Chapter 79 The Empress Destroyed Your Country (5)

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As the three girls made their escape, Song Zhi slowly approached the two soldiers, holding her breath and pushing one of them.
She readied her other hand for an attack.

But the soldier did not react.
Both soldiers were getting anxious, not comprehending why they were unable to speak or move.

Song Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and dragged the two of them into the bushes.
Without hesitation, she pulled out their swords and decisively stabbed one of them.
Then, she stripped the clothes off the other soldier before killing him with another swift stroke.

As a final act of contempt, she spat on their bodies.

These soldiers had both beaten and kicked the girls, using their dirty hands to grope and brag about their exploits with women.

Bai Tang never expected that among the three girls, there was such a capable and resolute girl like Song Zhi.

Afterwards, Song Zhi put on the soldiers' clothes and smeared some dirt on her face to make her skin look rougher, like a man's.

Bai Tang secretly observed Song Zhi, wondering what she was planning to do.

Song Zhi was very clever.
Why couldn't the two soldiers move? Why were their ropes cut? It meant that there was a skilled person helping them from behind the scenes.
Song Zhi had no intention of leaving yet; she was still greedy for more information.

After observing for some time, Song Zhi found her chance.
She walked over to the guards watching the prisoner wagon and simply said, “General Luo has something to order.
He wants you guys to go over there.
I'll watch things here.
Don't delay, or General Luo will be angry.”

The guards didn't think much of it and left.
As she watched them leave, Song Zhi breathed a small sigh of relief.

She quickly opened the wagon door and whispered, “Wake up quickly, grab the chance to escape, or it will be too late.”

It was precisely because she had been insulted by this group of scum that Song Zhi was willing to take more risks to save as many people as she could.

Bai Tang looked at Song Zhi with admiration.
Some people would rather others suffer the same fate as themselves, while others hoped that others wouldn't follow in their footsteps.

The girls were already cautious because they knew they were in danger.

As soon as Song Zhi called out, many girls woke up and quickly shook the ones next to them awake.

Li Xing'er also pulled Bai Tang and said, “Bai Tang, let's hurry and go.”

Bai Tang shook her head and said, “You guys go ahead.
There are too many of us, and we won't be able to escape far.”

Wen Yueqing also sat down and said, “We can't escape.
The guards will change shifts soon.”

A group of weak women, how could they resist a group of soldiers?

Song Zhi anxiously urged, “Hurry, you all need to leave!”

“The woman in the prison wagon has escaped!”

“Quick, go catch her!”

“You go inform the general!”

While everyone's attention was turned towards the soldiers, Bai Tang discreetly struck Song Zhi with a palm and whispered, “Don't make a sound.”

In the chaos of the night, no one noticed that a petite soldier had been struck and thrown far away into the deep grass.

Bai Tang didn't need spiritual energy— she could rely on her inner strength alone.

The girls who had just escaped were caught again and subjected to a barrage of curses.

Song Zhi laid still in the grass, holding her breath and afraid to move or reveal herself.
She didn’t know where she was.
She could hear the comings and goings of people— she was likely still inside the military camp.

Song Zhi carefully thought back and realized that she had not paid attention to who had struck her with a palm, throwing her into this place.
All she knew was that it was a female voice.

Song Zhi spent the night in hiding.
When the sun rose, the army moved out and the girls were taken to the capital.
It was a long time before Song Zhi emerged from her hiding spot, shedding her heavy armor.
She had escaped, but where could she go? What about the other girls? What fate awaited them?

Already a sinful body, where could she find a safe haven?

The convoy heading back to the capital was massive, and many families had already hidden their daughters to avoid detection.

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