The shop location was moved in earnest to the 2nd Underground Floor in front of the onsen.

I invited Sanaga-san, the blacksmith, and Mirai-san, the restorative tea shopowner, to open their stores in this area as well.

The more shops grouped together, the more synergistic the effect is.

I don’t know who named it that way, but before I knew it, the name “Yahagi Onsen” had somehow taken hold, and I felt a twinge of embarrassment every time I heard it.



First thing in the morning, a team of young adventurers came into the shop.



[Yuusuke-san, do you still have cherry mochis?]

[Yeah, we’ve restocked both cherries and green apple-flavored mochis.]



Recently, an epidemic called the dungeon flu has been raging.

It’s said that this disease causes high fever, breathing difficulties and even death.

Thanks to this, a certain product has been selling well.



Product name: Cherry Mochi

Description: Gummy mochis containing 12 pieces.
Eating these has the effect of preventing the dungeon cold.
Even if it develops, the risk of serious illness is reduced.
Green apple and mikan flavors are also available.

Price: 30 rims



At first, they were only bought by young adventurers, but recently, veteran adventurers have been buying them as well.

They apparently buy them to feed their families.

In this world, illnesses are generally cured by those who can use Recovery Magic, but it’s said that dungeon colds are difficult to cure with magic.

In any case, I’m glad that the snacks I sell are useful.



Thinking that it had been my first time in a while eating them, I also poked a small piece of gummy mochi with a toothpick.

Hmmm, yep, this is it.

They stick to my teeth, but I used to like them because of their unique flavor.

In my previous life, there were cola and soda-flavored gummy mochi, but I wonder if they will appear in this world soon?

I also shared my gummy mochis with Minerva, Merle and Mira so as to prevent them from becoming sick.



It was late afternoon when an unfamiliar visitor arrived in the dungeon.

He was a small, fat, middle-aged man escorted by 8 soldiers, looking quite well-dressed.

He also wears a large gold ring on his finger.



[Is this the shop called Dagashi Yahagi?]

[That’s right.
I am the owner, Yahagi.]

[Ohh, that’s great.
The path to reach this place is rather complicated, so I was worried.]



Stroking his chest and calming himself down, the man looked around the shop.

No matter how I look at him, he does not look like a dungeon-diving adventurer.

He must have found this onsen area curious.



[So this is the rumored Yahagi Onsen huh.
It’s bigger than I thought it would be.]

[Is customer-san here to take a bath?]

[No, no, that isn’t the case.]



The man leaned forward and spoke in a hushed tone.



[Actually, I heard a rumor that you sell Elixirs in this shop.
Is this true?]

[Ahh, I see you’re seeking for the Elixir.
In that case, you’ll have to challenge this.]



I explained to him the Dungeon Crawler Game.



[You’re not selling it, but it was a prize for the game huh…… In that case, I’ll have to give it a try.
I’m sorry, but could you exchange this for me?]



What he held out to me was a 100,000-rim gold coin.

This is the problem with rich people.



[I don’t have that many small changes.
I can exchange a 10,000-rim large silver coin, but exchanging 100,000 rims is a bit too much for me.]

[Oh my! That was a careless mistake.
In this case, it can’t be helped.
You lot, lend me some small change.]



Hearing the man’s words, his escorting soldiers went through their own pockets and assembled small changes.

They must have accumulated about 4000 rims in silver and copper coins.



[Umu, umu, this should be enough.]

[I’ll say this now, but this is a popular game.
If you get a game over when there are people in line behind you, please give the next person a chance to play too.]

[That’s the rules of the streets, right? I understand.]



He looked like a pompous old man, but it doesn’t seem like he has any bad intentions.



[Kuoohhhh! The coin suddenly fell into the hole!!!]

[Nuoooooo, I can’t get past the 3rd Underground wall!]

[At last, the 4th Underground Floor.
Ghuwaaahh! I can’t cross that bridge……]



He’s quite the lively chap.

At first, the soldiers watched him in silence, but then they started saying they’ll win the prize themselves.



[Baron Essel, please entrust this task to this Grande.]

[No, no, please allow this Thor instead.]

[I, Venti, shall give you victory.]



They were having a lively conversation like this, but then that scene broke out.



[This is troubling.
I’ve spent all of my 4300 rims.]



Ara ara……



[Shopowner, is it really possible to finish this game? You’re not pushing me to play an impossible game, are you?]

[It’s true that it’s difficult, but it’s properly possible to clear it.]



I took a 10-rim coin out of my pocket and inserted it into the game.

I have played this game more than 300 times, so I know all the subtleties of force and timing.

Besides, I’m the shopowner, so I seem to have a special talent.

On my first try, I made a blunder on the 6th Underground Floor, but the second time, I successfully got the Elixir.



[See, it’s properly possible to clear it, right?]




The old man and his soldiers who looked impressed, suddenly looked at me sharply and bowed their heads.




[What’s going on?]

[Please give me that Elixir!]




Hmmm, so that’s how it turned out huh……



[That would be troubling.
This is a prize after all.]

[I am Mou Essel, a noble of the Kingdom.
I would be most grateful if you would grant me the Elixir for the sake of His Majesty, who has been ill for a long time.]

[Baron Essel is offering the Elixir to his Majesty, the King?]

If things continue as they are now, government affairs will remain stagnant and society will be in turmoil.
Please, kindly allow me this request!]



This is troubling……



[Yuusuke-san, I feel sorry for him.
Why don’t you concede just this once?]



Mira, who had come to the shop for a break, mediated.



[Just this one time.
Next time, you’ll have to win it yourself.]

[Ohh, my gratitude! With this, his Majesty would probably be cured of his illness.
Please accept this, as a token of my gratitude.]



Baron Essel shoved a small leather bag on me and he and his group hurriedly left the room.

I’m sure he will now head straight to the King.



[Hey, that King is under the curse of the witch Michelle, isn’t he? Can you get rid of that curse with an Elixir?]



I asked the nearby Minerva.



[Seems impossible.
His physical condition should improve for about two weeks, but the curse itself will not improve.
He should return to before after that.]



Minerva’s voice was cold.



[Heehhh…… In that case, that old man would probably come back huh.]

[I guess so.
However, the effect of that curse should wear off soon……]

[How would Minerva even know that!?]

[T- That is…..
I just heard about it.]

[Heard it? From whom?]

[……From the witch Michelle.]



The two of them knew each other huh.

I wanted to ask him about the details, but Minerva quickly went away.














Gummy Mochi.
They aren’t actual mochis, but flavored soft candies of some sort.

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