The shop remained open until the light dimmed, and once again, Mobile Force was sold out.

Mobile Force is very popular here as well.



[Thanks to Michelle, we sold out.]

[I didn’t really do anything…….]

[You’ve been teaching the kids the tricks to moving the MF around, and you’ve been receiving their battles, right? You did completely crush them though……]



She wasn’t very good at holding back.



The sun was setting behind the buildings and Kanpu Plaza was covered in darkness.

The children have long since gone home, while the eager ones looking to enjoy the eve of the festival have started walking towards bars and restaurants.

It’s about time we also close our shop.



[It’s still early for supper, but shall we take a walk home?]




Michelle, fidgeting, looked delighted.

Because of the Recognition Inhibition Magic, she just looks like a burly man in a silver mask moving his body around.

But when you put those thoughts aside, she’s actually really cute! Well, I want to say that out loud, but that’s a wish I can’t fulfill.

Even when I had come to an unfamiliar place, I wanted to at least walk around the city holding hands.






I returned to our room and sat down on the sofa.

We had sold a lot of merchandise, and I was exhausted.



[Why don’t you take off your mantle and remove your disguise, Michelle?]



It would feel much more at home that way.



[I will do that…… but can you to close your eyes for a minute?]

[I’m fine with it, but what’s the matter?]

[I was thinking of changing into something a little more comfortable.]




I closed my eyes and covered my face with my palms.

I’m not thinking about peeking through my fingers while she’s changing.

It certainly is tempting, but I won’t give in.



I heard the sound of a suitcase lid being opened with a clatter, and then I heard the shuffling and rustling of clothes.

I’m sure she’s taking off her clothes right now……

Having such thoughts in mind, I suddenly remembered the day I first saw Michelle without her mask.

Not only was she without her mask back then, I also saw her without her other clothing.

I couldn’t help feeling my face heating up at that.



[Are you done yet?]

[Not yet! Wait a little longer.]



Michelle’s footsteps flapped away toward the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I sat back on the sofa with my eyes closed.

I guess girls really do take their time getting ready.

With my eyes kept closed like this though, I’m starting to get sleepy.



[Yuusuke, I’m ready.]

[Hmm? I see.



I almost fell asleep.

Letting out a yawn, I turned to Michelle.




[What do you think? I bought this to show Yuusuke.
It’s unfortunate that I can’t go out wearing this but…..]



The sleepiness I just had earlier disappeared.

Michelle was wearing a new evening dress.

It was black in color, which was befitting Michelle, but the fishtail skirt with its folds of fluffy fabric was knee-length, dazzling me with her slender white legs.

The open bust and sleeves were decorated with laces, giving her a chic yet bewitching allure.

Michelle seemed embarrassed, but made small movements to show the details of her dress.



[It’s very beautiful.
Both the dress and you, Michelle.]



Words of praise spontaneously came out of my mouth.



[Y- You think so? Can I confirm it through a Truth Verification Magic experiment? I’ll draw the magic circle right away.]



A lie detector magic exists!?



[Believe me! I’m being serious here.]

[I’m sorry, I’ve always been insecure about my looks……]

[I’m telling you, you’re very lovely.]



She’s so attractive that it feels troubling.




[What’s the matter?]

[Do you really love me?]



Michelle’s upturned eyes looked up at me.



[I wouldn’t go out with you if I didn’t.]

[Then, why don’t you reassure me?]



Eh, what’s going on?

Don’t tell me…… There’s no way Michelle is gonna push me down, right?

If that happens, I would also……



[I want you to let me conduct Truth Verification using this Mobile Force!]



Hahhh…… The heck is this witch talking about now?



[Hold on a minute!]



Michelle spread a large sheet of paper on the floor and began to draw a magic circle.

First, she drew a circle, around which she drew various shapes and letters.

Finally, the circle was divided into two parts, with a 「〇」 drawn on the left side and a 「×」 on the right.



[Now, I’ve finished preparations.
Yuusuke, put the Gyan on your forehead.



As the Mobile Force Gyan was placed between my and Michelle’s foreheads, Michelle chanted a spell.

Thereupon, a magic link was formed between Michelle and me, centered on the Gyan.



[Oi, this is……]

[Don’t move.
This link is very sensitive and could immediately break.]



With those words, Michelle gently placed the Gyan in the center of the magic circle.



[Well then, please put out your hands.]

[What are you doing?]

[I want to know if Yuusuke really loves me.
Probably because I’ve had my engagement broken before, I’m feeling really insecure.
Please, reassure me.]



I don’t think my feelings of love for Michelle were a lie.



[Don’t ask me anything weird, okay?]




Though she got that strange pause before she nodded, I held out my hands to Michelle.



[This is the first time I’ve used this magic, so let me practice a little bit.]




Michelle took a deep breath.



[Answer only “yes” to all my questions.
Yuusuke likes plum cake.]




Michelle makes the best dried plum cake.

She must have known this is my favorite after I pestered her to make those several times.

When I said yes, the Gyan, who was in the center of the magic circle, turned 90 degrees and pointed at the 『〇』 with the sword in its hand.

In other words, it judged that I was telling the truth.




[I’ll experiment some more.]

[Good, good.]



I was starting to enjoy this experiment.

Michelle put the Gyan down and asked a few more questions.



[You didn’t sell any Mobile Force today.]



That isn’t the case.

We sold out again today.






There, the Gyan’s sword pointed to the 『×』.

I see, so this is how it determines between truth and falsehood huh.



[It seems to be working properly.
Well then, let’s go for real……]



We both swallowed our saliva at the same time.

Even though I knew my love for Michelle was real, I couldn’t help feeling nervous.



[Here I go…… Yuusuke likes Michelle more than Mira.]

[What’s with that?]

[Don’t mind it, just answer the question! Yuusuke likes Michelle more than Mira.]




The Gyan’s sword properly pointed at 〇, to which Michelle let out a sigh of relief.



[Asking that isn’t fair.
I told you I love you the most, Michelle.]

[I’m sorry.
However, you were always glancing at Mira’s breasts so……]



Geh, I got found out!?

Yep, I’ll reflect.



[Come on, on with the next question.]


[You want to make sure I love you, right, Michelle?]

[U- Unnn.
Is that alright?]

[It’s too late to ask that now.
Just get on with the next question already.]



Even I, the one being questioned here, am starting to feel embarrassed here.



[Do you love me, Yuusuke?]




Gyan’s sword pointed straight at the 〇.



[I’m glad…… I believed that was the case, but I just couldn’t help feeling really worried.]



A large tear glistened in the corner of Michelle’s eye.



[Oi, oi, don’t cry.]

[I want to ask one more thing!]


[Would you be okay with a girl with a big butt?]



Rather, I would even say I like it that way……




[Then, then, tonight, when we’re on bed————]

[Oi, that’s too many questions!]



I shook off Michelle’s hand.

Thereupon, I heard a snap in my head and knew that the magic link had been broken.



[Let’s leave that truth verification there, why don’t we have dinner?]




Though she looked discontent with me stopping her from asking any further questions, Michelle seemed satisfied after she ascertained my love.

Tonight, so that Michelle could eat in her evening gown, I decided to order room service for us.

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