that the dog was still alive.

Those who still harbored small thoughts in their minds, had now completely lost them.

The crystal core taken from a living being was particularly striking to behold.

Even Shi Minzhi was quite surprised, as Bai Tang had too many things he didn’t know about.

Bai Tang flipped her hand again and placed the crystal core back into Coward's brain, who let out a sound of contentment.

Someone asked again, “But now there's no spiritual energy, if we don't consume crystal cores we won't be able to practice!”

“And we won't be able to deal with so many zombies.”

“Even a sinister path is better than losing our lives, right!”

Bai Tang swept her fierce gaze over the group, causing them to quiet down, “The spiritual energy is above the clouds, I can cut a path of vitality for you.
But the dangers beyond the clouds, you will have to think of ways to deal with it.
Make use of the time you have to cultivate, unite as one.
In the future, there will be a great number of zombies that will recover, only by working together will you be able to defeat them.”

Shi Minzhi's eyes glinted, as he looked towards the clouds.
For the past three months, everywhere was covered by thick clouds, and at any moment they could come crashing down.

With a swift motion, Bai Tang enveloped the group of people who had previously consumed crystal cores in a soft golden light.
They clearly felt their abilities dropping in a straight line, and although they were not happy about it, they couldn't resist.

Having abolished their existing cultivation, Bai Tang placed Coward into the arms of Chen Songzhi and said, “It can't control its ability yet, you hold onto it for now.”

Chen Songzhi, now fully compliant, obediently held Coward, who was still a little unhappy.

Shi Minzhi looked at Bai Tang's profile and couldn't understand her intentions.
What was she doing?

The old man looked at Bai Tang, who was now becoming increasingly distant from his granddaughter, the little girl in his memory, and his heart sank to the bottom.

“Canglan.” Bai Tang, with her sword in hand, soared to a high altitude, and everyone could only see her silhouette.

All they could see was a massive sword, at least three thousand meters long.

The sword's light was blinding, but no one closed their eyes, not wanting to miss this shocking scene.
Even Coward vigorously stretched its neck to look at its master's heroic figure.

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