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 After Chu Han hung up the phone, he looked back at his computer.
On the computer is a contract, the contract to invest in Mu Yan Film and Television’s “Autumn Festival” online drama.
The investor is Shao Minghan, accounting for 43% of the investment.
If it is said that before Mu Xiaoke’s accident, he hesitated whether he really wanted to take such a large percentage, but now, he still wants to take more, so much that Mu Yan can fall directly into his hands.


    On the day of Mu Xiaoke’s accident, Lin Jun called and told him about it.
Lin Jun downplayed the matter and said that Mu Xiaoke was not actually hurt.
Chu Han didn’t have any emotions at that time, but that night, he dreamed of Mu Xiaoke crying and begging him for help.


    Even now, when he closes his eyes, he can still think of the pain in the dream.
Mu Xiaoke’s eyes turned red from crying, and he shouted wordlessly.
His white hands stretched out to him, wanting to get his help.
But in the dream no matter how he reached out, he couldn’t touch Mu Xiaoke’s small hands, and then he saw Mu Xiaoke lying in a dense forest, unable to rest in peace when he died.


    That scene completely woke up Chu Han.
After waking up, a wave of inexplicable anger in his chest could not be dissipated no matter what.


    Afterward, he desperately wanted to see Mu Xiaoke’s vivid images, but he waited for Mu Xiaoke’s call for two days, but nothing came.
Mu Xiaoke seemed to be avoiding him, even refusing to send a message. 


    Chu Han was very angry, but he didn’t want to make Mu Xiaoke cry again because of his anger.
In the end, Chu Han had no choice but to have someone send Tourmaline there, not only to reward him for being first in the exam but also to hope that he could be at ease.


    Seeing the smile on that cute little face today, he felt a little better.


    Chu Han thought for a moment, the investment in front of him was not enough… He contacted Lin Jun.
After Lin Jun answered the phone, he did not expect to hear Chu Han say: “Muyan Company’s financing meeting, you find someone to attend for me.”


Chu, there are too many bubbles in the film and television industry, didn’t you say that yourself, why do you want to be involved in this muddy water?” Lin Jun did not agree with Chu Han’s impulsiveness.
Although he believes that Chu Han will not focus on the film and television industry in his future career, he is now too involved in the Mu family’s affairs.
It is easy to expose his long-hidden strength to the Rong family.


    However, Chu Han acted as if he didn’t understand the advice in Lin Jun’s hidden lines, “I have my reasons, so you just do it.”


    Lin Jun couldn’t help but get serious: “Mr.
Chu, the old man entrusted you to me before he left.
It is necessary to remind you when you are not thinking carefully.
Muyan Film and Television do have certain investment value, but don’t forget that Rongzhao is also trying to find ways to enter the film and television industry to make quick money.”


    “If there is too much intersection with Rong Zhao, your previous forbearance will lose its due value.”


    “So I gave you a new project.” Chu Han interrupted Lin Jun displeasedly.
In his impression, Lin Jun is not a talkative person at ordinary times.
Such a person is easy to use, but once he nags, it is also a headache.


    “What?” Lin Jun was at a loss.
When did it happen?


    “Go check your email.
Next week the board of directors will use my project.
You are responsible for making Rong Zhao’s calculations completely fail.”




    “Assistant Lin, do you not trust me or yourself?”


    Lin Jun had nothing to say, he could only listen.
But he still couldn’t bear to slander him.
What new project caused his sudden entry into the film and television industry? It was obviously because of Mu Xiaoke!


    That child Mu Xiaoke has already caused the Rong family to become a mess, and now it has affected Chu Han.
He really doesn’t know if this is a blessing or a curse.


    In a blink of an eye, it was New Year’s Eve.


    The Mu family has always invited several brothers’ families over to have fun.
When Mu Xiaoke saw a few uncles dragging their families to the house, he felt unspeakably panicked.
It has been more than half a year since he was reborn, but he is still not used to crowded places, especially ones full of relatives.


    In the last life, Muyan Film and Television’s capital chain was broken, and those uncles came to insult their family, one after another.
To be precise, they only insulted him, a young man who had not yet graduated from university.
At home, they scolded him for being shameless and robbing his brother for a man, causing the family’s company to almost go bankrupt.


    When Mu Xiaoke saw them, he subconsciously avoided them, but unexpectedly, when the children saw him, they suddenly started calling him mute.


    “Mute! He’s really mute, brother!”


    “Hmph, what’s the use of being first in the exam? My parents still use him to teach me a lesson.
I’d rather be the last one than be mute!”


    “Mu Xiaohai, what nonsense are you talking about!” The child’s father rushed over and slapped the child’s butt twice, then pretended to apologize to Mu Xiaoke, “Xiao Ke, don’t care about it.
Your brother is still young, he didn’t mean it.”


    Mu Xiaoke glanced at the father and son, then typed and played the voice: “Uncle Liu, Xiao Hai is already 12 years old, if you don’t teach him manners, he will easily offend people when he enters junior high school.”


    “What are you talking about!” the child was so angry that he wanted to jump up and hit someone.


    Mu Xiaoke hid in time, with an aggrieved expression on his face, and continued to speak: “The child who beats his brother is really uneducated.”




    “What are you doing?” Mu Xiangyang came in from the outside, with a serious face.
These cousins ​​of his are really unruly, and dare to bully his son like this in front of him at his house.


    “Third brother, Xiao Ke’s words are really ugly.
How can he say that about his younger brother?”


    “Xiao Ke’s younger brother? But none of you, uncles and brothers came to take a look after he got sick.
They poked fun at our family as soon as they entered the door.
What do you mean by this?”


    “Hey, come on, come on, Old Sixth, don’t say a few words.
If you come to have a reunion dinner today, don’t make trouble.” Mu Xiangyang’s elder brother came out to smooth things over and asked the brothers to sit down.


    When eating, the family divided three tables to be able to sit down, and Mu Xiaoke and Mu Kai sat at the junior table together.
There are also two young uncles at this table.
These two young uncles ​​are still in college, and they are considered to be the same age as the Mu Xiaoke brothers.


    “Xiaokai, come, have a drink.”


    Mu Kai shook his head quickly, “No, no, I can’t drink.”


    “If you don’t know how to drink, just learn.
You will be a big boss like the third brother in the future.
How can you not drink when you are socializing? Xiaoke, do you think so?”


    Mu Xiaoke glanced at them and continued to eat by himself without saying anything. 


    The two uncles were very unhappy when they saw Mu Xiaoke’s indifferent attitude.
They were stopped by Mu Kai when they were about to attack, “Xiao Ke has been ill recently, and he doesn’t like the excitement.
Please don’t worry about him, uncles.”


    “You are still sensible, Xiaokai.
We will rest assured that the company will be handed over to you in the future.
If we change people, we don’t know whether we can get so many dividends.”


    Mu Kai quickly became humble, “I’m still very young.
Let’s talk about it later, right Xiao Ke?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked up at him, his eyes were cold enough that Mu Kai had already received the warning signal.


    Mu Kai was startled.
Since the incident with Cao Chengli, Mu Xiaoke had completely broken up with him at home.
Even Mu Xiangyang might not be able to stop Mu Xiaoke from messing around.
If he gets annoyed again, he doesn’t know if he will reveal the family’s ugliness again.
The things that Mu Xiaoke doesn’t care about, Mu Kai knows that Mu Xiangyang cares very much.


    This New Year’s Eve dinner was also very boring.
It was nothing more than a few elders picking out what happened this year one by one, and then discussing the children’s grades.


    Mu Xiaoke went back to his room early.
He had already completed five orders that he received a year ago.
Since he was apprenticed to a teacher, his hand speed and proficiency have greatly improved.
Things are more refined than before.
The previous orders were placed one or two months in advance, and it may be possible to accept new orders.


    Sitting in front of the workbench, Mu Xiaoke began to worry about Chu Han.
He didn’t know how Chu Han spent the New Year abroad alone.
He sent him a Happy New Year’s Eve message during the day, but he didn’t reply.


    Suddenly there was the sound of fireworks exploding outside, and Mu Xiaoke rushed out of the balcony of the room.
It turned out that the fireworks show for the annual meeting arranged by the municipal government had begun.
Seeing the gorgeous fireworks blooming one after another in the night, Mu Xiaoke smiled.
There are so many beautiful things in this world.
He has regained his new life.
He wants to cherish the present life more, and the future will be as dazzling as these fireworks’ beauty.


    Posting the fireworks video he took casually on Weibo, he added the words: I wish you a safe and happy life.
In the first year of my new life, I thank everyone who accompanied me along the way.


    Chu Han sent a message: Happy New Year, my cutie.


    Mu Xiaoke smirked shyly and replied: My teacher Chu, happy new year.


    Seeing Mu Xiaoke’s timely reply, Chu Han sent a video request.


    Mu Xiaoke was still standing on the balcony when he opened the video, and the fireworks behind him were still going off.
Chu Han saw that palm-sized face with a high nose and big eyes shining brightly.
The beauty’s face was even more beautiful, and Chu Han couldn’t help but stare blankly.


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t notice the reason for Chu Han’s lack of focus, so he only smiled and asked why Chu Han didn’t speak.


    Chu Han recovered, and his eyes became much gentler, “Why don’t you go back to the house? Isn’t it already close to zero at night?”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t expect Chu Han to be so clear about the temperature in City Y and suddenly felt warm in his heart.


    So he went back to the room with his mobile phone, closed the French windows of the balcony, fixed the mobile phone, and gestured in sign language: “The air conditioner is turned on in the room, so it’s not cold.”


    Chu Han nodded in satisfaction, and then the two of them naturally chat about their daily life.


    “Did you eat the New Year’s Eve dinner so fast? What did you eat?”


    Mu Xiaoke began to recall the dishes on the table and reported them one by one, but Chu Han knew that he didn’t eat much of the food on the table.
“Are you really full?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, besides eating a bowl of rice tonight, he drank a bowl of pork rib soup and ate a piggy bun, which was specially made for him by the nanny.
Eggs are added, and a small amount of sugar is added.
The egg yolk is delicate and full of aroma.
It is the staple food that Mu Xiaoke likes to eat recently, and making it like a pig can attract children who come to visit.


    Mu Xiaoke sighed again: “The pig buns are delicious!”


    Chu Han was amused by his little appearance.
Recently, he always heard him mentioning pig buns.
When he goes back, he has to find out how sacred the pig buns are, so that his cute little one can never get tired of eating them.


    “When do you have spring break?”


    Mu Xiaoke probably couldn’t count the number of times he asked this question.


    “Starting on the 10th of next month.” After Chu Han finished speaking, he smiled slyly and asked, “Do you miss me so much?”


    Indeed, Mu Xiaoke admitted without concealing it.
Because of the winter vacation and the Chinese New Year, and for various reasons, he had to obediently stay in the big villa of the Mu family, pretending to be a harmonious and happy family.
How could this kind of life compare to the days when Chu Han was here? His gaze always makes him happy at any time, he likes to stay with Chu Han.


    He had never felt this kind of feeling before.
That’s why he was so attached to Chu Han.


    Chu Han was speechless because Mu Xiaoke confessed too bluntly.
He originally wanted to tease Mu Xiaoke, but in the end, it seemed that he was the one being teased.


    “Teacher Chu?”


    Chu Han immediately felt a sense of immorality when he was addressed like this, and the person in front of the camera seemed to be a little smaller again.


    Chu Han coughed twice, “Don’t call me teacher from now on.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at him blankly, “What should I call you?”






    The author has something to say: Someone actually forgot Teacher Chu? The cutie is his, the black-bellied teacher Chu decided to hug and hug the cutie every day, and cry for you!

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