Mu Xiaoke immediately ran over to check Mu Xiangyang’s mobile phone, no, he didn’t expect it himself, how could it be possible?


    Mu Xiangyang was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth, “The money for the cram school is not in vain, so you can rest assured that your father is so good!”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at his grades and couldn’t say that he got full marks, but several relatively easy subjects were close to full marks, especially mathematics, and he even got 140! His father is right, the money for the cram school was not in vain!


    “Okay, okay, keep working hard in the future, maybe our family can produce a No.
1 high school champion!”


    Mu Xiaoke suddenly felt a lot of pressure, why did he suddenly start to hope that he would be the champion in the exam? Isn’t this Mu Kai’s task? Mu Xiaoke remembered that in his last life, although Mu Kai was not able to enter the same school as Rong Yanzhe and the others, it was not like now that he could not even get into the school’s top 100 students, so no one in the family at that time held the Mu family’s hope over to the boisterous and reckless Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but look at Mu Kai twice, and Mu Kai immediately noticed that.
He gave Mu Xiaoke a warning with his eyes.


    Mu Kai clenched his fists secretly.
The thing he had been guarding against happened.
Mu Xiangyang discovered Mu Xiaoke’s excellence and found that Mu Xiaoke could take on a big responsibility.
If Mu Xiaoke was really allowed to develop like this, it is unknown whether MuXiangyang will give MuYan film and television to him.


    “Xiao Ke, I didn’t expect you to study so hard outside of making hairpins.
It really makes me ashamed.”


    Mu Kai’s words seem to be praising Mu Xiaoke, but between words, it seems that Mu Xiaoke’s first priority is making jewelry, and studying is only secondary.
Knowing that Mu Xiangyang has some complaints about Mu Xiaoke’s making jewelry, he keeps mentioning it again and again,  just to keep Mu Xiaoke from feeling better!


    But Mu Xiaoke didn’t answer his words, he turned around, and went back to watch his own movie.


    Mu Xiangyang was not very happy when he heard Mu Kai’s words.
Now he has not interfered with whether Mu Xiaoke makes jewelry.
If Mu Xiaoke insists on doing it, it’s not like he, as a father, can’t help Mu Xiaoke develop.
After all, if Mu Xiaoke develops in this direction, it will just avoid the conflict between the two brothers competing for Mu Yan, and the two brothers can complement each other, which is the best of both worlds.


    On the contrary, Mu Kai took the initiative to stir up conflicts between brothers during this period of time.
Can Mu Xiangyang, a businessman who has been in the business world for many years, fail to see what Mu Kai is thinking? He prefers the healthy elder son who has the same appearance as his first love, “Okay, your brother passed the exam and you don’t have to be happy for him, what are you talking about?”


    Seeing this, Mu Kai knew that his words were no longer as useful as in the past, so he didn’t say anything more, so as not to get angry.


    So this rare night when the father and son had dinner together, Mu Xiaoke could eat so comfortably.


    After eating, Mu Xiangyang immediately contacted the teacher of the institution where he attended his make-up class.
The teacher opposite was happier than Mu Xiangyang because they can use Mu Xiaoke as a typical case to attract new students next semester! The students who have been studying with them for a semester have taken the first grade in the first middle school exam.
If this signboard is put out, I am afraid that the threshold of their institution will be trampled!


    After Mu Xiangyang said some polite words, he immediately asked about the price of the supplementary lessons for the third year of senior high school.
In fact, Mu Kai seldom participated in make-up classes, because his grades were good before, and Mu Kai didn’t like being arranged, so Mu Xiangyang never interfered in this matter.
But the situation is different now.
If Mu Kai doesn’t think of ways to improve his grades, how can he get into the top ten prestigious schools?


    “Then when will your winter vacation sprint class start?” Mu Xiangyang asked.


    “In fact, our class is full, but we will take care of Xiao Ke’s brother.
The official start of the class is next Monday, and it will last until the 28th year of the year.
If you think it is suitable, I will add your W letter and help you sign up and pay the fee.


    “Okay, then participate.”


    After Mu Kai heard it from the side, his eyes widened, and he had to go to class until the 28th of the new year during the winter vacation!


    Mu Kai waited for Mu Xiangyang to put down the phone and then expressed his thoughts, “Father, can I not go?”


    Mu Xiangyang glared at him, “If you don’t go now, will you wait to repeat it next year?”


    Mu Kai was extremely upset, why did he start talking about repeating before that time, “I already have a lot of homework to complete and adding a cram school, I will be really tired.”


   “When is the third year of high school not tired? Look at Fu Jiayun, if you have stable grades like him, I won’t want to pay more money! Look at Xiao Ke, he knows that his foundation is not solid enough.
Even if he is asked to pay the tuition fee himself, he will pay it without saying anything.
He found this cram school by himself! Don’t always think that your brother can’t do anything, he can control himself now.
He studies and learns crafts.
What about you? You can’t do anything if you are asked to do it! Come on, you just need to add homework.
You have to go to class during the winter vacation.
I still have something to do in the company, so I’m leaving.”


    Mu Xiangyang finished speaking angrily, then got up and went out.


    Mu Xiaoke immediately threw himself back into the room, not even daring to look at Mu Kai, and being alone with him again.
Who knows what Mu Kai will do?!


    Out of the corner of Mu Kai’s eyes, he could only catch Mu Xiaoke’s thin and blurry back, and it was too late to find fault.


    Mu Kai shut himself in the room angrily.
He has been restless these days.
In the final analysis, it is because of Mu Xiaoke.
Fu Jiayun and Rong Yanzhe suddenly became different people.
They no longer revolve around him.
Even his father values ​​Mu Xiaoke more than before.
But… all kinds of things, he was worried about these things so much that he couldn’t even concentrate on his studies.
So he has made up his mind to use the winter vacation to get rid of Mu Xiaoke thoroughly.


    But soon he will lose his freedom!


    Suddenly, Mu Kai’s cell phone rang, and he immediately picked it up, “Mom!”


    The woman on the other side scolded in a low voice: “Don’t call me Mom, how many times have I said it? Have you considered what I told you before? If you still don’t decide now and miss the exam, I won’t care about you anymore.”


    “I…” Mu Kai frowned.
If he was going to take the exam, he couldn’t explain it to his father.


    He didn’t want to give up yet, it was easier to get Mu Xiangyang’s appreciation than to go another way.


    “There is nothing to hesitate about.
Are you afraid that you won’t pass the exam with me here?”


    “No, but if I go this way, then the Mu family’s company…”


    “It just using all the resources of the Mu family to support you.
The Mu family is yours, fame and wealth are yours, so what are you afraid of?!”


    “Father told me to go to cram school for the whole winter vacation, I don’t know how to say it…”


    “If you don’t say it, let me come.
The problem is that you have to think about it yourself.
Don’t be a wicked person when the time comes.
I can’t please you and offend your dad.”


    Mu Kai gritted his teeth, “Okay, then I’ll go!”


    Mu Xiaoke went back to the room and send Chu Han a message immediately.
His grades are so good this time, he has to let Chu Han know! He did so well on the math test, besides having extra meals outside the classroom, Chu Han helped him a lot.
This top student in the Department of Finance knows everything as if he is a genius in mathematics!


    But it was early morning at Chu Han’s side, so Mu Xiaoke could only put down his phone and do the homework left by his master.


    At noon the next day, a large group of people came to the Mu family.


    Mu Xiangyang is often away from home because he is busy with work, and at this time only Mu Kai will attract so many guests.


    Among these guests, in addition to Fu Jiayun, who Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to meet, there was also Cao Chengli who helped Mu Kai spread the rumors that Mu Xiaoke was mentally ill.


    Standing on the stairs on the second floor, Mu Xiaoke looked at five or six older boys, feeling an inexplicable premonition in his heart.


    Mu Kai turned his head to look at Mu Xiaoke, with a sneer on his face, but he said in a gentle voice: “Xiaoke, you are coming down.
We are going to have a barbecue for lunch.
Come with us.”



    Mu Xiaoke frowned, he looked at the other people beside Mu Kai.
Fu Jiayun was the first to stand up and walk in front of Mu Xiaoke, “Xiao Ke, long time no see.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked down at Fu Jiayun, not understanding what was wrong with this person.
He raised his hand to do sign language but thought that this person couldn’t understand his sign language.
This brother next door who has known him for 16 years can’t understand his sign language.


    “I don’t like barbecue, I’m sorry.”


    Mu Xiaoke bypassed Fu Jia and walked straight to the kitchen.


    He didn’t know when Cao Chengli started following him.
Mu Xiaoke almost poured hot water on him when he turned around.
Cao Chengli is less than 1.8 meters, but because he often plays ball, he is very strong.
Cao Chengli approached him further, he smelled a disgusting smell, and he quickly turned around to avoid him.
He took a glass of water in his hand and poured it directly, and kept away from the other party vigilantly.


    “Why are you hiding? Don’t you like men very much?”


    Cao Chengli approached him, “Do you often fantasize about Fu Jiayun? I heard that you always stare at him, isn’t your ass …”


    Mu Xiaoke kicked Cao Chengli in the shin and fibula, and Cao Chengli almost knelt down in pain.
Mu Xiaoke immediately shoved all the stainless steel basins on the sink to the floor, and there was a loud noise in the kitchen. 


“Can you take medicine if you are sick?” Mu Xiaoke uttered in voice through his mobile phone.


    At this time, Fu Jiayun and the nanny aunt rushed in from outside.


    The nanny hurriedly pulled Mu Xiaoke over, “Xiaoke, what’s wrong with you? Have you met him?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, pointed to Cao Chengli on the ground, and told them that this person needs to be cared for.


    Mu Kai followed in, Cao Chengli looked over and immediately complained: “Your brother kicked me and denied it!”




    Mu Kai looked at Mu Xiaoke, Mu Xiaoke leaned pitifully towards their nanny, and the aunt immediately protected Mu Xiaoke, “Don’t talk nonsense, Xiao Ke is so skinny, how could he bully you?”


    Mu Kai forced a smile, “Yeah, there must be some misunderstanding.
Well, Cheng Li, get up quickly, they have already started to form a team.”


    Cao Chengli stood up staggeringly, unwilling to let it go, “You wait for me!”


    Mu Xiaoke became vigilant.


    Fu Jiayun looked at them, and for some reason, suddenly proposed to change places, “Let’s go to my house for a barbecue.
Xiao Ke, you have a good rest, and we won’t bother you.”


    Before Mu Kai had time to say anything, the nanny immediately echoed: “Yes Xiao Ke wants to rest, why don’t you go to Fu’s house to have a barbecue? Auntie will help you send the things there, and you haven’t started packing anyway.”


    Mu Kai glanced at Fu Jiayun, and Fu Jiayun was also looking at him, and finally, Mu Kai agreed.
“Then tell Brother Yanzhe that we have changed places.”


    Mu Xiaoke watched them leave, and the ominous premonition did not dissipate but became stronger.



    Mu Xiaoke was drowsy from his afternoon nap when a figure came over him, he woke up with a start, it was Cao Chengli! Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, Cao Chengli became fierce and wanted to tear his clothes off!


    While Mu Xiaoke was struggling, the door opened again and Rong Yanzhe rushed over and knocked down Cao Chengli with a punch.


    Then, Mu Xiaoke saw Rong Yanzhe beat Cao Chengli to death like he was going crazy!

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