Chapter 5 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the End Times (5)

Looks like it was treating her too kindly, making her overestimate her own abilities, becoming arrogant and ignorant.

System 168 smiled at her with pity, and adjusted the degree of lightning strikes to the fullest, [Host, you forced me to do this.
Remember, you brought all this on yourself.
Just wait for your soul to be scattered! Unless, you beg me for mercy.
Just do as I ask and finish the job well.]

There are up to ten levels of the lightning strike intensity, and no one has ever made it past even the fifth level.
The tenth level can directly shatter the soul of a host within a minute, making them unable to be reincarnated forever.
System 168 has now adjusted it straight up the highest intensity of level ten.
But there is no intention of killing her because it doesn't have enough energy to change to a new host.
It plans to stop at the right time and let her submit.

System 168 was almost certain that Bai Tang will definitely beg for mercy and become obedient.

Bai Tang smirked, seemingly not paying any attention to System 168’s words.
She gently put her fingers on her lips, facing Shi Minzhi, and said, “You asked for it.”

As soon as Shi Minzhi saw her, he wanted to summon a zombie to kill her right away.
Unfortunately, she once again made the first move.

She was actually waiting for the level ten lightning strike! And now it’s time!
With her sword Canglan in hand, Bai Tang draws out a beautiful sword arc.

Then the level ten lightning strike finally struck down!

Bai Tang timed it well, and performed a ghostly pace.
Using her body as the output, she pointed her sword upwards.
The level ten lightning strike that was initially directed at her soul encountered a strange force that poured out from the sword moments before it made contact with her soul.

The sword then was pointed towards the dark mass of zombies.

The lightning electricity turned into fierce white light!

As Bai Tang's left hand quickly made a grasping motion, Shi Minzhi felt a force controlling his body.
Facing Bai Tang’s sinister smile, Shi Minzhi’s heart sank to the bottom.

Raising her left hand, she threw Shi Minzhi into the zombie mass.
The curvature of her lips grew larger and larger, and her smile grew wider and wider.

Sorry about that.
You are the one who summoned the zombies first.
Since you want me to be eaten by the zombies, then let you suffer the torture of the level ten lightning strike together with the zombies.

The stadium became as bright as day, but it didn’t affect Bai Tang at all.

“Little system, look at how the lightning blooms like a flower.
Isn’t it beautiful how bright the whole stadium now is? By the way, your blackened boss is in there too!”

Bai Tang laughed wildly, constantly stimulating System 168.

Isn't it just having an undead BUFF? It's a coincidence that if she wanted to, she could also indefinitely spend all her time with him and see who can outlast who!

God will show mercy to the miserable experiences of bad people, but will not show mercy on the wicked.

System 168:ε=ε=ε=(#>д<)
It has never met a host as difficult as Bai Tang in all its life.

It's just that even if it's going to be gone, it's going to have to find someone else.
It is truly blind to bind with such a host!
With this in mind, System 168 immediately starts to unbind.

However, something unexpected happened ——
System 168 questioned repeatedly, [Bai Tang! What have you done to me?!]
Why can't it unbind?

Bai Tang smiled innocently, suddenly surprised, “Ah, so you want to run away!”

[I… Why would I?]
System 168 will never admit defeat until at the last moment.

Bai Tang lovingly stroked her treasure sword Canglan, and said in a tone that very much owes a beating, “I'm sorry, little system, you can't leave.
There are no such cheap things in the world where you can just drag me into this small world regardless of my wishes.
Making me influence this black-hearted big boss and punishing my soul with lightning strikes just because I didn't follow your request.
And now that there’s nothing you can do about me, you want to run away? There’s no way!”

Bai Tang’s tone suddenly turned fierce, “You will have to die here!”

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