Now let me tell you about the mafia runaway Charles Miheso, who wanted to have a peaceful life with a family only to realize that the Mafia and the real world are sometimes the same.




Coming home from work used to be something Charles liked more than anything. But today that feeling vanished immediately as he stood at the footsteps leading to the door.

Other than laughter, he could still hear the talk taking place in the apartment. Even on a hot evening like this, his body was feeling cold.

What his wife was saying had already drained him of any energy and even the place he considered home no longer held that much appeal now. When his deep blue eyes looked towards the door they seemed dull and no longer held any life in them. His eyes seemed soulless, even when his business faced a crisis he did not look like that.

Half a year ago, his business was met with some issues that ended up closing completely.

He did not waste his time much on the issue and even found another income source, though not comparable to before.

But he could never have imagined that to his wife he was an incompetent and irresponsible scum of a person. Back then, he did everything to escape from his mafia family and have a normal life, but now it seems even normal people were just the same as the mafia.

He seemed to be remembering his fathers words about how even normal people could be more ruthless than gangsters.

At this moment, he finally experienced it. He couldn help but want to laugh about the situation, yet tears were flowing down his cheeks.

He was still in a daze as the words from the house entered his ears.

Lydias voice could be heard clearly from the house, it seemed like she was also having some talk with her friend, but after hearing the content of their discussion, Charles froze at the door.

He was initially not interested in eavesdropping on them, but the turn of events made him turn pale.

The way he views their marriage and his wife views it varies.

She was busy praising another man and that was when the two were still married.

Even her family knew about the new guy.

He did not have the strength to open the door, as he just kept listening to their chatter.

[Are you sure about it? ”] Regina asked with some doubt in her voice.

[Yeah, it is time! Besides, my campus crush seems to still be interested in me. Its better off ending that marriage earlier on. After all, he is now a useless man. He can give me what I want. My mom helped me to think matters through. Even if he can find his qualifications someplace, its still going to require time for him to grow. I don have so much time to waste on him. Ill bring up the divorce issue. The only thing I need is a good reason. Why don you help me out then?]

[ You know me, I don care about anything else, the money alone is enough. Since he has lost it, what remains is only a handsome face that has no value to me. So I had better get rid of this soon and jump on a ship that can benefit me in the end.]

Lydias voice could be heard clearly from the house, it seemed like she was also having some talk with her friend, but after hearing the content of their discussion, Charles at the door, however, felt everything she said was very painful to him.

[You mean Luke is back from abroad already? I never thought he still had a crush on you till now. How did you guys meet anyway?]

A womans voice he was familiar with kept leading his wife with questions. Which made him even feel hurt upon hearing her responses.

Standing outside the apartment, Wang was unable to keep calm as his body was trembling due to anger.

When he met this woman, six years back and they started dating, he couldn even afford a simple set.

She was still someone that had just graduated and still couldn get employment.

Even her relatives had it hard, but when his position changed they thought of replacing the tree with another one that could provide a better shed.

Even from her tone, one could assume he had made her life difficult all this time.

She spoke as though she was a goddess from the immortal realm and he was a beggar that destroyed her chance at a better life by marrying her.

How much has he done for this woman over the years, even helping her stand up in the carrier herself? Despite all the consideration, he put into everything for her everything she had the guts to call him good for nothing behind his back.

How could he not feel the pain, after all the effort over the years for her, it was worth nothing?

Even when his company was met with problems, she did not bother to comfort him but slowly distanced herself.

He had been putting up with her and her family for the past half a year, hoping she would go back to the way she used to be, but he seemed to be having delusions and none of that would ever happen.

[Hahaha..! I seem

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