Mu Xiaoke saw that his video was popular, and the biggest promoter was the account “Han”.


    Mu Xiaoke was frightened and sent a private message to the other party, “Teacher, is that you?”


    Soon, the other party replied: “Well, the video is not bad.


   It’s really Chu Han.
Chu Han has a close relationship with so many popular super-up masters.
One retweet can attract everyone to join in.
Who the hell is Chu Han?



    Chu Han said that retweeting is just a small thing.
This “little effort” is simply “flattering” to Mu Xiaoke, and this time he owes Chu Han another big favor!


    If his “thank you” is not completed, it really seems insincere!


    Another weekend, Mu Xiaoke didn’t go anywhere else and spent the whole morning in the kitchen.
The day before, he asked the hourly worker aunt to help him with the meat filling and dough.
He wanted to make dumplings by himself.
For Mu Xiaoke, who is still a rookie in the kitchen, even though the preliminary work has been almost done, it took him nearly two hours to make dumplings.


    After using up all the dumpling wrappers, he made two large baskets of dumplings, and it was almost 11 o’clock.


    He quickly turned on the fire and cooked the dumplings in a hurry.


    Half an hour later, Mu Xiaoke was standing at the door of Chu Han holding an insulated box and a gift bag.
He had already sent a message to confirm that Chu Han was at home, and would not go out this time.


    Chu Han soon came to open the door for him.
Before Mu Xiaoke could say anything, he saw Chu Han on the phone.
Chu Han shook his head to let him in.


    Mu Xiaoke found the kitchen familiarly, put down the thermos box, and when he turned around, there was a young man in a suit and leather shoes staring at him.
He was startled and almost bumped into the counter behind him.


    The young man reached out to help him, but Chu Han immediately hung up the phone and interrupted: “Don’t scare him.
Xiao Ke, come here.”


    Mu Xiaoke hurried over, but he was still a little shy, so he hid behind Chu Han unconsciously sideways, away from the young man.


    The young man said beyond belief, “Brother Chu also has such pity and tenderness, it really opened my eyes.”


    Chu Han looked over coldly, put his hands on Mu Xiaoke’s shoulders naturally, and looked down to comfort him “Don’t be afraid, he’s my classmate.
He doesn’t mean anything malicious.”


    Cen Luo’an almost rolled his eyes when he heard that.
Does he look like a bad guy who lures, and kidnaps minors?


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, then pointed to the insulation box, and showed the typed words to Chu Han.




    Chu Han was a little surprised, “Did you make it?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, his face flushed, and he typed to tell Chu Han that he didn’t actually make it himself and that the worker aunt helped season it.


    But delivering food to Chu Han made him somewhat shy.


    Chu Han took him back to the kitchen island, and the three of them gathered together and opened the insulation box.
Cen Luoan’s eyes lit up, “Oh, there are so many.
It smells so good, kid, you are so virtuous!”


    Chu Han glared at him, and Cen Luo’an became unhappy.
“Brother, you called me over early in the morning, I didn’t even eat breakfast.
Now the little beauty gave you some food, don’t you plan to divide it among your brothers?”


    Mu Xiaoke has never heard anyone make fun of him like this.
What little beauty? This person is so frivolous.


    Mu Xiaoke’s disgusted little eyes fell into the eyes of the other two.
Chu Han smiled unceremoniously, Cen Luo’an was so angry that he stretched out his hand to hold Mu Xiaoke’s head, “Kid! you need to be taught?”


    Chu Han patted Cen Luoan’s hand away, and smoothed Mu Xiaoke’s hair, “Okay, don’t mess with him, he’s very thin-skinned.
Xiao Ke, have you eaten yet?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, and Chu Han decided to eat together.


    Then, Mu Xiaoke saw Chu Han roll up his sleeves and get busy in the kitchen.
Mu Xiaoke looked at him from behind, not understanding what Chu Han was going to do.


    Cen Luo’an dragged Mu Xiaoke away, “How can you eat dumplings without dipping sauce? Brother Chu is a picky eater.”


    Mu Xiaoke realized later, that’s right, why didn’t he prepare dipping sauce?!


    At this time, the sound of chopping the cutting board with the back of the knife suddenly sounded, and Cen Luo’an immediately became serious, not daring to make mistakes.


    Picky… Then, would the dumplings he made not suit Chu Han’s taste? When Chu Han was seated, Mu Xiaoke stared at him nervously, afraid that Chu Han would not be able to eat.
Mu Xiaoke just stared at him, watching the dumplings being eaten and swallowed, and then Chu Han frowned!


    Mu Xiaoke almost stood up, but Chu Han said, “It’s not bad.” 


Mu Xiaoke’s mood was like riding a roller coaster, and now he finally landed and can rest assured.


    Chu Han couldn’t help laughing.
It’s really interesting to tease children.


    During the dinner, both Cen Luo’an and Chu Han maintained good table manners.
Mu Xiaoke was speechless, and the other two were almost silent.


    After the meal, Cen Luo’an was assigned to wash the dishes, while Mu Xiaoke sat at the bar in the kitchen aisle and drank the juice Chu Han squeezed.


    “Brother Chu, I’m so tired…” Cen Luo’an doesn’t even know how to wash the dishes, but Chu Han ignored him.


    Mu Xiaoke was cared for by Chu Han, and just after drinking half a glass of juice, the glass in front of him was filled again.


    Cen Luo’an looked back and saw this, and couldn’t help humming: “Brother Chu, you are really eccentric, but you won’t be eccentric for long.
Kid, after a few days he’ll be gone, and you won’t be able to see your dear Teacher Chu.”




    Mu Xiaoke stood up in shock, staring at Chu Han with wide eyes.


    Chu Han pulled him to sit down, and patted him on the head, “My internship period is almost over.
I have other things to do in school so, I have to go back.”


    Of course, Mu Xiaoke knew that Chu Han’s internship was still halfway through.
It’s been a month, why is he leaving all of a sudden?


    “Can’t bear to part with me?” Chu Han teased him.


    Of course, he can’t bear it, such a good big brother, who treats him so well and helps him so much.
If Chu Han leaves, who can he tell what happens to him in the future?


    “Xiao Ke, you don’t need me.
You can do well by yourself so, don’t be sad.”


    Chu Han hit the nail on the head and said some cruel words.


    Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but feel sad.
He was obviously in a good mood just now, but when he heard the news suddenly, he didn’t even have the energy to go home.


   “Hey, what’s in this bag, did the kid bring it?”

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