Two days later, Rong Yanzhe sent a message to Mu Xiaoke, “I passed the interview.”

Mu Xiaoke had already started his senior year of high school, and seeing Rong Yanzhe’s message made him feel more at ease, “Congratulations.”

Rong Yanzhe quickly replied, “Do you just want me to go abroad so much?”

When Rong Yanzhe said this, he obviously suspected Mu Xiaoke’s real intention of persuading him to study abroad.
Seeing this, Mu Xiaoke was also a little flustered.
He didn’t know why Rong Yanzhe asked such a question.
Could it be that Rong Yanzhe didn’t plan to study abroad?

Mu Xiaoke was afraid that Rong Yanzhe would be suspicious if he replied too slowly, so he could only reply in a hurry: “Do you really not like going abroad?”

Rong Yanzhe bluntly said that he didn’t like it.

“I’ve been having some weird dreams recently, and everything that happened in the dream is warning me not to be too far away from you.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at this sentence, and suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart, and asked quickly: “What dream?”

“I can’t tell, but it’s reminding me that if I leave you, you will leave.”

Mu Xiaoke gripped the phone tightly, did Rong Yanzhe know something?

But what could he know, the existence of Chu Han or the thoughts in Mu Xiaoke’s heart?

“Mu Xiaoke, you have always been far away from me.
If I go abroad to study, will you not even let me see your shadow?”

Mu Xiaoke thought for a long time before replying: “I don’t understand what you’re saying.
Now I just want to prepare for the college entrance examination.” Mu Xiaoke says so, he was gambling.
If Rong Yanzhe really has feelings for him, then he should have pity on him.
The college entrance examination is the only way out.
If Rong Yanzhe only comes to titillate Mu Xiaoke for his desire to conquer, then he should also know that Mu Xiaoke will be busy with the college entrance examination for the rest of the time, unable to take into account anything else.
Even if he comes to settle accounts with Mu Xiaoke, he will not care about it.

Rong Yanzhe finally fell silent, no matter what his reason was.

The life of a senior high school is really too busy.
There are many major and small exams.
The speed of the course is much faster than that of the first and second years of high school and the countless homework is overwhelming.

Mu Xiaoke studies almost 18 hours a day, from 6 am to 12 pm, and the rest of the time is only enough for eating and sleeping.

However, the child would go to his older brother to ask for a video call every night before going to bed.

Chu Han is also used to receiving Mu Xiaoke’s video at noon every day, so if he can’t receive it one day, he will be worried.

Sure enough, the punctual video was sent again.
Chu Han saw Mu Xiaoke laying on the bed with the quilt in his arms, his eyes were barely open, Chu Han’s heart softened, and he unconsciously lowered his voice: “You’ve worked hard today, go to sleep.”

Mu Xiaoke quickly opened his eyes wide, shook his head vigorously, and tried to type clearly on the phone screen: “Brother Chu Han, how are you doing today?”

Chu Han smiled, “Okay, I’m in a very good mood to see you well.” Chu Han didn’t say what was in his heart, the reason for his happiness was seeing the dazed little cutie lying on the bed, trying to keep his eyes open to look at him.

Such a cute kid, who can be in a bad mood after seeing it?

“Hey, go to sleep, if you hang on like this, I will feel bad.”

Mu Xiaoke blushed and hid under the quilt, only showing his big round eyes.

“Then I’m going to sleep.
Brother Chu Han, bye-bye.”


After a lot of suffering and torment, the college entrance examination came.

On the first day of the college entrance examination, before going out, Mu Xiaoke checks his ID card, exam admission ticket, pen, and ink in the exam bag three times before going out with confidence.

The moment he opened the door, Mu Xiaoke never thought that he could see the person he missed day and night!

Chu Han smiled and opened his arms, welcoming the little cutie into his arms!

Mu Xiaoke jumped into Chu Han’s arms, screaming in excitement.
Chu Han is back, Chu Han is back!

“Good boy, brother Chu Han will send you to the examination room, okay?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously!

Chu Han put the suitcase into the house, helped Mu Xiaoke check the schoolbag again, and then took him out together.

Mu Xiaoke was lucky, the examination room was at his school, and the two arrived at the school gate a few minutes later.
The examiners were lining up to go in.

Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke, and Mu Xiaoke also looked at him.
Chu Han held Mu Xiaoke’s hand, “Don’t be impatient, believe in yourself, and take the exam.”

Mu Xiaoke held Chu Han’s hand.
Students are always superstitious before the exam.
They should either hold the hand of the subject teacher or the hand of the top student.
Mu Xiaoke is already the top student among his peers.
He can’t hold his own.
So the university god just around the corner is Chu Han!

Chu Han didn’t know what Mu Xiaoke was thinking, but he was surprised.
This was the first time Mu Xiaoke held his hand back!

Chu Han’s heart moved, and he held his head and kissed him superficially between the eyebrows, “Go!”

Mu Xiaoke was stunned and subconsciously raised his hand to gently touch the center of his eyebrows.
Could this be the amulet given to him by the god of learning?!

Mu Xiaoke laughed, and made sign language: “I will work hard!”

The time for the exam passed quickly, but Mu Xiaoke was very happy with the exam, because he knew all the topics, and the composition was still the type he had practiced, which was probably the blessing of the god of learning.

After the exam, his exclusive god of learning is still waiting for him at the door!

He rushed over to pull up the hand of the god of learning, wishing he could kiss him.
Brother Chu Han is really amazing!

Seeing him like this, Chu Han suddenly understood what he meant.
Could it be that he was treating him like a Buddha’s foot, hugging him once for the exam?

At noon, the two of them went home for a meal.
The food was very simple because Mu Xiaoke kept in mind what the teacher said.
Everything should be as usual for a few days after the exam, and there should be no special work, rest, or diet.

Chu Han stared at him after eating and stared at him taking a nap, but Chu Han had a harder time with jet lag.

In the next few subjects, Mu Xiaoke went to pet his cute brother who was a god of learning before the exam and hugged him after the exam to thank him.

The two days passed very smoothly.
Mu Xiaoke came out of the exam with a radiant face, and the other candidates were even more so, like a bird out of a cage, even throwing away the exam bag.

On the night after the exam, Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke out for dinner.
Chu Han booked a location on the top floor of a hotel on the long embankment by the river.

Mu Xiaoke had hardly ever been to such a place.
Chu Han’s location was close to the window.
As soon as he lowered his head, he could see the cruise ships surrounded by colorful lights on the river, as well as the brightly lit night view of the river on the other side.

There are candlesticks on the tables in this restaurant, and there are mostly two seats, which is obviously an excellent place for couples to date.

But Mu Xiaoke didn’t think so much, he just looked at the beautiful night scene outside the window foolishly, feeling happy and excited.

Chu Han sat across from him with his chin propped up and looked at him.
Chu Han liked the kid’s small appearance, “Are you happy?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded!

In his previous life, Mu Xiaoke was full of fantasies about love, dreaming that he could become a married couple with his long-admired brother next door, and travel to all romantic and beautiful places.
Later, even if he gave up, he still wanted to have a new life with his husband, but that person locked him up, let alone dating in such a luxurious place, even going out became his lifelong dream.

But now, he had never had such unrealistic fantasies, let alone made such excessive demands on others, but Chu Han brought him here.

He reluctantly turned his gaze from the window, and Chu Han’s gaze was always on him.
Their eyes met as soon as he turned his gaze, and Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but want to cry.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Han asked softly.

Mu Xiaoke shook his head with a smile, “I feel so happy!”

“I can see that.
You can’t bear to turn back when you look outside and just leave me alone.”

Mu Xiaoke quickly explained: “I didn’t leave you alone, I can’t thank you enough.”

“Thank you for what? Thank you for touching your hands to engage in superstitious activities these two days?”

Mu Xiaoke blushed, unexpectedly, his little thoughts were seen through, “It’s not superstition, it’s a psychological influence! And it’s very effective, I feel very comfortable in every exam!”

Chu Han raised his hand and pinched his cheek, “Stinky boy.”

Mu Xiaoke dodged with a smile.
“How long will you be back this time? Can you graduate? I have graduated.
Can’t you graduate yet?”

Chu Han shook his head helplessly, “Maybe it will take half a year, just wait for me.”

Mu Xiaoke pouted and gestured: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

“Sir, can we serve the food now?”

The waiter came over and reminded them softly.

Chu Han nodded, “Serve.”

Chu Han ordered a full set, feeding Mu Xiaoke bit by bit from appetizers to desserts.

By the end of the meal, Mu Xiaoke’s stomach was bulging.
Chu Han asked him with a smile, “Are you full?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, and he would die if he ate another bite.

“Would you like some wine?”

Mu Xiaoke froze, he didn’t seem to have drunk alcohol yet.

“Haven’t had any?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded.

Chu Han encouraged him: “Do you want to try, some red wine?”

Mu Xiaoke’s eyes lit up and he nodded.

The waiter came up with the wine, poured a little for each of them, and looked at Mu Xiaoke before leaving and reminded him: “It’s better not to drink if you’re underage.”

Mu Xiaoke blushed and gestured: “I’m an adult!”

This made Chu Han laugh out loud, and the waiter was confused.
Chu Han smiled and said, “My younger brother is already an adult, don’t worry.”

The waiter touched his head in embarrassment, turned, and left.

Chu Han raised his wine glass, “Cheers.”

Mu Xiaoke immediately followed suit and raised his wine glass.
Chu Han said with a smile: “Congratulations to Xiao Ke for the successful completion of the college entrance examination, and I wish Xiao Ke good results in the exam.”

Mu Xiaoke smiled and clinked glasses with him, silently making a wish in his heart: I hope everything is well for Chu Han!

Mu Xiaoke picked up the red wine and poured it slowly.
He tasted it carefully with the tip of his tongue.
At first, there was a surge of sweetness, and then a little sourness, but compared with the sweetness, the sourness was almost negligible.

While drinking, Chu Han observed Mu Xiaoke’s expression, and seeing that he was drinking happily, he knew that he had chosen the right sweet wine with almost no alcohol content.

In the end, Mu Xiaoke was greedy.

The slightly drunk Mu Xiaoke was carried away from the restaurant by Chu Han.
When he reached the first floor of the hotel, Mu Xiaoke saw the night view across the river bank and couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of this city.
He patted Chu Han’s shoulder and pointed to the river bank.

Chu Han looked back and immediately understood what Mu Xiaoke meant, so he carried him across the road and walked slowly on the embankment.

The summer night wind was very comfortable on the face.
Mu Xiaoke was a little forgetful due to drunkenness.
He unconsciously hugged Chu Han tightly and rubbed Chu Han’s shoulder.
These days are really comfortable.

Chu Han looked at him sideways, with a smile on his face again.
With Mu Xiaoke, Chu Han is always happy.

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