“The two newlywed, please exchange rings!” 


    The couple was Rong Yanzhe and Mu Xiaoyanzhe.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.
At this time, Mu Xiaoke was standing in front of him in a neat white suit, surrounded by their relatives and friends.
Friends, but hardly anyone with a smile on their faces.


    Why don’t they laugh? Shouldn’t they be happy? He would marry Mu Xiaoke.
That Mu Xiaoke who always refused him and hated him would marry him.


    Rong Yanzhe picked up the ring and put it on Mu Xiaoke’s ring finger, for fear that Mu Xiaoke would regret it and run away if he was a second late.
Fortunately, Mu Xiaoke is very good now, honestly let him hold hands and let him wear a ring.


    But when he looked up, the smile on Mu Xiaoke’s face was seems forced.
Does Mu Xiaoke not want to marry him? It doesn’t matter, anyway, he has already put the ring on and he has to tie it if he doesn’t tie it!


    Just like just now, Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to get in touch with him so much, so he came out to see him off and smiled at him, although the smile was as forced as now!


    On the wedding night, Rong Yanzhe couldn’t wait to find his “bridal”, but for some reason, he couldn’t find him no matter what, and Mu Kai was always following him!


    No, no, it wasn’t Mu Kai following him, it seemed that he was following Mu Kai!


    “Brother Yanzhe, I’m sorry, it’s my fault for making you sacrifice to this point, but Xiao Ke is a very good boy, even if he is a bit willful sometimes, he has no bad intentions.”


    “How can he be worthy of you to say good things about him? He tried his best to climb into my bed.
If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t care about him.”


    Rong Yanzhe was stunned, what was he talking about? What crawling on the bed? Mu Xiaoke crawled onto his bed? He is not dreaming, how can Mu Xiaoke talk to him? Even if he is delivered to the door, Mu Xiaoke refuses to smile at him!


    “Cousin, it’s time for us to go.


    Fu Jiayun appeared out of nowhere and left with his arms around Mu Kai.


    Rong Yanzhe found that he was still reluctant to give up Mu Kai and even wanted to chase them, but when he looked up, Mu Xiaoke was watching them on the second floor.
Rong Yanzhe found that even in the dark, Mu Xiaoke’s beautiful big eyes were still so dazzling, but the way those big eyes looked at them was so sad!


    Why be sad, why is no one happy because of this marriage?


    Rong Yanzhe ran back to the room.
He wanted to hug Mu Xiaoke.
He hugged Mu Xiaoke twice today, but he still felt that it was not enough.
If he had a chance to hug such a cute boy, he would definitely not let him go.


    But Rong Yanzhe ran to a place he had never seen before somehow.


    “Rong Yanzhe, can I go out?” A clear voice came from beside his ears, Rong Yanzhe was stunned, it was… Mu Xiaoke’s voice, Mu Xiaoke has spoken! He can talk!


    But why did he look so sad? And the light in his big eyes became dim, making Rong Yanzhe’s heart flustered.


    Isn’t it just going out? Of course, I will take you wherever you want to go!


    “No, you should recuperate well at home and don’t run around.
If I find you running around, you should think about what will happen to your father’s company.”


    Rong Yanzhe heard himself say something that made him horrified.


    Why don’t you let him go out? If he gets angry, he won’t talk anymore.
If he doesn’t smile at you again, no matter how much you coax him, he won’t talk to you!


    “Don’t touch me!”


    Mu Xiaoke screamed in horror, Rong Yanzhe completely woke up from that absurd dream.


    It’s just that he didn’t expect that when he opened his eyes, he saw his parents surrounding him.


    “Yanzhe, how are you feeling? Is there any discomfort? Why did you suddenly have a fever? You didn’t tell us you’re sick which frightened us!”


    Rong Yanzhe was stunned, he had a fever? Is that why he is so confused that he has such an outrageous fantasy?


    But why did he dream of marrying Mu Xiaoke??


    Why did he get angry and even have the idea of killing when he saw Cao Chengli insulting Mu Xiaoke? Why did he want to bully Mu Xiaoke so much, but never thought of really forcing Mu Xiaoke?




    Mu Xiaoke went out for a walk but unexpectedly ran into Rong Yanzhe on the way.
When Rong Yanzhe saw him, he was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly shouted: “Wife!”

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