Point of Origin

C-3 A Visit (1)

Willing every fruit he could think off into existence, Sal finally sated his hunger but felt empty somewhere else. It took a moment for him to realize that making something out of nothing is taxing. It depleted something inside him.

He couldn help but think of an alternative. Everything he had touched, even back in his normal life, he understood their compositions. He scooped the red sand with a hand and had a glimpse of what had happened a few centuries ago. Trying to understand it all would only make him crazy. A glimpse was enough.

What he saw or what he understood was that there was a gas explosion on this side of the planet. Although, the gas would dissolve overtime, the damage it had done was irreparable. Its toxic substance sipped into the earth, and stayed underground.

It is evident that he can breath the air and haven felt any harmful substance in his body yet. The surface is habitable but the land is barren. Without any vegetation, thered be no herbivores and also predators that will keep their population in check.

Sals face became wrinkled as if aging just by thinking about the arduous terraforming of this world. Theres so many things he had to consider. Although he sustained some liquids from the fruits he had eaten, he needed a steady supply of water. If he made a stream outside, it would evaporated within a day. His only option was inside the cave. This made Sal think harder. It wasn a leisure thought, it was something he must solve. He couldn just make a puddle on the ground.

The first thought that came to his mind was to make a reservoir underground–like a big storage of water.

”However, conjuring thousands of liters of water is like courting death.. ” Sal mumbled to himself. He couldn fathom the feeling of emptiness again. Its like his existence was devoid of life.

Sal sighed and laid on the ground with crossed legs and using his forearm as a pillow. His eyes were blank as he pictured the countless ideas in his mind. A simulation.

Despite the many things he could think, no matter how creative, it all came down to creating something out of nothing. Sal rolled to his side and and laughed, ”Conjuring thousands of liters of water. Haha! ”

Conjuring.. Sal backtracked to one of the word he said twice. His eyes widening in realization. Now that he think about it, every video games he played, every movies he watched, every novels he read, a mage can perform magic in exchange for mana. Also, back in his modern world, energies like electricity had almost completely eliminated manual labor. But thats not the entirety of the point.

What if I don completely break the rules of the universe? Sal sat up in excitement. What if he can use conversion and exchange into his favour? His eyes slowly rolled down, eventually landing on the largest deposit of matter in his present location. The useless red sands.

Sal scooped the red sands with a single hand and hesitated for a brief moment. Hes not sure of his overall capability in creating something out of nothing. Maybe hes just hallucinating or in a simulation before his death. But he could feel it in his mind. He can do a magic called alteration.

”Alternatives… ” Sal mumbled as a smile appeared on his face, his confidence rising back up. He intently gazed on the sands in his grasp and then poured it, his mind shouting, Turn into water! Turn into water! Before the sands could reach the ground, they transformed into droplets of water.

Still in disbelief, Sal reached a hand to the the place where the water fell and can feel the wet sands cooling his skin. Slightly chuckling, he scoop more sands and transformed them to gravels and stones. Its core principle is equal mass conversion.

First off, he couldn create a storage of water underground. The risk of harmful substance contaminating the water is high due to toxicity. He needed to experiment first for a solution.

A small fountain was his initial option. He would need five cubic meters as a barrier to separate it from the barren ground and also to avoid its toxic trait. A space underground to store the water and steam to spurt it out. As the water fall down, sands, stones, and gravel would filter it as it sip back down to where it started. An endless repeated cycle. He would only need to refill the water he drunk.

Something inside Sal seemed to brim as he went to work on a corner of the cave. Placing both of his hands on the ground, his eyes twitched. He needed to transform all the sands into the ones he pictured in his mind in one go. Just as he was concentrating to the task he had set himself to do, something came to him. Within the range of the ones hes altering were minerals he wasn aware off. It was not all sands!

Sal paused for a moment and decided that he couldn dig them just to understand their compositions with touch. This however, gave him an insight of what he can do. With a range of 10 meters radius, he can sense and alter anything. He need not touch everything. But this also made his big project of creating a big storage of water underground impossible.

From Sals hands that was pressed to the ground was a single pulse that spread on a calculated radius. The once red sand turned into a different colour and composure. Sal couldn hide a grin as he witnessed the sands slowly became the image he had in his mind. Beneath his hands, he can feel the gravels and stones as water gushed out, a good few splashed on his face.

”This is too easy! ” Sal said with a cocky smile while admiring his work. He then carefully observed the structure of the fountain, afraid that it might collapse. A stone, shaped as a cup contained the water underground. Of course, it was humanly designed. He couldn just create stones with natural forms and risk the water sinking deeper into unwanted places.

After a few minutes of fascination, Sal waved a hand, conjuring a porcelain cup in his hand and winced in pain. Now, he had to eliminate his habit of creating something from nothing.

After filling up his cup with water, he scooped a handful of sands. These sands came to life, forming a cube object that would soon transform into a translucent one.

”Whoo! Thats cool! ” Sal playfully tossed the ice in his cup and sat down in a relax position. His mind couldn stop thinking about the wonders he could make.

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