporarily.

Another business failed successfully.


After a long silence, Lu Xingzhe irritatedly cursed: “Damn it.”

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