Chapter 67 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the Apocalypse (67)

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Hate him, blame him!

How could there be anyone completely clean and pure in this world?

Bai Tang's gaze fell on the zombies behind her, each face she had seen before.
Wang Xiuchun turned into a zombie and was still alive, and even Ji Mengmeng* was among them.

*Refer to chapter 53

Shi Minzhi had indeed put a lot of effort into this.
Even at this moment, he didn’t forget to disgust her.

Bai Tang's eyes were extremely sharp as she spoke, “You have indeed put in a lot of effort and schemed for a long time.
Outside, it must be rumored that you are a humble suitor.”

With this, Shi Minzhi was somewhat satisfied.
“That's the way it should be! Little Captain, you shouldn’t be calm before you die.
It's difficult for me, silently and affectionately watching over you gaining fame and fortune but suddenly losing a loved one, people will always sympathize with me.”

System 168 couldn't help but interject, “Bai Tang, you had a strong soul and could have completed the task well.
But you didn't listen to me and insisted on killing the blackened big boss.
Now you're dead, but I can still return to the Space-Time Administration with my last bit of energy.
I'm still alive, but you may not be.”

Bai Tang ignored System 168.
This thing was really disgusting, always speaking as if it knew what was best for her.
It forcefully brought her into this world, breaking her original life.
But when she was in danger, it acted like it was giving her advice for her own good, that she would end up like this because she didn't listen to it.
It was extremely nauseating.

She wondered how many innocent people had been forced to do this dead-end task before her.

Shi Minzhi said again, slowly and leisurely, “Does it feel good to be betrayed, little Captain?”

He pressed the first button and opened the door that blocked the zombies.
Although they had already recovered to normal, he could still control them to do things that zombies would do.

There were people present who still carried the zombie virus and were doing everything they did unconsciously before.
They lunged towards the only living person in the cage.

Barely dodging, Bai Tang looked extremely miserable.

Seeing Bai Tang's distress, a sense of satisfaction flickered in Shi Minzhi's eyes.

The little Captain's pitiful appearance is really interesting…

With the addition of the electrical wire mesh, it will definitely look even more enjoyable when it is powered on.

As he thought about it, Shi Minzhi's smile grew stronger, his face warm and pleasant like a spring breeze.


Shi Minzhi pressed the second button.

The sound of crackling electricity filled the air.

Bai Tang sighed helplessly, her gaze calm as water.
With a gentle wave of her hand, Shi Minzhi's smile froze on his face.

The next moment, everything went white.

“Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!”

With a smile on her face, Bai Tang clapped and then snapped her fingers, manipulating the zombies controlled by Shi Minzhi and easily immobilizing them.

Now, who was left in the cage?
There was Shi Minzhi, who had a disability in his legs, Wang Xiuchun and her zombie son, and the resentful Ji Mengmeng.

“The villains always die from talking too much.”

Bai Tang pressed the power button, and the current flowed through the electrical wire mesh.

The zombies rushed towards Shi Minzhi, who quickly used his abilities to kill the three zombies.

The sudden turn of events caught System 168 off guard.

How did the blackened big boss be put into a cage by the host?

[Host, release Shi Minzhi now! You can't fight against him!]

But Bai Tang ignored System 168 completely.

After being electrocuted, Shi Minzhi was completely numb.

His face turned ugly.
He wasn’t stupid— he immediately understood that he had been outsmarted by Bai Tang.


Bai Tang lazily called out, and Shi Minzhi clearly felt the connection he had just established with Canglan being severed.

Canglan returned to Bai Tang's hand, and Bai Tang said with a touch of pity, “You have suffered so much.”

With a sound from the sword, it transformed into a light and entered Bai Tang's body.

“Little Captain, you are really good at hiding your true abilities.”

Shi Minzhi thought quickly about what to do next.
Using the same method, the probability of success for the second time was very low.

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