ng-based ability, I thought that since abilities existed, then crystal cores to cultivate abilities should also exist.
After killing a few zombies, we found them to be true.
Captain, what abilities do you have?”

Bai Tang said, “I don't follow the special ability system.”

She added, “Li Gai, stop messing with those things.
Chen Songzhi, gather everyone and divide them into three groups; those who haven't consumed crystal cores, those who have, and those without abilities.”

Li Gai put the crystal cores away, confused, “Captain, is there something wrong with these?”

Bai Tang's expression grew mysterious, “It's not your fault, most people don't know that this is a conspiracy.”

Li Gai was inexplicably terrified when he heard this.

After the groups were divided, Bai Tang walked over with Coward in her arms.
Those who had consumed crystal cores became anxious.

“Captain, what's the problem with these crystal cores?”

“Yeah, Captain?”

“I only feel that after I consumed them, my abilities have risen significantly.”

Bai Tang asked out of context, “Does anyone recall how long these thick clouds have been covering the sky for?”

“I believe it's been about half a month,” came a voice from the group.

“No, the sky has been gloomy ever since the zombies appeared,” another corrected.

“I don't think we've ever seen a sunny day,” added a third.

Shi Minzhi spoke up, “Three months and twelve days, seventeen hours.”

Bai Tang nodded, showing approval, “Have any of you with abilities ever wondered where they came from? Have you ever considered why the zombies have crystal cores in their brains that you can absorb to cultivate yourselves? Have any of you considered the implications of conscious zombies?”

Bai Tang's questions hit the mark.
Perhaps some had considered these questions before, but in the face of the constant danger and the need to survive and strengthen themselves, no one had thought too deeply about the answers.

Shi Minzhi's long eyelashes fluttered as he spoke, “Cannibalism.”

Bai Tang gave him a look of approval again, impressed by his astute observation.
She didn't expect Shi Minzhi to be so smart.
It was a shame for such a smart person.

“Cannibalism? What do you mean by that?”

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