Chapter 13 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (13)

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“Little Tang’er, you've suffered, where are your dad and mom?” the old man asked.

“Dad and mom have both turned into zombies.
After dad injured me, he regained some sanity and locked me in a room.
Later, I dreamed of a fairy who gave me a sword and said, 'With this sword, you won't be afraid of zombies’.
She also gave me a pill of immortality and said, 'From now on, you will have endless strength’.”

Bai Tang: The fairy was actually myself!

Upon hearing this, Shi Minzhi, though not quite believing it, took a closer look at the sword.
He remembered that this sword could become larger or instantly return to Bai Tang's hand.
What if…
she didn't have this sword?

The old man was very pleased and happy, tears streaming down his face.
He didn't think Bai Tang was lying to him, after all, in his eyes, since there were already zombies, it was not impossible for a fairy to give his granddaughter a sword and a pill of immortality.

“Wife, wake up and see, our Little Tang’er has made a name for herself.
Although our child was gone, Little Tang’er was still here, and the descendant of our Bai family continues on.
Our ancestors burned incense and smokes are coming out of the ancestral graves!”

The old man wiped his tears and said, “Little Tang’er, let's go see if there are any other survivors in the village.
We're all from the same village, let's try to save them if we can.”

Shi Minzhi coldly watched all of this.
He wouldn't stop them as he would rather have more people to send off and more people to accompany him in death when he summoned the zombies.

Bai Tang smiled and said, “Okay, I'll go take a look.
Grandpa, you sit in the car.
With the guidance of the fairy, zombies can't harm me.”

Bai Tang took the sword and began searching house by house.
The original Bai Tang’s grandparents were very lucky, there were no more living people in the village.
However, Bai Tang did find a little grey puppy that was only a month old.
Its mother had hidden it well and it was the only one left.
Bai Tang picked it up and took it with her.

The little grey puppy was still small and buried its head timidly, its round eyes looking out.

“There are no more living people, but I did find a dog.
Since I've encountered it without an owner, I'll raise it.” Bai Tang put the puppy by her side, closed the door, and started the car.

The base was in City A, and they were now headed in that direction.

The old man didn't interfere either.
If his granddaughter wanted to raise it, then let her raise it, “Little Tang’er, give it a name.”

Bai Tang casually said, “I saw that when it was in my arms, it was timid and didn't dare to see people.
I'll call it Coward.”

Coward: I'm innocent!
I'm not really timid at all!
Who has feelings as keen as mine? This woman was clearly a killer, why won’t it be afraid?
In any case, the name Coward was now confirmed.

“Heh.” Shi Minzhi let out a slightly mocking sound, extremely faint.
How good-hearted!
Taking care of two burdens and not having enough time for oneself, yet still raising a dog, so foolish it's beyond belief!

Bai Tang didn't want to argue with him in the presence of the two old people, and said, “Right, grandpa, how was grandma injured by the zombie?”

Upon hearing this, Shi Minzhi found Bai Tang even more foolish.
Taking care of two burdens that are of little use is one thing, but even taking along a person injured by a zombie is not just foolish, it's stupid! So foolish it's beyond belief and beyond redemption!

Upon the mention of this, the old man's eyes were full of guilt, “It's all my fault.
I went to get rice and met a zombie that injured me.
Then I had a fever and didn't want your grandma to go find medicine.
She insisted on going and met a zombie too.
After she gave me the medicine, she fell into a coma.
If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't be like this.”

Bai Tang comforted him a bit, “Grandpa, have you tried seeing if you have awakened any abilities?”

“What are abilities?” Grandpa was confused.
The old man had never encountered such a fancy word.

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