Prince Of Persia’s Trapped Angel

Angel\'s Arranged Marriage

Eriks POV

” Are you ready? Weve got a wedding to crash, ” I said, grinning. Excitement sizzled under my skin, a low fire that burned brighter with every second I got closer to my goal.

My right hand man,Ades, is in charge of my firearm, busy making sure the firearms and fiery weapons are all ready as he occasionally turns to look at me as if I have gone crazy.

But then ,since when did I,the Dragon lord ever back down on a thrilling challenge?

Ades who looked unsure turned to look at me with uncertainty , hands akimbo after making sure the men were in order waiting for command.

”This is declaring war against the heavens, kidnapping an Angel on her own wedding day means war my Lord ” he said disbelievingly but I understand his shock.

He only got to know about the ”Bride kidnapping ” mission this morning and so did my brothers which is no surprise, I don ever share my plans.

I execute.

”Thats the plan, but this Star Wars is not against heaven but Nirvana , this is our only chance to claim and have ownership of Utopia. The magical kingdom ”

”You bloody son of Lucifer! ” He cursed after seeing the determination in my eyes,red with flames of excitement .I have planned this for months without telling anyone and as the first prince of Hades , this will be my most iconic war and I will make sure to win. Other kingdoms in the entire universe will learn to bow.

”But why do you have to bring Angel Bella into this? ” Ades asked and I am not surprised at all knowing that she used to be his cousin but he is now a fallen Angel ,when every kingdom refuses to take him in. I did and he vowed loyalty with his blood to me and to Hades.

”I want her ” thats the only thing I said, she is the key to my plan and how fun humiliating will it be for Nirvana … just the thought makes me laugh out loud and I don laugh.

”But the girl is innocent… ” Ades began and I immediately pinned him with the look to instill just enough torture.

”Are you planning to betray my commands? ” I asked, my voice sounding more thunderous than I intended.

”No ,my Lord. I have vowed my service to you ” he said, tearing his gaze from me while bowing down on one knee.

”Hey relax brother ” said the 2nd prince of Hades , Kihlan while the 3rd and youngest Prince Ibash just kept looking at us without interest already used to seeing me inflicting torture.

”Stand up and get the men ready ”

As stubborn as Ades is , I need him for this operation. He has been in Nirvana the longest and knows the in and out hence. Hence , I will let this slide.

” You better make sure this plan works ” said Kihlan, eyeing me and picking up one or two firearms , putting them on strategic positions on his body covered with war robes.

”Atleast , we get to do something really interesting that only happens in the game system ” . That was Ibash speaking , the game addict of the house.

I nodded , my every move was an order and even my brother. The princes know when to shut it and obey me.

I went back to my inner chamber to cool off and tame the beast trying to burst open which happens anything I am thirsty for blood,ready for war. I need no armour or arm fires. My nails are so sharp , Ibash insists on calling them claws.

Looked at myself in the mirror and decided to drape a leather royal jacket over my bare chested torso making sure my hair is braided behind wanting no silly mistake to stop this plan.

”Hard luck to the poor bride ” but my plan comes first, the plan to be greater than even Lucifer , our retired father and nothing will stop me from achieving it , not even heavens.

The sentiments of weddings! Such a waste of time , I thought as I walked around my base inspecting the fury jet that would transport us. The person who surprised me the most is the 2nd Prince Kihlan and his wife Nina, we never talk about emotions…talk less of love not until Kihlan had to marry Nina as a peace offering by her Inferno kingdom seeking for protection from us.

Long story short, it was also a blood wedding to no ones surprise. We had to kill off Ninas uncle for raping her at a young age and his wife for knowing about that and saying nothing.The kingdom didn dare to question us and thanks to Nina, this new side of Kihlan is reborn.The most dangerous reaper became so soft towards this petite woman and I even overheard them talking about having babies.

I hear everything that happens in my palace which covers the whole of Persia in Hades. Hence the nickname, Prince of Persia.

Lucifers command is definitely anyone with the first heir to rule and thats where my plan plays out. To prove to Lucifer ,Hades and Heavens that marriage is meaningless and one can be as great as ever without having a woman beside him or a child as security.

I snickered at the thoughts of someone like me being a father.

” ,will you fly or go in with us ? ” Asked Ibash ,his eyes glistening with curiosity.

” That will be cowardly of me, this is not an informed war and as much as you want to ride on me all through our journey to Nirvana… it won happen ” he peered at me , took his favourite armour and head for the Starship with all plans in order.

Kihlan was hugging his new bride ,so gently as if she was some egg while everyone went aboard. Four of us are enough to feel free at Nirvana, the rest are standby and besides this is a wedding, they wouldn be on guard with so much wine going through.

”It is time! ” My beast roared with so much internal force that my soldiers bowed down with fright, their fears empowering and entertaining me a the same time.

”Good,lets give Nirvana a feast to remember! ”

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