Mu Xiaoke walked up to Chu Han in a few steps and stared at Chu Han by the candlelight.
Looking at Chu Han’s burning eyes, Mu Xiaoke wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.
How could this person in front of him always do something that made him lose his mind and be thrilled?

After several big boys sang the birthday song together, Chu Han looked at him tenderly, “Happy birthday, I was absent on your coming-of-age birthday so, I can’t be absent this time, and I won’t be absent again in the future.”

Mu Xiaoke’s pupils dilated, what does this mean, what is Chu Han talking about, is he promising something?

His roommate then said “Happy Birthday” to him.
Zhao Pengyuan and the others turned on the headlights in the dormitory, and the world instantly brightened.

Mu Xiaoke unconsciously looked away from Chu Han’s face, for fear that his emotions would be exposed to the light.

Chu Han seemed to know what he was thinking, smiled slightly, and said to the boys, “He hasn’t blown out the candles yet.”

Then the boys realized, “Ah, turn it off right away!”

The dormitory was dark again, and Mu Xiaoke slowly raised his head.
Chu Han looked at him with a smile, “Make a wish.”

Mu Xiaoke closed his eyes, but for a moment he didn’t know what to wish for.
His mind was full of Chu Han’s smile.
He opened his eyes and blew out the candle.

His roommate helped turn on the light again.
Among them, Chen Ying couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Ke, why didn’t you tell us about your birthday? If it wasn’t for your brother who came to us, we still don’t know.”

Mu Xiaoke looked back at them, smiled embarrassedly, and then looked back at Chu Han.
Chu Han put down the cake and patted him on the shoulder, “I didn’t tell you because I wanted to give you a surprise.
You’re not blaming me for lying to you before, are you?”

Of course, Mu Xiaoke wouldn’t blame Chu Han.
Chu Han came back, he could not be happier.

“Xiao Ke, let’s go out to eat.
We’ll treat you.” His roommate suddenly said this, and Mu Xiaoke was embarrassed.
Birthday…he just wanted to be with Chu Han.

Chu Han seemed to know what he was thinking, so he declined for him, “I plan to take him out, next time we will invite you, and thank you for taking care of him.”

Mu Xiaoke agreed with this very much, and then distributed the cake to them, packed up, and went out with Chu Han with his schoolbag on his back.

Chu Han went downstairs with him.
Seeing that he was so obedient and left with him, he couldn’t help but want to tease him, “You really followed me without asking me where I was taking you?”

Mu Xiaoke stopped in his tracks immediately and look at Chu Han, is there even a need to ask?

After getting along with Mu Xiaoke for a long time, Chu Han can see Mu Xiaoke’s thoughts at a glance.
Did Mu Xiaoke trust him so unconditionally in his heart? Chu Han couldn’t help but hug him and walk downstairs quickly, “Take you to a fun place.”

At the door, a gust of cold wind blew, but Mu Xiaoke was stunned.
Chu Han took off his scarf, put it directly on Mu Xiaoke’s face, and helped him cover his mouth, nose, and ears.

The scarf with body temperature was wrapped around so suddenly, and Mu Xiaoke’s face couldn’t help but feel hot.
He looked up at Chu Han, feeling both moved and unbearable in his heart.
He gestured and said, “You are cold too!”

Chu Han held his face, lowered his head, and approached him, “I…”

When Chu Han was speaking, a figure suddenly rushed towards them, and Chu Han immediately pulled Mu Xiaoke, dodging the fist of the person coming.

When both of them stood still, they realized that the person who came was Rong Yanzhe!

It turned out to be Rong Yanzhe!

Rong Yanzhe was like a red-eyed lion at this time, his eyes were red with anger as if he was going to eat people in the next moment!

Mu Xiaoke was so frightened that he couldn’t move, why did Rong Yanzhe come back, and why was he downstairs in his dormitory? It’s over, Chu Han was seen by him! Mu Xiaoke didn’t care about other things, and stood in front of Chu Han, protecting Chu Han to death!

Seeing Mu Xiaoke’s actions, Rong Yanzhe shouted furiously: “Chu Han! How dare you touch him!”

Chu Han pulled Mu Xiaoke behind him, held Mu Xiaoke’s hand tightly, not letting him act rashly, and completely prevented Mu Xiaoke from approaching Rong Yanzhe.

And when Mu Xiaoke was pushed behind, Rong Yanzhe attacked Chu Han like crazy.
Chu Han pushed Mu Xiaoke into the dormitory building.
Facing Rong Yanzhe’s fist, Chu Han didn’t mess up at all.
He grabbed Rong Yanzhe’s wrist at once, twisted his backhand, broke Rong Yanzhe’s arm severely, and then kicked Rong Yanzhe’s crooked leg hard, forcing Rong Yanzhe to kneel down.

Rong Yanzhe immediately backhanded Chu Han with the other hand but was still held down by Chu Han.

Mu Xiaoke originally wanted to rush over to help Chu Han take the beating, but Mu Xiaoke was stunned by Chu Han’s successive captures, and even forgot what he was going to do.

Chu Han is too handsome, right?

Chu Han held down Rong Yanzhe and stepped on Rong Yanzhe’s ankle mercilessly.
As long as Rong Yanzhe dared to struggle hard, that ankle would be broken.
He asked coldly: “Rong Yanzhe, what do you want to do?”

Rong Yanzhe struggled with his upper body, but because his ankle was suppressed, he couldn’t use any strength at all.
The anger and unwillingness in his heart made him lose his mind even more, “Mu Xiaoke is mine, don’t even try to touch him!”

Mu Xiaoke stood two steps away from Rong Yanzhe, he looked at such a wretched Rong Yanzhe.
His heart was afraid and angry, what made Rong Yanzhe say this, what qualifications does Rong Yanzhe have?

“Chu Han, you do this today, have you thought about the future!”

Chu Han snorted, “Do you want to rely on your parents to threaten me?”

“I don’t need to rely on them to ruin your reputation! Chu Han, you have fallen into this situation today, what qualifications do you have to get close to Mu Xiaoke!”

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han in shock, what do you mean, what ruined reputation! What happened to Chu Han? No, Chu Han can’t be allowed to continue insulting Rong Yanzhe anymore.
If the Rong family retaliates against Chu Han for a moment of righteousness, that would be terrible!

Mu Xiaoke patted Chu Han’s hand, shook his head anxiously, and told him to let go of Rong Yanzhe.

Seeing Mu Xiaoke’s flustered look, Chu Han couldn’t help frowning, “Xiao Ke, what’s wrong?”

Mu Xiaoke gestured: “Let him go, don’t make him angry anymore!”

Chu Han looked down at Rong Yanzhe, thinking for a moment, then pushed Rong Yanzhe and let him go.

Rong Yanzhe got up quickly, and as soon as he got up, he wanted to fight Chu Han.
But Mu Xiaoke really stood in front of Chu Han this time.

Mu Xiaoke released what he had just typed in a hurry: “Rong Yanzhe, I don’t like you, and I don’t belong to you! Don’t trouble Chu Han, and don’t come to me again!”

“What did you say?! “Rong Yanzhe stared at Mu Xiaoke with wide eyes.

Rong Yanzhe couldn’t stand Mu Xiaoke’s unfeeling words, so he rushed back to his country, went straight to Mu Xiaoke’s school as soon as he got off the plane, and finally found Mu Xiaoke’s dormitory.
Before he had time to be happy, he witness the scene just now, Chu Han held Mu Xiaoke’s face, so intimate, so… such obtrusive scene! He had a hunch that he couldn’t leave Mu Xiaoke too far away, but because of Mu Xiaoke’s admiration, he went out to study, and when he came back, the Mu Xiaoke he was thinking of was already in someone else’s hands!

How can he accept it?

How can he accept it?!

Now, Mu Xiaoke said that he didn’t like him.
In order to protect Chu Han, Mu Xiaoke didn’t even want to give him the pretense before!

Rong Yanzhe looked at Mu Xiaoke and roared angrily: “This is your truth.
You finally said it, didn’t you? It’s your purpose to let me go abroad and let me roll far away, isn’t it? Any worship of Ivy League is a lie to me, right?”

“Since when did you get close to him and deceive me to go abroad, is it also to protect him? Mu Xiaoke!”

Mu Xiaoke looked at Rong Yanzhe’s mad look.
His eyebrows and eyes also revealed a painful expression, “What right do you have to question me like this? Rong Yanzhe, you are the most unqualified person in this world to stand in front of me!”

Mu Xiaoke let out the words, pulled Chu Han around, and was about to leave.

Rong Yanzhe shouted: “Wait!”

Mu Xiaoke turned his head, his eyes filled with determination.

Rong Yanzhe was forced to take two steps back by this look, and instantly lost the courage to face Mu Xiaoke.

Why is he afraid of Mu Xiaoke’s resolute and painful eyes? Why did Mu Xiaoke say those words, why was he not qualified, why, why on earth?!



TN: Ooooooh!! So many emotions in this chapter guys but it was too long so I have to cut it.
But don’t worry I’ll post the continuation tomorrow

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