Mu Kai, who came to show off his power a few days ago, has become a bereaved dog today, even jumping over the wall to threaten Mu Xiao in order to get his job back.

But Mu Xiaoke didn’t know about it.
This incident was unexpected.
His father was not such a rational person.
Even if he knew that Mu Kai was not qualified for the role of the leading man, he would not remove Mu Kai.
What happened, did Mu Kai offend someone?

Mu Kai yelled and cried, “Xiao Ke, why did you treat me like this? I hate you so much, I hate you so much!”

Mu Xiaoke stood inside the door, and Mu Kai stood outside the door.
The two brothers who were once very close are now enemies.

Hearing Mu Kai’s cry, Mu Xiaoke’s heart was touched, but no matter how miserable he was crying, Mu Xiaoke would not soften his heart anymore.
It is impossible for Mu Kai and him to repair their relationship one day.

Mu Kai’s cries disturbed the other residents of the building, and the property security came up and invited him out.

Mu Xiaoke completely relaxed.

And after Mu Kai left, his father made a video call to him, and the first sentence was to ask: “Xiao Ke, did your brother go looking for you?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, indicating that Mu Kai had already left, and did not know where he was.

“Why didn’t you keep him? Hey, he quarreled with me about acting, and I don’t know what he will do!”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help asking when he saw Mu Xiangyang’s battered look, “Why not let him act?”

“I don’t want to, but I don’t know what happened, a few major shareholders suddenly called, saying that this movie they need to appoint a leading actor, and if I don’t agree, they will withdraw their capital.
What else can I do!”

“Do you really think that Mu Kai is good enough to be the leading actor?”

Mu Xiangyang did not expect Mu Xiaoke to ask this question so bluntly, “What do you mean? your brother has already failed, and you don’t even allow him to make a living?”

Mu Xiaoke was taken aback, it turned out that after so many things, his father still regarded him as a despicable and shameless villain.
He laughed at himself and stopped meddling.

Mu Xiangyang was shocked when Mu Xiaoke hung up the phone, Mu Xiaoke’s smile just now made him feel bad, “Why did I say this again!” He immediately called Mu Xiaoke back, but Mu Xiaoke didn’t answer.

Mu Xiaoke took a deep breath and let go of his superfluous feelings.
He no longer had any expectations of his father and brother, and he would not pay any more attention to their affairs in the future.
They are no longer a family.

Mu Xiaoke thought that his father might come to play a father-son relationship in a while, so he simply went to find the master with his tool bag on his back.

Because Mu Xiaoke is still in high school, he can’t often come to the old man’s small western building, but every time he comes, the old man will teach him everything, and then assign a lot of homework for Mu Xiaoke to go back to practice.

It has been 5 or 6 days since the last time he came to the small house.

The old man smiled when he saw him coming, “Why didn’t you call before you came?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you, but I thought that if you were resting, I would do handicrafts in the yard.” Mu Xiaoke typed.

The old man was puzzled, “Didn’t you come to me to hand in your homework? Is there something wrong at home?”

Mu Xiaoke pursed his lips and smiled helplessly, “Well, I have a conflict with my father and don’t want to go home.”

The old man stroked his head, “Your father…forget it, you go and use my workbench.
I’ll watch you.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at the old man.
The meaning of the old man’s words just now seemed that he knows his father.
But the old man didn’t say much, and it was hard for him to ask.

Mu Xiaoke stayed at the old man’s house until the night, the old man wanted him to stay overnight, but Mu Xiaoke still refused.
He has been bothering the old man for a whole day, so how could he bother people again?

Back home, Mu Xiaoke saw an insulated lunch box at the door.
On the way, he saw several missed calls on his mobile phone, and a message from his father, “I cooked for you, hurry home and eat while it’s hot.”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to eat these things, but he still took the lunch box home with the principle of not wasting food.

Looking at this house, he knew it was time for him to have his next step.

“Dad, please transfer the house in Shihua to me.” Mu Xiaoke sent this message overnight.

Mu Xiangyang’s blood pressure almost went up when he saw this news.
Mu Xiaoke’s thoughts couldn’t be more obvious, he really wants to separate from their family.

“You go home tomorrow.” Mu Xiangyang replied.

But Mu Xiaoke refused to agree, “No, I still have things to do.
Please tell me if you have something to say.”

Mu Xiangyang was furious, what could a high school student on summer vacation do?

Mu Xiaoke took a picture of his order schedule and reminded his father that not only those who start a company and become the boss are busy with everything, but craftsmen who rely on their own craftsmanship to make orders are even busier.

Mu Xiangyang immediately stopped having any objections.
In the past six months, Mu Xiaoke has hardly reached out to him.
Mu Xiaoke’s tuition and living expenses are almost all borne by himself, because he, as a father, cannot transfer money to his children in a timely manner.

And these expenses were all borne by Mu Xiaoke by taking orders.

The next day, Mu Xiangyang came to Shihua alone.

Mu Xiaoke invited him in and poured him a cup of warm water.
Although he knew that his father liked to drink tea, he had no interest in pleasing his father.

Mu Xiangyang looked at the glass of warm water in front of him and felt that his position in his son’s heart had dropped sharply.
He asked anxiously, “Xiao Ke, why do you want this house?”

“This is the house my mother bought before marriage.
It is the only part that is not part of the common property between you.
I am not afraid of your anger.
If I don’t take this house now, I am afraid that you will hand it over to Mu Kai.”

“What are you talking about? Why would I give this house to Xiaokai? Besides, if your brother needs it in the future, shouldn’t you help him?”

Mu Xiaoke was extremely disappointed, “Now that you’re saying this, can I believe that you won’t give all of the Mu family, including this house, to Mu Kai? I know you like Mu Kai more than me, and I won’t force anything.
I have said many times that I don’t want a cent of your property.
I don’t want any, I just want this house, and I will slowly repay you for your kindness in nurturing me in the future.”

“Mu Xiaoke, are you talking in human terms?”

“Then what you do, is it decent?”


“Brought the illegitimate child home on his wife’s birthday in full view, forcing the wife to admit the status of the illegitimate child.
Is what you did very decent?”

Mu Xiaoke stood up, condescending looking at his father.
He also didn’t want to use his mother as a bargaining chip to blackmail Mu Xiangyang, but he really couldn’t bear Mu Xiangyang’s insult to him.

“Until now, you have not asked Mu Kai to apologize to me about Cao Chengli’s matter.
It seems that everything Mu Kai did was right, and I was too fussy.
I can’t even bear to let my brother and friend rape me, do you think so?”

“If you think you are doing the right thing, and you want to occupy my mother’s inheritance and pass it on to Mu Kai, I can only sue.”

Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Xiaoke, and he felt chills in his heart, “Who taught you to do this!”

“No one taught me..”

“Are you trying to force your brother to death?”

Mu Xiaoke was very puzzled, “How can I kill Mu Kai if I want a house? Could it be that you are going bankrupt and need this house to save your life?”

“Your brother just wants to be better than you, and he just wants to get more than you.
Now he has failed the exam, and you are still in the top three of the grade.
If you can get this house, but he can’t even get a leading role in a web drama, he will collapse!”

Mu Xiaoke smiled disdainfully, “Then please go through the transfer procedures as soon as possible and settle the matter quietly, and I will keep the secret for you.
But if you insist on refusing, I can only make things worse, and still, get the house in the end.
I’m afraid you can’t hide it if you want to.
Mu Kai will be even crazier.
If he is crazy, your favorite son will lose his future.”

Mu Xiangyang raised his hand fiercely and was about to slap Mu Xiaoke’s face, but Mu Xiaoke immediately dodged to the side, “If you do something, I will ask a lawyer to sue tomorrow.”

Mu Xiangyang shouted: “Mu Xiaoke, why on earth do you want to do so desperately!”

Mu Xiaoke frowned, why did his father and half-brother like to blame him for the root of the problem? Is he their original sin?

“You should ask you and Mu Kai this question, I can’t answer.
I used to believe so much that you guys love me, but you guys have done it time and time again and let me down.
If I can’t protect myself, then I will be eaten by you guys and there’ll be not even bones left of me.
My mother has become your victim, she died to protect me.
I can’t let myself go on the road of death, otherwise, I won’t live up to her motherly love.”

Mu Xiaoke finished typing these words.
Mu Xiangyang completely sat down on the sofa, “Everything was fine at home, but since you suddenly lost your voice, everything has changed…”

“It’s good to change, and only when you change will you have a new life.
I am living very well now.
Dad, the happiest day in my life, except when my mother was alive, is now when I leave you.”

Away from you all, some people appreciate his handiwork, some cherish his friendship, and some enthusiastically celebrated his birthday, and there was another person who extended a helping hand when he was in a state of despair, protecting him, pampering him, and supporting him throughout the year.

Under your shadow, I am only qualified to face the pain.

“Do you have to do this?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, it has to be so.

Three days later, Mu Xiangyang took Mu Xiaoke to the relevant department to complete the process, and Mu Xiaoke got his first property..

Coming out of the office hall, Mu Xiaoke bowed his head to Mu Xiangyang, “Thank you, Dad.” After speaking, he didn’t want to ride in Mu Xiangyang’s car either.
He took a taxi by himself to go home.

The first thing he did when he got home was to take a photo of the real estate certificate and send it to Chu Han.

Chu Han didn’t know about Mu Xiaoke’s plan in advance, and he was really shocked when he saw this certificate, so he immediately made a video call with Mu Xiaoke.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Xiaoke lay down happily holding the certificate, “The house has been transferred to my name, and I already own a house!”

Seeing how happy he was, Chu Han felt less worried.
“How did you get it? Did your father bully you?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “I’m happy that you are worried about me! But he didn’t bully me.
He was afraid that I would affect Mu Kai, so he followed me in everything.”

Chu Han sighed unconsciously, “Why are you so anxious to get the house, I can help you when you grow up, or when I go back.”

“Of course, I know you can help me, but I can’t wait.
When I become an adult, I will separate my account as soon as possible.
I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore.
Brother Chu Han, you understand me right?”

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