Mu Xiaoke looked at the stranger beside him, and his doubts increased again.
Why is he a teacher in the school, why does he appear at this time, and why would he help to deliver a message to the head teacher?

Seeing this, the man smiled.
His handsome face melted all the coldness and harshness just now, and instantly captured everyone’s hearts, “We met again.
I’m Chu Han, and now I’m your intern teacher in your class.”

“Teacher, you look so handsome when you smile, right?!” Luo Jiaming yelled fearlessly.
Obviously, he was still full of anger just a moment ago.
Now he can show such a heart pounding smile.

“Class monitor, don’t go to the game either, take those boys with you to the office.”

Sure enough, the intern teacher made a straight face when he stared at the class monitor once more.

When the group arrived at the office, the head teacher had already received the news from the physical education teacher in advance, and when she saw the male students who stirred up the trouble, she had a dark face as soon as she saw them.

“Have you apologized, Li Shanghai, you took the lead in causing trouble again!”

The leading boy was firmly taught by the head teacher and lowered his head, “Mu Xiaoke, I’m sorry.”

Teacher Chen said, “You guys don’t go either.
Figure things out before leaving.
You guys are already senior high school students and you will be adults in two years.
If you don’t even have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, there will be times when you suffer losses when you enter the society in the future.”

Mu Xiaoke was puzzled, “Teacher, why are you looking for me?”

“Because someone misinterpreted your illness and spread it out, several parents in the class came to me.
If this matter is not handled well, it will not be good for you and the other students.” Teacher Chen didn’t say it directly, but Mu Xiaoke could guess what those parents would say, probably because their precious child couldn’t be in the same room with a person with mental illness.

Mu Xiaoke typed, “I can undergo a psychological assessment or submit the diagnosis results to the school.” After typing this sentence, Mu Xiaoke wanted to continue, but Chu Han pressed his shoulder.

Mu Xiaoke looked up at Chu Han.
Chu Han shook his head slightly, and then said, “For a rumor that is causing a lot of trouble, it’s not Xiao Ke who needs to explain this matter, but the person who started the rumor.
Xiao Ke, you don’t need to apologize for something you didn’t do.
The school can’t make your privacy public, understand?”

Teacher Chen was reminded by Chu Han’s words that in order to pacify the rumors, the first reaction of the school was to let Mu Xiaoke prove that he was harmless.
However, from the perspective of protecting students’ privacy and psychological education, the school must not use the disclosure of Mu Xiaoke’s medical records to solve the problem.
Otherwise, if this matter spreads on the Internet, regardless of whether Mu Xiaoke has a psychological disorder or not, outsiders will think that there is a problem with the management of their school.

“But, Teacher, other students also said that Mu Xiaoke had… They said it methodically, and I… we believed it.” Li Shanghai said, feeling guilty.
He had just been scolded, and he was still in awe of the teacher, so he didn’t mean to go on.
After speaking, he secretly glanced at Mu Xiaoke.

When they first saw Mu Xiaoke, they felt that Mu Xiaoke was different from other boys.
He looked very thin, but surprisingly [email protected] cool.
If it weren’t for his disability, it was estimated that the boys and girls chasing him would have to line up at the school gate.
But now they don’t like Mu Xiaoke very much.
No matter what, they just don’t like him.

If it’s discovered that someone really deliberately made rumors at that time, aren’t those of them who followed the ridicule also very shameless? He felt unhappy when he thought about it.

“There is no actual evidence, and no matter how discerning it was, it can only prove that this story was deliberately made up by someone with malicious intention.” Teacher Chen interrupted Li Shanghai’s unreasonable questioning.
Now as long as she can find the student who started the rumor, she may be able to solve the problem, which can appease both the students and the parents.

“Li Shanghai, the teacher knows that you have a lot of ways.
Tell the teacher who spread the news.
The teacher can ignore that you formed a faction to exclude your classmate this time.”

Li Shanghai’s face instantly collapsed.
How can he bear the accusation of the head teacher? “Teacher, I didn’t…”

“If you don’t want to take this blame, say everything you know.”

Chu Han cruelly made up for it.

Li Shanghai and his little brothers reluctantly told what they knew.

Mu Xiaoke saw several two-day screenshots shown by Li Shanghai.
He saw that there was a person he knew in the student group——Cao Chengli, a person who could be called a lapdog-like figure around his older brother.
Even after they went to college, this person never left his older brother’s side.

“Was it him who said it?”

Mu Xiaoke pointed to Cao Chengli’s avatar and asked.

Li Shanghai nodded, “Yes, I saw it in this group at the beginning, and he said the most.
He…seems to be your older brother’s classmate.
He said it was your older brother who said it, and we just believed it.”

“You can’t blame us for this, right? Don’t we believe what your older brother said?”

“Why is he talking about this?”

“I don’t know, there are hundreds of people in the chat group, and almost the entire school’s students are in it.
How can I keep staring at the chat history from time to time.”

“Uh, I saw…” The boy next to Li Shanghai whispered.
Seeing everyone looking at him, he hurriedly said, “A few of the Senior 3 seems to be talking about a thing to your older brother, and then they talk about you, saying you… saying you can’t speak, and then this person says you have… psychological problems.”

The people who saw the content of the conversation didn’t care what the actual situation was, and simply saw that they started all kinds of gossip and guesses.
Afterwards, the people who looked at the records might regard those unfounded speculations as facts.

Teacher Chen’s expression changed after listening, “Is what you said is the truth?” Li Shanghai didn’t dare to speak anymore, so he stood and listened to the lecture

“Export all the chat logs from that period to me.
You guys actually have a group of hundreds of people who circulate the rumors.
Are we teachers too kind to you?”

A boy who hadn’t spoken came out at this time, “But… Mu Xiaoke’s older brother is also in the group.
If he thinks we have misunderstood, why didn’t he say anything?”

In fact, it was because of this that Li Shanghai and the others dared to humiliate Mu Xiaoke so blatantly.
Mu Xiaoke’s older brother didn’t help him.
It’s obvious that Mu Xiaoke’s illness is very embarrassing, so he didn’t say anything.
Moreover, Mu Xiaoke’s affairs have been discussed in the group for several days.
There is no possibility that Mu Kai will not see the news.
No matter how bad it was, Cao Chengli is a good buddy of Mu Kai, and it’s impossible for him to go against Mu Kai.

“My older brother…”

When Mu Xiaoke was typing, several people stared at his phone screen, but Mu Xiaoke stopped typing after three words, which made the hearts of the gossiping boys go crazy.

“No way, your older brother really hates you so much.
He deliberately made the rumors about you?”

“Li Shanghai! You have no control over your mouth? Saying everything outwardly!” Teacher Chen was so angry at these absolutely disgraceful fellows.
It’s draining her emotional intelligence to the point where it is stifling!

Mu Xiaoke put away his mobile phone, shook his head and no longer expressed his position.

“All right, with this record of information, it will dispel the rumors.
Xiao Ke, don’t be afraid, the teacher will stand by your side.”

Chu Han timely grabbed Mu Xiaoke, “I’ll take him back to the classroom.”

The temperature on Chu Han’s hand reached his heart through his thin shirt.
This feeling is very wonderful.
It was the third time.
Chu Han’s timely assistance has calmed Mu Xiaoke’s heart.
How could this man always appear in time?

Mu Xiaoke looked up at Chu Han unconsciously.
Chu Han naturally didn’t disappoint him, and showed him a very kind and inquiring look.
Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but smile, then shook his head.
After returning to the classroom, he obediently waved goodbye to Chu Han.

Chu Han rubbed his head once more, “Go to the office to find me if something’s up.”

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