The results of the college entrance examination were announced as scheduled, and Mu Xiaoke got a result that everyone expected.
This result is enough for Mu Xiaoke to choose the top ten colleges and universities in China at will.

Mu Xiaoke announced the good news to Chu Han immediately, and the two met via video call.
Mu Xiaoke saw Chu Han’s eyes and became inexplicably shy.
This was a feeling he had never felt before, but ever since Chu Han left him a kiss at the airport, he found that the relationship between them seemed to be different.
Looking at Chu Han now, Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help thinking wildly.

Chu Han has excellent eyesight and can tell Mu Xiaoke’s distracted mind with just one glance.
But he didn’t break it, and the two played charades.

Knowing the results, the next most important thing is to apply for a degree.
Mu Xiaoke has never made it clear what he wants to do in the future, and Chu Han has never asked too much, but at this time he has to ask.

“Have you figured out what major to study?”

Mu Xiaoke pursed his lips and expressed his heartfelt thoughts in sign language: “I want to study history.”

Chu Han never thought that Mu Xiaoke would give this answer, and his brows were almost immediately wrinkled, “Not jewelry design?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “I want to inherit my mother’s career.”

When Mu Xiaoke said that, Chu Han immediately had no objection.
Then he knew——Mu Xiaoke’s mother is named Yan Xin, and her real occupation is a museology expert.
She is a famous researcher at the Ancient Costume Museum in Y City.
This Ancient Costume Museum is also the largest and most complete exhibition of ancient costumes in the country.
The research results in ancient costumes are world-renowned.
Because the Yan family has handed down craftsmanship, Mu Xiaoke’s mother is particularly outstanding in the field of restoring ancient ornaments.

Mu Xiaoke seldom mentioned these things.
Chu Han thought that Mu Xiaoke didn’t know his mother well.
After all, Mu Xiaoke was only 6 years old when Yan Xin passed away.
Seeing that Mu Xiaoke was so determined, Chu Han knew that Mu Xiaoke had made this plan a long time ago.

However, Chu Han did not reveal that he already knew the past, but pretended to be ignorant: “Your mother is a historian?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, “She used to be a researcher at the museum, and she liked her job very much.
I want to follow the path she walked.” “

“This is your aspiration, and I support you.”

Chu Han looked at him tenderly, his eyes seemed to have thousands of stars, sprinkled into Mu Xiaoke’s heart through the video.

“Thank you!”

In the end, Mu Xiaoke chose Zhengying University in Y City, which is the university with the number one history major in Y City and one of the top ten universities in the country in terms of comprehensive strength.

However, it is not easy to attain this choice.
Mu Xiaoke’s grades were among the top three among all candidates in the No.
1 Middle School.
As soon as his father received the news, he completely forgot what he had said about severing ties.

On the day when the rankings were released, Mu Xiangyang made more than a dozen phone calls and even came to find Mu Xiaoke directly, with the intention of asking Mu Xiaoke to apply for the Finance Department of Huamu University.

Mu Xiaoke thought about it and agreed.

Mu Xiangyang did not expect that Mu Xiaoke would agree so simply, “You really agreed?”

Mu Xiaoke asked him back: “Otherwise?”

He was so obedient, and Mu Xiangyang felt uneasy, “Give me your registration password.
I will help you enroll.”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head directly and refused, “Dad, you know that’s not possible.”

“So you didn’t intend to listen to me, but just fooling me now?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head helplessly, “If I really listen to you to study finance, what should I do to support myself in the future?”

“Can’t the company at home support you?”

Mu Xiangyang spoke confidently as if he had forgotten that he had once said that it was impossible for Mu Xiaoke to meddle in the family business.

“I’m mute and I can’t work normally.
Besides, aren’t you afraid that your eldest son will go crazy even more? He’s the one who would go crazy even if I got the first grade in the exam.”

Mu Xiangyang was startled by Mu Xiaoke’s sign language, yes, how could he have forgotten his spoiled son who couldn’t bear others living better than him?

“Dad, I am your biological child.
I hope you can love me a little bit and don’t let me be killed at such a young age.
I can’t afford to be framed by Mu Kai.
One Cao Chengli almost killed me.
I don’t want to meet another Cao Chengli.”

Mu Xiangyang has almost forgotten the name, he has forgotten the prisoner who made his youngest son almost insulted.

Mu Xiaoke walked up to Mu Xiangyang and pulled him to the door, “Dad, for the sake of your two sons, don’t come to me anymore, just treat your eldest son well.”

How could Mu Xiangyang let him go so easily? This excellent son left the Mu family just like that, but at this moment he didn’t dare to take Mu Xiaoke home to provoke Mu Kai, “Xiao Ke, Dad won’t let you be wronged, you…”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “Stop talking, Dad, it’s really boring to debate the same issue over and over again.
I won’t go back and kill myself.
If there is Mu Kai, I won’t believe you.”

Mu Xiaoke repeated the sign language of “I don’t believe you” twice.

Mu Xiangyang’s face flushed, but he was blocked by the door before he could continue speaking.

Mu Kai is waiting for his father at home.
Today is the day when the college entrance examination results are released.
Mu Kai hoped that Mu Xiao Ke would fail the exams like him, but he feels that this possibility is almost zero in Mu Xiaoke, who has always had stable grades.

So he wanted to see if his father would bring Mu Xiaoke back.
If Mu Xiaoke really came back, he would definitely find a way to drive Mu Xiaoke out again!

When Mu Xiangyang returned home, Mu Kai went to greet him immediately, “Dad, you’re back.”

Mu Xiangyang glanced at him, thinking of what Mu Xiaoke said, he felt really bad.
Why did his two sons change their relationship so much that one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers? “Why are you back? Have you finished the work in the crew?”

Mu Kai nodded, not really, but he asked for leave.
Now he is no longer the kind of little actor who just debuted in obscurity, and now he is filming Muyan Company’s own ancient costume web drama, he is the male lead, and he is qualified to negotiate conditions with the crew.

“What about Xiao Ke, isn’t the ranking announced today? How did Xiao Ke do in the exam? Why didn’t you bring him back?”

Mu Kai’s eager questioning showed his guilty conscience.
In this case, Mu Xiangyang felt very uncomfortable, “It doesn’t matter how he did in the exam.
If he comes back, how are you going to bully him? He is your brother! What have you done to make your brother don’t dare to go home for several years? Now that he has managed to get good grades in the exam, are you still planning to make him fail to go to school?!”

Mu Kai didn’t expect that he would get such a harsh rebuke from Mu Xiangyang for just asking a few simple questions, “Dad, I never had such an idea.
Is Xiao Ke talking nonsense again? I told you, he is mentally unstable, and everything he said about hurting him is his delusion.”

“Delusion! Can delusion conjure up a Cao Chengli? That bastard is still in prison, do you think I have amnesia? Mu Kai, if you dare to bully Xiao Ke again, you can stop thinking about the family’s resources!”

“Dad! Are you going to frame me for something that hasn’t happened yet? I’ve never…”

“Shut up!”

Mu Kai watched Mu Xiangyang just shake his hand and leave.
He was very scared, and his mind was a mess.

Two months later, Mu Xiaoke successfully entered the History Department of Zhengying University and became a college student.
Since the school is willing to recruit a disabled person, it naturally tries to provide convenience for his life as much as possible.
When assigning the dormitory, it was specially arranged for students from the No.
1 Middle School in City Y to live with him.
This allowed Mu Xiaoke to get three friendly and kind roommates.

The three boys in the same dormitory belong to three departments, which means that four people in one dormitory belong to four departments.
Zhao Pengyuan from the Department of Mathematics, Chen Ying from the Department of Biology, and Lu Chao from the Department of Geography, and the only one from the Department of Liberal Arts is Mu Xiaoke.

Several big boys are interested in everything when they just entered college, but Mu Xiaoke is very calm about everything and ignores the work of club students.
The three of them think that maybe it is because Mu Xiaoke can’t communicate with others normally, so especially like to stay quiet.

In the end, Mu Xiao chose an extracurricular activity that surprised the three roommates—to work and study in the library.

Zhao Pengyuan asked carelessly: “Xiao Ke, are you short of money?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, how could he be short of money? In fact, his family conditions did not meet the standard of work-study programs, but he is disabled, and there were no rigid requirements for part-time jobs in the school, so he passed it as soon as he signed up.

“The work in the library is not tiring.
I should go to the library to read books often.
It would be nice to have a part-time job by the way.”

Mu Xiao Ke explained so.
This is actually what he had in mind, since he was going to major in arts, he had to improve his reading significantly The best way to improve his reading is to stay in the library, help organize books part-time and be familiar with the collection of books in the library.
This is a good job with no harm.

The other three boys looked at him, unable to refute his words for a while, so they could only let him be.

However, since living in the dormitory, Mu Xiaoke has faced a problem, that is, the video with Chu Han cannot be seen openly.
After all, if his roommates saw him, he wouldn’t be able to explain why he had to make video calls with a man every day.

Well, no matter what, he must see Chu Han every day.

So every night, Mu Xiaoke hid in bed early and pretended to go to bed early, and then used the cover of the bed curtain to make a video call with Chu Han on the bed.

Chu Han was glad to see Mu Xiaoke’s guilty look.
He knew that he was ashamed and that it was not customary to see each other every day, but he still insisted on meeting every day.
Why did Chu Han not ask? Chu Han didn’t ask, and Mu Xiaoke didn’t say anything.
It’s just that the two of them looked at each other more and more ambiguously, making people more and more shy and red-faced.

As Mu Xiaoke’s birthday approached, there was only one thought in Mu Xiaoke’s mind, and that was to spend this birthday with Chu Han.
So Mu Xiaoke asked Chu Han a week before his birthday, “Have you graduated recently, can you come back?”

Mu Xiaoke felt that if he asked this, Chu Han must know what he was thinking, but did not expect Chu Han did not seem to remember his birthday and just said, “Wait a little longer, I still have some things to deal with, and I will definitely go back on New Year’s Day at the latest.”

Mu Xiaoke was extremely disappointed.

On his birthday, Mu Xiaoke did not invite his classmates to celebrate, but silently completed his homework and slowly returned to the dormitory against the cold wind.
Opening the door of the dormitory, he didn’t expect it to be almost 8 o’clock, and his dormitory was still pitch black.

He fumbled to find the headlight switch, and suddenly several big boys jumped in from the balcony, “Happy birthday to you…” Several boys sang, and a tall figure came behind them, holding a candlelit cake.
Mu Xiaoke recognized the figure at a glance, it was Chu Han!

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