Chapter 10 “Escape”

  We passed through a narrow path and came to a square where I had obliterated a second class goblin. 

 The goblins had gathered here as well, but they were not in any particular formation.

 Maybe, but they didn't expect the previous room to be breached.


It was tiring to deal with them, so I ran, slashing only those in my path with my sword.

 The family behind me followed me.

 They were running and shooting arrows at the goblin in front of them.

Oh, no, they stop for a moment before hitting them.


 And they're hitting it.
The elf's archery is amazing.

The one who was trying to cut me down avoided with just body movement, and when the one who had the arrow in him got close, I pulled it out and retrieved it as I passed by him.

 I was just trying to be helpful, you know? It was a pretty good pickup for a guy who was just trying to help out.


 I mean.
Why were they holding you?

Did they take their daughter as a hostage…?

 Just as we were leaving the square, his wife magically collapsed the ceiling and blocked the entrance and exit of the square to stop them from pursuing us.


 It's a really good move, even though it's just as planned.

However, the current situation is going well, but as we go up to the upper levels, the corridors become narrower.

 It would be bad if we were surrounded.


From this point on, speed is the key.

 There seems to be no goblins in this passage, but there will surely be if we go up.

 We enter the upper passage.
Just before we exit, the father stepped forward and slammed his magic toward the exit.


 It seemed to be a magic to shoot a mass of wind, and an invisible mallet flew toward the exit.

 A scream rises over the exit.
There they are after all.

 I jumped out of the exit.


 Around the exit, goblins and orcs were lying in a heap. 

They seemed to have been blown away by magic when they were crowded together to ambush us.

I cut down the orcs that got up with my two swords, a sword and a jagged sword.


After cutting down two, the parent and child came out.

 We didn't go straight down the passage, but took a nearby side street.

 It is a prison cell.


I cut down the goblins near the prison and stepped into the innermost cell.

There were three of them inside, but I killed the one in the back with a dagger throw.

I cut down the other two with my sword.


Behind me, the wife opened the prison with the key the guards had and freed the elven men.

 The father gave the freed elves the swords he had and the short spears the guards had.

The wife gave them a bunch of keys, and the guy who received them went down a nearby staircase and the rest went out into the passageway.


The freed elf looks at me and gives me a doubtful look.


 ”The woman is being held upstairs.
Please come with me.”


I give him the dagger the goblin was holding without saying whether or not and shrug my chin to go upstairs.

 The elf man looks at it and seems to have shelved his doubts.
He nods and runs with me.

When I returned to the passage, I found the elves who had left earlier were fighting goblins and orcs with the weapons they had taken and cast magic on them.


 I run too, slashing at the nearest orc with my sword.

 A few follow me.

 Elves come out of the passage one after another.


Some of them are exhausted after being overworked for a long time, but most of them show no signs of fatigue.

 Their eyes are glazed with hatred for goblins.

The father came out of a nearby passageway and our eyes met.


“You can do whatever you want after this! I hope we both live!”

 ”Thank you! If I ever see you again, please let me know what I can do to repay you.”


 That was all I said as we passed each other, and I ran upstairs.
Now he and I were no longer involved.

All I had asked him to do was to go around freeing the elves on this level.

 If the elves would go on the rampage, it would be easier for me to escape, and the elves would have a better chance to save their lives.


It was not a bad deal for either side.

 It was clear that if goblins and elves went head to head, the elves would have the upper hand.

 I was worried that they were weak after being prisoners for so long, but by the looks of it, they could go pretty far.


Unless they had a grade like the second class goblin I just fought with, it would be difficult for them to overpower the elves.

 However, after some time, reinforcements would come and they would be crushed by the numbers….

I returned to the upper level – the level where the brothel section is located.

I pointed to a nearby side street.


 ”It's at the back! There are multiple private rooms and a large room in the back!”


 The elves behind me rush into the brothel section.

 I hear screams and cries in the back.

That's all I need to do.


 Let the elves do their best.

 I don't head for the brothel, but run toward the exit.

 I run into goblins and orcs on the way, but I point behind me and shout.


 ”Elf Runaway! Elf Runaway!”


 The goblins headed deeper in, taking orcs and trolls with them.

 I shouted the same thing and walked out of the underground compartment.


 I went above ground, where goblins and orcs with weapons were coming toward me one after another.

 Apparently, they were going down to the basement to subdue them.

 Well, you elves…well, good luck with that.


I returned to near the gate.

Finally, I've made it this far.

Now all I need to do is to get through here….


 There should have been someone around the gate to open and close it, but there was no one there.

 I wondered why, and then I felt something hit my leg.

My leg fell off and I fell to my knees.

 I rolled up my robe and looked at the back of my knee and saw that it had been sliced open.


 What have they done to me!?


 Three goblins walk up behind me.

 They are wearing bracelets.
They must be 2nd class goblins.

 By the looks of it, all three were 2nd class goblins.


 One of them was twirling a ring-like object with his finger.

 Is that the ring chakram, or is that the one that cut my leg?

The other two had a sword integrated with their small hands, a Qatar, and what was that? A nail bat?


 Yeah, I remember that.
It's a weapon made of wood and obsidian with a magical enchantment called makana.

 It's classified as a weapon, a club.

 Many people have strange weapons.


Qatar and Makana were positioned between me and the war wheel, keeping their posture low and twirling it around with their fingers as if they were looking for an opening.

I brace myself with my two swords at ready.


 At first, I untie the knot of the rag containing the treasure I carry on my back and drop it.

 The war rings fly at me, as if they saw this as an opportunity.

 Qatar and Makana do not move.


Flick the battle wheel with the Jagged Sword

The rest moved at the same time it was flicked.

Makana swung full at my stomach.
I catch it with the other sword…and it breaks.


Quickly, I let go of the sword and jumped over the rag that fell behind me.

 A shock to the back.
Before I knew it, Qatar had come around behind me and was thrusting Qatar into my back.

I heal the wound and fix the Qatar.
Qatar cannot pull it out.


For a moment, Qatar gets upset that it is stuck as he tries to pull it out, but he lets go and tries to keep his distance from me.

 I don't let go, though.

 I grab him by the neck.
Undeterred by the fact that his friends have been captured, Makana swings down to smash my head in. 

War rings fly in from either side of me, blocking my escape route.


 I catch Makana using the grabbed Qatar as a shield.
The Qatar's head exploded.

 Wow, it was on my face.

 That's a lot of power for what looks like a nail bat.
Is it the effect of the magic grant attached to the obsidian?


Makana's attack was prevented, but the war ring was out of my power.
It stabbed me in the shoulder and side.

 Yeah, the war rings are not that powerful.

It's harsh when they target the neck and joints, but otherwise, minimal defense is good enough.


 I pulled out the ring in the side and slammed it into Makana's side.

 Makana screamed and moved away.


I throw the broken sword at the war ring and instead pull out the Qatar, which is still stuck in me, and grip it with my free hand.

Makana is a little nervous, as if scared of me, as he doesn't care whether I slash or stab him to death.

I have not removed the battle rings so that I can throw them at any time, but I can feel that he is struggling to attack me.


 ”He is strong.
No wonder Zaghi was killed.”

 ”Nordin was killed, too.
He's not that good, but what's going on? Even when I cut him, it doesn't seem to be working.”


They started talking to each other.


Thanks to them, I had an inkling of what was going on.

In short, I was suspected as soon as I arrived here, and they decided to follow me, and the one who followed me was that 2nd class goblin that was mentioned – Zargi….
He's dead now, so it doesn't matter if I know his name.


And Nordin, Qatar's owner, who is lying dead at my feet.

Whatever, Nordin, you know it was you who killed him, even though I'm the one credited for it.

I'm going to have to ask them to run away now.
I don't like to fight and killing is a pain in the ass.

 I've eaten a lot of Raptors, and my stomach is feeling better for now.


Makana called out to me when I dropped down next to the battle wheel.


 ”Hey! I'll let you off the hook if you leave that baggage behind!”

 ”Well, if you give up your luggage, I'll open the gate for you.”


 What? You want me to leave my treasures?

I'd like to say no…
but if I can take some of it with me, should I give it up?


 ”I'll give it up if I can take some of it with me.”


 My reply made the two of them look up in surprise. 


What do we do? He says he's going to leave it…”

“Well, even if he told me…”


 There's something wrong with their reaction, that's not the place to say 'no' or something like that…

 Oh, I get it.
These guys are trying to buy time.

They're trying to trick me….what an uncouth guy.


 It's a good thing they've kept their distance.


“I'm not a fan of delaying .”


 The two of them are visibly upset.
It's easy to see.


“Damn it, he knows! The first class hasn't come yet!” 

 ”You've got good instincts for an Orc.
It's a pain that I can't monopolize the credit, but I guess it can't be helped.


I won't let them talk.

 I hit them both with the Wind I.
The battle ring turned into a cloud of blood and half of Makana's body was shredded.

 I quickly replaced the ring and hit the back passageway with the earth I, crushing it so that the followers can't come through.

I replaced it again, and this time I hit the gate with a Wind I.
A big scratch was made, but it wasn't broken.


It's tough.
I replaced the ring and hit one more time.

The scratch got bigger.
Still not broken?

 I put the ring back on and gave it another shot.
Oh, it's broken.


I lost the fingers of one hand.

 The curse eats away at the blackened area.

 As I was about to put the ring on the other finger after making sure the finger started regenerating, I heard a small strange noise coming from the ring.



 I looked closely and saw a crack in the ring.

 Wow, this is not good.

 When I tried to put my face close to the ring to see its condition, the ring shattered with a fine sound.


 Oh no.
I can't use magic anymore.

Well, that's okay.
The gate is broken.
That was a good buy.

 It was a short visit, but thanks for the ring.


Carrying the rag on my back, I pick up the Makana near the corpse and look at its condition.

 There are some minor scratches, but it looks usable.
I'll take it.
I also picked up an intact war ring.

 I hung the makana from my waist and hooked the battle rings to the belt of my pouch.


 Okay, let's go.

 I went out through the gate I had destroyed.


 Oh…I know I just crushed the passageway, but can all the elves escape?

 Oh, well, that's okay.
There's got to be another way out.

 Goodbye, Shudras Castle.

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