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After Luo Sheng’s name was called out, Xiaoyin’s booth was even more crowded.
And Luo Sheng, herself was still talking with Mu Xiaoke, completely oblivious to the commotion she caused.




    “Madam, please promise me!”




    Xiao Yin quietly grabbed Mu Xiaoke’s clothes and winked at him.




    Mu Xiaoke understood Xiaoyin’s meaning: he could sell it quickly! Finally, Mu Xiaoke nodded.




    Luo Sheng immediately took out her mobile phone to scan the QR code to pay, as if she was afraid that Mu Xiaoke would go back on his word.




   “By the way, madam, do you have weibo? Let’s follow each other!” Luo Sheng said, then opened Weibo and waited for Mu Xiaoke to reveal his ID.




    Mu Xiaoke was stunned, he didn’t have a weibo account!




    “Madam, don’t you have Weibo?”




    “Then how can I find you? Next time you release a new product, what should I do if I can’t buy it?”




    Luo Sheng regretted so much that she wished to help Mu Xiaoke apply for a Weibo account on the spot.




    “I have an account at station X, and I will update my creations there in the future.
If you want, you can add my account—Ke Yan.” Mu Xiaoke showed this line, and Luo Sheng and a group of boys and girls who came to watch from behind paid attention to the LV1 account with nothing on the homepage!




    After Luo Sheng bought something, she left happily, and then the crowd gradually dispersed, and the few young ladies who were still watching finally bought the remaining few hairpins.




    Mu Xiaoke didn’t expect to come to the comic-con for only an hour, and all his hairpins that were not cheap were sold!




    Not long after, Xiao Yin entrusted her booth to the little sister next to her and took Mu Xiaoke and Luo Jiaming to go shopping together, and by the way, she taught them some necessary common sense of the second dimension.
For example, the madam can also be a man.
For example, Xiaoyin is a well-known writer in the fandom.
For example, the Hanfu sisters just now are all in the Xiaoyin group.




    Speaking of Luo Sheng who just bought the agate jade hairpin, Xiao Yin was very excited! “Miss Luosheng is super popular.
Basically, there is no one in the ancient fashion circle who doesn’t know her.
She came to buy this hairpin today, and even if it doesn’t make money, she can still sell it! Believe me, she will post the hairpin on Weibo in a while, and it’ll attract hundreds of thousands of new fans for you!”




    “So powerful!” Luo Jiaming exclaimed for Mu Xiaoke.
hundreds of thousands of fans, more or less.  If one-tenth of them could become Mu Xiaoke’s regular customers, it would be a booming business!”




   “How can I lie to you? She has a really big traffic flow.
In the past six months, every domestic game has asked her to sing fan songs, and she is one of the best in the circle.
Xiaoke, I told you that you will be able to fire!”


(TN: get famous or be a hot topic or trending)




    Mu Xiaoke quickly waved his hand, “It’s all thanks to you, if it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t be able to meet that singer.  I have to thank you very much.”




    “Hey, no, speaking of it, I thank you too, look at this hairpin, how beautiful it is, as soon as I came here, many sisters came to ask me where I bought this hairpin.
And my books were sold a lot more!” There are many small expressions on Xiao Yin’s face.
Looking at Xiao Ke’s expression, she felt a little sorry, so she smiled slyly: “Make me a hairpin next time, and give me half the price!”




    “Hahaha, Xiao Yin, you are so good.” Luo Jiaming laughed.
Mu XiaoKe nodded without hesitation, don’t mention half the price, it should be free.




    Before leaving, Xiao Yin and Luo Jiaming followed Mu Xiaoke to register a Weibo account and asked him to update his status on Station X and synchronize his Weibo account.




    After returning home, the first thing Mu Xiaoke did was to upload the photos he had taken before to Weibo and X station respectively.
Unexpectedly, someone reposted his agate jade hairpin as soon as he sent it out, and the person who reposted it was Luo Sheng.




    Luo Sheng reposted it and wrote: Thank you madam for your ingenuity, “Wild Crane in the Clouds” is so beautiful!




    Luo Sheng’s fans followed closely behind, swarming in with comments and reposts.




    It was the first time Mu Xiaoke enjoyed so many people’s affirmation of him, and he was so excited for a while, the joy and sense of accomplishment almost overflowed, he couldn’t wait to find someone to share this joy.
He rushed to knock on Chu Han’s door without thinking.




    When Chu Han opened the door and came out, he saw Mu Xiaoke’s big shining eyes smiling at him, and he couldn’t help but also smiled, “What’s the matter, so happy?”




    Mu Xiaoke showed him his mobile phone, and the content inside was very simple.
There are hundreds of comments under one piece of content, all about hairpins.




    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke in surprise, “The video has been uploaded?”




    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “I went to the comic-con today! Then all the hairpins you saw were sold.
A very powerful singer helped me promote it after buying it!”




    Chu Han understood now, “So you are very happy now?”




    Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously, the smile on his face couldn’t be suppressed, “Many people like the hairpin I made.
I have never been praised so much by so many people, I am so happy! Teacher, I am really happy!”




   He typed the word happy twice, but he still felt that it was not enough to express his feelings at this time.
Even though he was able to speak in his previous life, no one had ever affirmed his ability.
Even though he had been admitted to the same school as Rong Yanzhe, even if he had received a scholarship, in the eyes of the people around him, he was just A Dou.
It was a waste of air to want to live.
They all said that it is enough for the Mu family to have one child, Mu Kai, and he is just the one who is holding him back and he might bring the Mu family down and become the target of public criticism one day.


(TN: A-dou, a nickname of Liu Chan (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263.
weak and inept person)


    Especially after marrying Rong Yanzhe, he lost his freedom, missed normal classes for a long time, was eventually expelled from school, and truly became a waste.
Rong Yanzhe never comforted him.
Rong Yanzhe would only add insult to injury and sneer, saying once again that he was not as good as Mu Kai.




    But now the facts have proved that he is not a waste.
What he has done can be affirmed by many people, and he can live a normal life on his own! He is not a burden on the Mu family, he will have his own career and live his own life!




    Now, he wanted to share all his feelings with Chu Han.
He felt that Chu Han would understand him and encourage him!




    “The hairpin you made is very beautiful.” Chu Han put his hand on Mu Xiaoke’s head.




    Mu Xiaoke burst into laughter, “Thank you, teacher!”




    “I’m waiting for your video, you agreed to let me be the first viewer, don’t forget.”




    Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously.




    A few days later, Mu Xiaoke uploaded the edited video.




    The first one to repost and like his video was a level 6 account.
The strange thing is that this account is not the video publisher, but a follower of his.
There are actually a few super-up masters with over a million followers!




    “I heard that there is a wonderful little newcomer, and we are here to spread flowers with Mr.




    “Come on, cutie!”




    “The hairpin is so beautiful, and the little hands are so beautiful!”




    “Madam, Madam Fairy!”

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