Y City Airport.

Mu Xiaoke came to the airport to see Chu Han off again.
Mu Xiaoke’s big eyes looked at Chu Han, and his eyes were full of reluctance and attachment to Chu Han.

“When can you come back next time?”

Chu Han was puzzled by his eyes and raised his hand, but before touching the soft skin on Mu Xiaoke’s face, he turned his head in time, and his hand gently fell on Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder, “It may take a long time.”

Mu Xiaoke lowered his head in disappointment, Chu Han couldn’t help but clenched his shoulders, and finally hugged him tightly, “Wait a little longer, when you grow up some more, I will come back.”

Mu Xiaoke hugged him back, nudged him in his arms a few times, raised his head, withdrew from that reliable arm, and looked at Chu Han intently with those shining eyes, “Have a safe journey, remember that I am waiting for you.”

Chu Han took a deep breath, resisting all kinds of urges in his heart, “You also need to be healthy, and protect yourself well.”

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoke almost burst into tears, but he still held back, he couldn’t be like a fledgling that couldn’t leave the nest.

At this time, the boarding reminder sounded at the airport, Chu Han could only let go of Mu Xiaoke, turned around, and entered the gate.

But this time when he left, Chu Han was more procrastinating than before, turning his head three times a step at a time, and the kid still stood in the same place as before, waiting until he was completely out of sight before he was willing to leave.

Mu Xiaoke waved his arms vigorously, always responding to Chu Han’s gaze.

When he was about to reach the gate, Chu Han took one last look at the little figure, and resolutely broke away.

Mu Xiaoke put down his hand slowly, feeling empty in his heart.

“Mu Xiaoke?!”

A voice that shocked Mu Xiaoke came from behind, and when he turned his head to look, it was indeed Rong Yanzhe.

Mu Xiaoke subconsciously took two steps back, wanting to stay away from Rong Yanzhe, but he couldn’t react faster than Rong Yanzhe, so he walked over and grabbed Mu Xiaoke’s arm.

Rong Yanzhe is used to Mu Xiaoke’s avoidance of him, so every time they meet, he will find a way to get closer to Mu Xiaoke.
So he gets into the habit of taking the first step.

“What are you doing here, where are you going?” Rong Yanzhe suddenly realized that this is the entrance of an international flight, and became even more nervous, “Are you going abroad, are you going to avoid me again?”

Mu Xiaoke wanted to save his arm, but he couldn’t match Rong Yanzhe’s strength.

“Cousin, let go quickly, you’re hurting Xiao Ke!” Fu Jiayun followed closely and grabbed Rong Yanzhe’s arm to help Mu Xiaoke.

Rong Yanzhe glared at Fu Jiayun, but it was because of Fu Jiayun’s approach that he let go.
He didn’t believe that Mu Xiaoke might be able to escape surrounded by the two of them.

Mu Xiaoke glanced at the two of them, turned around, and walked out of the airport.
Rong Yanzhe couldn’t help laughing when he saw this, he didn’t want to run out of the country.
Rong Yanzhe followed, and said a bit meanly: “I’ll take you back, brother will take you to dinner, okay?”

Mu Xiaoke looked up at him, the current Rong Yanzhe had never seen him like this in his previous life.
It was like a dogskin plaster, not at all like that self-righteous prince of the Rong family.

(TN: dogskin plaster refers to something or someone that is hard to break away from.)

“I still have something to do, so I can’t go to dinner with you.” Mu Xiaoke typed.

Rong Yanzhe was not very happy, “You refused to meet me for so long on vacation.
I have never been angry, why are you angry with me instead?”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but roll his eyes.
I didn’t want to see you.
Do you want me to tell you such an obvious fact?

But based on the principle of not angering Rong Yanzhe, Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to say too much, “I’m going to work, I can’t delay.”

Rong Yanzhe was stunned for a moment, remembering that he hadn’t seen Mu Xiaoke return to Mu’s house for more than a year, and in addition to Cao Chengli’s previous affairs, Rong Yanzhe also guessed that Mu Xiaoke had broken with his family.

But he didn’t expect that Mu Xiaoke had been reduced to the point where he had to work part-time during the winter and summer vacations, and when he thought of Mu Kai happily participating in some talent show but Mu Xiaoke was doing odd jobs, he was furious.

“Did your dad not even give you living expenses? Go back with me, and I’ll settle the score with them for you!”

Mu Xiaoke threw away Rong Yanzhe’s hand that was about to reach out again.
He looked at Rong Yanzhe and really didn’t understand what was going on with this person, “I don’t need your help, I’m doing well now, I don’t want to go back and see them.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at Fu Jiayun who was following closely.
The two cousins were standing together, and they were actually a bit panicked, which really made Mu Xiaoke feel very ironic, “Don’t follow me, I don’t want to say anything more.” After that, he ran up and got rid of the two.

Fu Jiayun watched Mu Xiaoke run away, and then looked at Rong Yanzhe.
Rong Yanzhe had an angry look on his face at this time, but Fu Jiayun could see that Rong Yanzhe was patient.
For the mighty Rong Yanzhe, the bottom line of his patience with Mu Xiaoke seems to be too low.
Fu Jiayun hesitated, and asked the sentence that he always wanted to ask but never dared to ask: “Cousin, you are …… to Xiaoke.”

Rong Yanzhe suddenly changed his face, and threatened: “Don’t meddle in my own business!”

Fu Jiayun frowned, “If it’s someone else, maybe I can’t control it, but I watched Xiao Ke grow up, so I can’t leave it alone.”

“In what capacity do you care about him, the neighbor, the boyfriend’s brother, or the crush?”

Rong Yanzhe’s words were sharp and explicit, he and Fu Jiayun have two completely different personalities.
Fu Jiayun likes to wear a gentleman’s cloak to make himself stand on the moral high ground, but Rong Yanzhe disdains it.
If he wants to get something, he will use the most brutal and simple way to take it away.

Fu Jiayun always has a sense of superiority in front of him.
This sense of superiority depended on the affection between Fu Jiayun and the Mu family.
The two brothers grew up together, but Fu Jiayun didn’t understand.
It was this kind of affection that made Mu Xiaoke even more repulsive to Fu Jiayun.
The neighbor who grew up with him was the most hypocritical person who didn’t know him well.
How could such a smart child as Mu Xiaoke be confused by Fu Jiayun’s current attention?

Fu Jiayun was very displeased when Rong Yanzhe’s words hit the sore spot, “There is no crossing the line between me and Xiaokai.
Cousin, you’d better speak carefully.”

“Hmph, is it? Will Mu Xiaoke believe what you say?” Rong Yanzhe didn’t give Fu Jiayun a chance at all.
Fu Jiayun had better wake up now.
If Fu Jiayun still intervenes in his and Mu Xiaoke’s affairs, he wouldn’t care about any cousin brotherhood.

“Jiayun, Yanzhe, why are you two still here, go in soon!”

It was Shao Yuzhen, Rong Yanzhe’s mother who came to them.

Rong Yanzhe walked over and took his ID from his mother, “I’m not going, you go.”

Shao Yuzhen was shocked, “What are you talking about?! Haven’t you already made an appointment? You still have to go there for an interview.
Don’t you plan to study abroad?”

Rong Yanzhe frowned and confronted his mother directly: “Going abroad is your wish, not mine.
I never thought of living abroad.

“How can you go back on your word at this time? If you don’t even have the experience of studying abroad, how can you compare…”

“Can’t compare with Shao Minghan is it, do I still need to compare with him now? A waste who doesn’t even dare to show his face and can only be a teacher in high school, why should I compare with him?”

Shao Yuzhen was frightened by the sudden anger of Rong Yanzhe, she quickly grabbed her son, “No, Yanzhe, if you study abroad and come back, you will be more emboldened to take over the company in the future.
It’s not that you don’t know your father recently…” Shao Yuzhen whispered more and more and unconsciously glanced at Fu Jiayun.
To put it bluntly, she not only had to guard against Shao Minghan but also her sister’s son.
If Fu Jiayun also thinks about robbing the company, the situation of the Rong family will only get worse.

Seeing her mother’s vigilant look, Rong Yanzhe felt even more impatient, “Don’t you believe in my ability? Needless to say, I won’t go.”

Rong Yanzhe ripped Shao Yuzhen away, Shao Yuzhen couldn’t even grasp it if she wanted to.

Shao Suzhen waited for a long time and did not see the children and sister coming, so she also came over, “What’s the matter, where is Yanzhe?”

Fu Jiayun looked in the direction Rong Yanzhe left, feeling a little uneasy in his heart, and turned to face his mom and said, “He’s not going.”

“Not going? Isn’t he going to attend an interview? How can he not go?”

Shao Yuzhen panicked, “Eldest sister, I… I’ll go find him, you guys hurry up and board the plane first.”

Shao Suzhen was stunned, she and her son just were just going out to relax.
It was obviously her sister and nephew who had a mission abroad.
Why didn’t they go when they had something to do? Instead, their mother and son became the protagonists.

On the plane, Shao Suzhen found that her son was also absent-minded, “Jiayun, what’s wrong, what happened to you just now, why did Yanzhe suddenly change his mind?”

Fu Jiayun didn’t know how to tell his parents about the affairs between their juniors, what’s more, even if he said it, his mother couldn’t solve the problem for them.

“Can’t you tell mom?”

Fu Jiayun forced a smile, “Mom, it’s nothing serious.
Cousin’s thoughts…I can’t see through it either.”

Shao Suzhen was not satisfied with this statement and stared at her son for a long time.
After a long time, Shao Suzhen suddenly mentioned Mu Kai, “Are you still in touch with Mu Kai?”

Fu Jiayun’s back felt cold, and he looked at Shao Suzhen in surprise.
What did his mother know?

“In the past, your father and I were afraid of affecting your college entrance examination.
Your father and I turned a blind eye to the matter of you, children.
You were so attentive at the time, and to be honest, your father and I felt very ashamed.”

Fu Jiayun suddenly fell on pins and needles, “Mom, those things are in the past.”

“The past is in the past, and now Mu Kai doesn’t even go to college, and he doesn’t have much contact with you, so your father and I are relieved.” As she said, Shao Suzhen looked into Fu Jiayun’s eyes, as if warning or sighing, “Fortunately, you are not too confused.”

Fu Jiayun didn’t know what to say for a while, but he faintly felt ashamed and dissatisfied.
He was just happy with Mu Kai.
How could he be confused?

“The Mu family’s family style is not correct, but…”

Fu Jia froze, but what?

“But Mu Xiaoke is a good kid.
If you like boys, mom hopes you can find someone with good character.”

“You…you mean Xiaoke?”

Shao Suzhen nodded with a smile, “In the future, the Mu family will still listen to Mu Xiao Ke, mother’s vision can’t be wrong.”

After hearing this, Fu Jiayun still felt uncomfortable, “Mom, Xiao Ke is very good, but I don’t want to use family history and these things to evaluate him.”

Shao Suzhen chuckled softly, Let’s talk about it later, anyway, you are still young, maybe you can find someone you like more in college.”

After Mu Xiaoke left the airport, he went directly to Fengyan Studio and worked until nearly 9 o’clock in the evening.
It was almost 10 o’clock when he arrived at Shihua.
This is the last day of delivering the goods.
After this busy day, he can finally take a good rest.
He has counted, and in three or four days, he will start school and become a poor senior dog.

Mu Xiaoke dragged his exhausted body out of the elevator, but at the door of the house, a tall and big man – Rong Yanzhe was blocking there.

Mu Xiaoke was not tired immediately and turned around to run.

“Mu Xiaoke, if you run away again, I’ll go to your school to make trouble!”

Mu Xiaoke could only admit defeat, turned around to look at Rong Yanzhe, typed, and asked, “It’s so late, why are you still here?”

Rong Yanzhe walked over and pulled him to the door, “Open the door.”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to open the door.
There are many secrets in the house, such as the manual workbench, such as the live broadcast equipment, such as the clothes left by Chu Han, such as the slippers left by Chu Han…

He didn’t have time to clean up so many things, so he didn’t dare to let a lunatic like Rong Yanzhe go in.


Mu Xiaoke turned his face away.

Rong Yanzhe’s teeth were itchy, he gritted his teeth and threatened Mu Xiaoke: “Open the door!”

“What the hell are you going to do!”

“To bring you food!”

Mu Xiaoke’s jaw dropped in shock.

“I will support you in the future!”

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