income from that isn’t stable.” Li Yangxiao laughed a bit helplessly.

That night, Li Yangxiao sang for an hour at the bar.
Huang Ying agreed to hire him, and had given him good shift times, from 9pm to 11pm.
But she had one condition for Li Yangxiao:

“Didn’t you know how to pole dance in university? Why don’t you give us a little closing scene at eleven to liven up the mood? That’ll be the intermission, so the atmosphere will be a bit more energetic.
You’ve got a bit of a cold personality.
You won’t be able to support yourself by just singing.”

Li Yangxiao froze: “Ah?”

In his fourth year of university, in order to act in that short film, he had gone to pole dancing classes for two months.
But he never expected Huang Ying to keep that in mind.

“If you can, I’ll pay you the salary of a first-class bar singer.
You don’t have to do anything too difficult.
As long as you’ve got a few moves and you can bullshit people, that’s fine.
You’d dance for four or five minutes, at most.”

Li Yangxiao mulled it over and agreed.
He would earn 3001 a night, so there was no reason for him to reject the offer.

That same night, Chi Mingyao answered a call from Xu Yan.
He was very impatient as he picked up, and heard Xu Yan say on the phone: “Young Master Chi, do you know what’s going on with Li Yangxiao?”

“What?” Chi Mingyao frowned as he asked.

“We talked over the phone just this afternoon, and he blocked me at night.
Young Master Chi, did you introduce someone to him?”

“What happened?” Chi Mingyao did not even want to acknowledge him, nor did he want to hear Li Yangxiao’s name.

“Ai, I won’t beat around the bush, Young Master Chi, I’ll just tell you the truth.
Did he turn around and deny you once he got what he needed?”

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Chi Mingyao immediately understood what Xu Yan meant.
In an instant, his anger dissipated: although Li Yangxiao had not obtained any funds or industry contacts, he had unwittingly helped Chi Mingyao air his grievances.
When he thought of Xu Yan in this exasperated state, he felt his whole body relax.

He did not plan on bothering with Li Yangxiao any longer.
This matter was over and done with.

Three more days passed.
Chi Mingyao was working overtime at the company when Cao Ye suddenly sent him a voice message: “Hey, do you remember that Li Yangxiao you brought with you last time? I saw him tonight.
Guess where?”

Chi Mingyao did not want anything more to do with Li Yangxiao’s name.
After he listened to the voice message, he set his phone aside and did not reply.

After a while, Cao Ye sent another message: “At that bar I invested in! The one called ‘Burn’!”

This was quickly followed by another voice message.

“He just did a round of pole dancing.
It was pretty hot.”

“You know, although that bastard Chen Rui is a bit of a pervert, he’s got a good eye for people.”

“He’s suffered so much that he has to pole dance.
That has to be pretty shitty.”

Pole dancing? He really did have some skill.
Chi Mingyao smashed his phone onto the table and planned on ignoring Cao Ye.
Judging by the voice messages, Cao Ye was a little tipsy.

The following night, at 9pm, Chi Mingyao walked out of the company building.
While he was waiting for the elevator, he received a text from that director: “Young Master Chi, that Li Yangxiao you mentioned a few days ago, what’s his WeChat? I’ll add him and have him send me his works.”

The director’s words were tactful; in truth, he wanted to ask Chi Mingyao if he still wanted the role or not.

But this text immediately made Chi Mingyao think of Li Yangxiao blocking him.
With a scowl, he replied: “Go look for someone else first.”

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For the past few days, Chi Mingyao had been driving that Volkswagen Phaeton.
He had finally escaped the “shadow” Li Yangxiao had left that day.

But because of that text just now, he remembered Li Yangxiao, shedding tears as he sat in the passenger seat.

He could cry like that, so how could he end up as a pole dancer?

After much thought, Chi Mingyao was still puzzled.
He felt that the way Li Yangxiao’s brain was wired was really too weird.
Was it because he had crossed his eyes too much?

However, Chi Mingyao could not deny the curiosity in his heart: how would Li Yangxiao look as he pole danced?

Wasn’t pole dancing associated with pornography and carnal desire? But Li Yangxiao seemed like one of those lonely types.

Someone who had sat on the bed of a financial backer before running away… had actually run off to become a pole dancer?

With a bellyful of doubt, Chi Mingyao made a turn at a three-way intersection.
He was going to the bar called “Burn” to take a look.



Sorry it’s so late again! It looks like something fun is going to happen soon c;

300 yuan= approximately 43 USD.
Minimum hourly wage in Beijing is about 3.90 USD.

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