Jade’s red eyes glinted.
He fixed his gaze glaringly on Lobelia, and took an empty glass bottle out of his pocket.
It was the bottle that Lobelia had given to him.
“I didn’t have a nightmare for the first time since I was cursed,” he said as he placed the bottle on the table, his long and slender fingers tracing the bottle’s mouth, “but this is only an alternative, right?”

“Yes, for a permanent cure, I have to enter the Duke’s dream,” Lobelia replied.

“So,” Jade laughed, but then his tone became hostile, “Is gypsy’s magic really the only solution?”

“Since you are under the curse of the gypsies, you must break the curse with the same magic as theirs,” Lobelia explained without blinking an eye.
“You can experiment with this, if you like.” It was not difficult for Lobelia to convince the duke, for she knew all the secrets of the world.

Jade shook her head.
“No, this potion alone has proved enough.
No one has ever improved my curse this much.” He removed his hand from the bottle and said, “I accept the deal.”

Lobelia fisted her hands under the table.
Finally, the first seed had been sown.
She began to elaborate the details of the deal.
“Then, from now on—”

“But that deal,” Jade suddenly interjected.
Lobelia looked at him, anxious that something was wrong.
Jade folded his arms and shrugged, “I don’t think it’s going to work out.”

“Pardon?” Lobelia enquired with her brows knitted together.

“You said you wanted to run a business to take Evelentia’s fortune,” Jade said, “which wouldn’t be so easy.
Even if you manage to conceal your identity at the beginning, when your business grows to a certain extent, your identity will be revealed to the surface.
And at that moment,” he stared at Lobelia intently, “you will be the target of many nobles, including Evelentia.”

Lobelia hardened her expression.
“It’s a matter of resolution,” she replied coldly.
It was absurd.
She couldn’t have planned her revenge without that much determination.
Jade looked at her in surprise.
He had guessed his comment would trigger a negative response from her, but he didn’t expect she’d react so strongly.
She was surprisingly fierce and forward despite having suffered abuse from the count’s family all her life.
As if she knew something nobody else did.
Jade thought he ought to observe this intriguing girl more.

“I hope you don’t think I intend to interfere with your goal.” he said, “I’m saying this because my life will be at stake, and I will be in trouble if you find yourself in danger.” Lobelia’s expression relaxed a little.
“The sponsorship system alone cannot completely protect you,” Jade continued, his tone becoming serious, “I thought about a fake marriage, but you’re still a commoner.”

Lobelia stifled a laugh and said, “So the next best thing is the sponsorship system of the Duke of Ferrado.”

“No, that’s not the next best thing,” Jade shook his head, “I know a better way.”

Lobelia tilted her head at his words.
She recalled what she had read in the Original, but she couldn’t think of a better way to proceed with the deal than the sponsorship system, so what was the duke talking about?

Jade chuckled, seemingly aware of her confusion.
He lowered his arms from the table and leaned comfortably against the back of his chair.
“I’ve been thinking about a contractual relationship, how’s that?” he asked.
Lobelia was stunned, unable to process what she had just heard.
A contractual relationship with the Duke of Ferrado? There was silence for quite some time.

“I fell in love with you as you picked candles to dedicate to the temple,” Jade continued.
Lobelia withheld her incredulity.
“Blinded by love, I bring you the Evelentia wealth,” he said.
A contractual relationship was undoubtedly better insurance than the sponsorship system.
When they get into a relationship, people will understand if the duke prioritizes his lover and does something against common sense for her.

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